BJ & Jamie: Christmas music makes you angry. 11/15

Wednesday, November 15th

Christmas music could be bad for your health.. When we hear it we start to stress about all the stuff we need to do the holiday season and that can be bad for your mental health.  Also we hear the same songs so much that it can also drive us nutty.. Like Chet’s nuts.    


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Vijay and Jamie I don't know if you know this or not. Jamie and for me this morning when president army Christmas music is killing us. Did you see yeah hosted in our face first sub Levy were just exaggerate now I posted a basement because. Am I the whole story well I have the audio of the news anchor steam I hear them there are different I heard two different. We're not prospects when and like takes on this whole Christmas music thing listen this Clinton announcing that when direct. And you avoid listening to Christmas music so far Adelson being nearly impossible ought to be everywhere but it is all that Christmas cheer good for your health. Maybe not turns out that constant. Festive tunes can actually mentally draining them. It's all because the more you hear the more people try to focus on something else eventually draining all their energy and fortunately. The good news it's nothing stopping anytime soon so yeah I think the thing about how to become better players don't play the same ones over and over again. Yeah I don't like that story. Stuffed kangaroos can. The reason I read it it's as that its ads trying and you because you know it's over and over repetitions I was playing and bottom line you need to mix it up the one I read the reason why it's bad for your health and I believe that's what. It says because it's so cheerful and so happy and so amazing you know. That it reminds you of all the stress you have going on in the holidays in in that you can't be happy enjoy full of full glee. Yes stresses me out. I Italian these radio stations they go all Christmas and Thanksgiving is. Are the death if they are the double and bad for America well and I outside the people at work at those places yeah. They go insane they eat it they absolutely you know we know we did inability to radio station to go all Christmas off the people that work there paying kids they're gonna get on the had a good idea. Well that's just a bit prison on image and Nelson have not Canada and back is dead now. Our grass does. Then they turn to microphones off the eagle eye. They say yeah. And Chris atlas aux again and that's the way they treat it guy and I'm telling you the truth except for jets nuts that always makes me laugh at the it took the you know chance and jets now Australia and Canada eleven yep that's about but but I I agree with this I do think that to face a team did it does it stress that to the reputation. Because it's essential to win over again right yeah. So I think that you wanna diner this every Timmy your Christmas August off. Giving gifts and took a ha geez I'm tied our money right it stressed. Well it's funny because I am we had Christmas playing on our TV and so that's on an alien. And bandits killed it's here a minute ma and I chipping is like I guess my Sri decorator I don't get out because I couldn't enjoy the music because I have so much to do. My house looks like. It looks Christmas exploded in my home I told to the Boston thing. It's like somebody. Got a ton of bags from home goods and Michael's everywhere and they lit a fuse and it it. And blew up in my house. Aniston named Britney is nice my god it's so precious that doesn't. Prettiest tree in town but doesn't that also gives stress. That you put to treat early and see who's seen that does that adds distressed and I just sentiments and last name and what a pain in the asses can be to take down here. And he said mom maliciously and upon here let's cut to the point though you're already dreading taking it down and then suddenly you're still. What 39 days out congress column I guess I have an official count all you do elder. Where we stand the mussina just post them things but tonight's life can. And evidently some Christmas music related to salute will you look at last year. This angers me. A 39. Hours. Eight minutes and thirty seconds till Christmas. I can tolerate Christmas music about. Seven days yet about a week before Christmas okay it'll get in the loot. And by that I am normally you know pretty much it situated. Right now but but you know a month now with all Christmas all the time some of these radio stations. Judges he would not do it. Only time I can take 24 hours of Christmas music is literally Christmas Eve yes that's the only day you know Doug apartment. I mean I I I did turn it on to decorate the tree and then I turn on the fireplace but then not so hot there. Has let. Then we just watch the boys aren't there's a warning for you wouldn't mural leaves us the stations that go all Chris when you hear that yeah you Rhode turn it off because it's gonna making. Yeah in. More on Alex I.