BJ & Jamie: Clark Kent 10 year old swimmer breaks records. 8/2

Thursday, August 2nd

BJ shared a story about a 10 year old kid who is named Clark Kent and has broken Michael Phelps swimming records over the weekend. The Record was set in 1995 and Clark beat it by an entire second. Clark is not only a great swimmer, he also plays piano, does karate, and writes code for his schools steam programs. His nickname is “Superman.”  

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Vijay and Jamie just. Post only yesterday of that kid that has beaten Michael Phelps a record yeah I mean is set up an amazing what his name is Clark Kent. I capitulation right. Right yeah I just it doesn't mean just kind of you know Willie Clark Kent Superman. Very iconic nickname yes but the kid is ten years old now make sure it got destroyed because I didn't read the entire thing in town if you get or not. Are they saying that he beat Michael Phelps would Michael Phelps was ten. Or well I think is steamroller tied the record standing record all like. Could be wrong but I feel like that it's is standing record the reason I ask is when I first saw the headline that this kid who's ten years old. In the breaststroke and he remembered Michael Phelps that's his that's his isn't yet. This kid has broken Michael Phelps is record for like at a hundred meter 200 meter I don't know what it is. But he broke the record just over the weekend and some beach in California think it is but this kid is eight Vietnam they say. Yes so it's more than asset get better and am in that race that's that's pretty amazing. So it's more than a second better than the 100 meter butterfly record Phelps sat at the championships in 1995. There it is the 100 meter breaststroke. Is Michael Phelps is I mean it's just go to forum gold medal moon and this kid his broken the world record in this particular meet. It is even god I'm broke again to win now Michael Phelps went onto win the have. They have Olympic medals he didn't imbued his own record my bad this. It was a stealing world record and it ten that just about that permit that your your son is twelve years old. Yup could you imagine two years ago that he faster than Michael helped to do I want to be incredible mistakes. You don't feel like kissing a theme now emptying not a ton net Phnom yeah. It gets worse perhaps an even more. I don't know jealousy I guess on my part. All the kids a phenom and everything that. Everything you he's like all mass he can already write computer program on these other layer rally that he's that kid a wow he's that kid according to the article there is absolutely. I got out and got. Yeah. I. OK so. Is supernatural abilities aren't confined to just the swimming pool in fact he is an accomplished pianist Andre back. Accurate he's. He's black belt in martial I don't know. And your right he does right computer programming coding and stamp program ice ice article later in the article says something the effect that that when the computers at his school breaks they call it a nice guy. And yeah. Yes and here's his quote he read a book. It's overwhelming I guess estimate is overwhelming to do all those things and it's just about balance he's as well balanced. That where I. He just even balance this job at lunch equipment that I. Could. You're at 10 o'clock it's hard to read about. My guess that it CNET then I heard on some program last night. That the kid is police did OK but his parents himself of all said. If he's good in the pool but. I don't know we'll pursue swimming hole away you know to the Olympics and and that there's somebody options out there you land do you Pete Michael Phelps. When we have a twelve year old to program. In code I don't know who went just swim hero is a nice twelfth lap added. That's even worse yeah I didn't look at it. A big TV the more a little don't expect it well. And various and they do acknowledge interviews with a 123456789. Medals around his neck. Bikini imagine. Yeah. Man is dead to and from Salina Salinas lines and yeah he is is nickname is at a Superman. It's a battle or are going to. You can we hear though that that the parents named him Clark Kent. It's catchy that and what I've seen any turns out to be a Superman yeah I know I didn't I put an end that last night does weird he said the same thing I though. Well you know what maybe it was a bit because sometimes you can name your kids up in. Maybe he lived up to do you know like that I was vision that it is yeah it's like division we're getting where you put on the board what you want to come true and so they said hey we're gonna name him Clark kids he super and it. So myself and of course because he's hysterical he goes. So brilliant thing because his parents named that we went to fruition and I can get it goes. Wow awesome ralphie remember the grisly story. I'm not gonna do imagine my mommy to death I. Well cooked up a deal. Yeah aside but epic. That you know well if my name associations. As you know predicts everything down the road. I assume would be you can hear your screwed. Pretty phenomenal story in slot on hockey night yeah Obama all the way around I can't even imagine ten year old I've read Michael. Belts almost said the people for no it's not it's million names my girlfriend and her last name is wait and know that center. Just same as so my my friends hurt her maiden name is black yeah his name and his name is why did so she's Teresa black white. If at that but. It was distracting. Attention or weird stories that you're outcome beer yeah. Yeah and a manner and what about it does sexting is a Beverly Hills via doctor Alter doctor Laura there wouldn't pollinate doctor Alter in the back of his ideas like I want to take that we are off. How dirty up yeah I think and it came and came to merchants and their. Well I had different. Same playing I had I did of the sect to be done in Tampa Florida yeah it and I got to spell out the doctors snake a it's pronounced doctor Covert. Coburn Colbert okay but it's gnawed at me it's this and he spells in the last name and more like chicken the on fire. The group after a fire after the restaurant bar. Doctor Coburn who choose that it eyeball it felt that fascinating yeah that you have that name again. Then he was born with an end to what he would do it. And I think the yelled at but he got this weird each inch and more on Alex.