BJ & Jamie: CNN reporter on NYE Pot Bus. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

CNN reporter did a live report from a CannaBus tour in Colorado on New Year Eve. She helped a guy do a bong and was waving around a joint on TV. We think it makes Colorado look bad.      

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Vijay endgame and we're gonna make friends on this. A loss so that's good. It's a bear the. Leigh Anne and beard are gonna make friends on this at all so we have to be careful though I don't have to be careful it's just we just have to say upfront hey you know what you mean at a great with a soundness well so let's say next. I have no problem with people smoke pot I don't care it is that it's legal it's fine when ever before we voters have not sure and I but sun. But some. Gave away a whole Christmas I don't that you're supposed to think that's illegal in itself and wham me. Yeah in nevertheless the thing is we don't have anything against okay no okay. On New Year's Eve. Whoever it is they're doing the celebration countdown to when he eighteen CNN did a report what they did it live from Denver they had a reporter here in Denver. Here's. Here's a report. I go anywhere and be out. There. Yeah. I. It does not like I am I. At. Least there is we're partners I'm important. Barely understand what they're saying their butt but there at a dispensary here in Denver CNN got a reported there. And it's all about marijuana and it's about how Colorado was celebrating 2018 rolling in. And they got a person there on camera that hitting a bond not not just a bump but in a gas mask. Will they hosed pretty. Easy to smoke still up in the eyes as he sucked in the smoke emirate marijuana and they're just added that Todd reporting this. He is a thing are you there live in like new. LA acting in Nashville. Right they do different live location. Is just sad that this. I think Colorado. Does what is the most beautiful place in the United States so I just sad that that was what represented that's right that's really thing that bugged me I'm going to. That's like I think that everybody back home they didn't that they think that were some penance seedy people that are on the bus that are. And that's the way in the gas mask than the way it's portrayed him when you see that report that's the weight kind of comes across in Jamie. I agree with Gil at the Davidson a bit to stereo typing. A place it's a wonderful place to live Denver Colorado but. I don't know her that throws a dark cloud so to speak up over its armed but if you post that you say that. Man oh man do the week people command really is saddened they're going to be okay. Where we're. All I'm saying is why is he in the and that's the culprit here why are they were trading is this what it's sleek OP can deal with your beat left coming here into a gas mask in a ball with. Well that was the argument on face but his people like with a show and you know Don lemon doing shots and there's there's champagne glasses and all that set. But your right leg is an active on the gas mask a ball. It is when you see a champagne glass or ringing in the new year. That argument that that is the exact same thing as a person sitting there taking a hit on a ball through a gas mask. Different night and this is my son about it OK so I let people live in Las Vegas and they bloodlines. Even though Las Vegas had a lot of seed Venus will be live from strip club. I'm sure here and not like. Rob it and then these strip club and girls bending over for a dollar right. It's so if you see if you see one of these of this Las Vegas ads on TV why is bunny ranch on them if you. That's the seedy part of you know put that on your your your your video that you wanna sell the place a debate placement could have a good time and appears see it and it'll come hearing going to a dispensary bill and gas mask. But now Hitler saying that we're comfortable apartment proceeding. We don't have smoked and that TD. Would just say we'll look at it looks CD. There are CD alcohol plays sisters yeah and drug please do see eat. Places for pot yeah yes some of the key NBC absolutely candy. You know but but I each guest. In the thing yes that that like you said that if you have an attitude of like okay. Yeah exactly what I'd like to see whatever they go to Denver careened into when he eighteen if you just say that that's. Oh boy do people get angry. It's like Coca. I don't see the difference being sure about below our guest best ball is different there's a big difference I mean even more beautiful but I think he's done is he's don't have the lights that. And night to ski at night and went and Dino with everybody with the flight there's not a step. We haven't is well on the government of how that ball goes good with the. Sharp big proponent you know like the lead it. We yeah did does that bother you at all that they they portrayed it this way would they came to Denver to ring into when he eighteen. And it didn't bottoming out eyes when I watched it I thought it was kind of funny that they were doing it. Because that's what's happening here but it does make it's gonna look bad but I thought it was funny. That was kind of funny the league yeah I mean I had I think everybody party thinks that about cholera. All the oh they do I think they. They tell you don't want to don't want them to I don't want them to what it's like if you didn't I just think it's already happening I think we are about being. My guys would do that for twenty rallies vigil the worst kind of pot and it's you know I mean. The horse cut apply. A different kind of adds van. Out there not the okay so what wears you take seriously in the different kinds of contests OK you got really really bottom of the barrel I think guys they went and what makes him not a links I know you know other disk kind of grinds down other kind of that don't care about society don't care about having jobs just. Care about students and we eat yeah they're still not. On you know that sick. But any guy you know you're next level guys just got to just work you know data gay music box and weed. Maybe get a few Beers and stuff like that just making it through and then you've got a blue collared we have got a dollar a week I don't know and and. Then everyone swallowing your in the dispensers Siegel who builds high dollars hot hands and really says there's their fancy suits and a really nice and thin and then I'll know though I'm this I'm down there under the in the hunt again must all wrong I would. Driving up and an in a big insult weird. Right exactly. Yeah see that side of it was eight guys and they're all like they're in their golf outfits this or Gatorade to go play some golf and all violent. 120 dollars for the week yeah it's like those are regular pot heads soldier in the upper Echelon of the op Ed. With the cash to blow you know I mean what they get those guys on camera than when you yeah. You're CNA and instead of getting the best people OK here's the help to those guys are not common bond and Jana buses with the gas mask it could they're paying any in their eye and houses and Mary Mary your high end venables and smoke under good stuff. They're not going down to four Tony rallying union crowd in their suits to get this thing to choose all scuffed looks upon sidestepped. No way it's like him like a wind kind of solar array. It's like the people that drink like sterling are more earlier in. It's like a different kind of wine class or reading get like then decline in the box yeah. So all legal but they're just a different that is the box drinker that you know and then the court people. Well as it can track it was unclear. That's marijuana recreation really became legal in California so I got a feeling California will take some heat off. Did you see the lineup you know and say yeah because now CNN poll go to California instead Denver they'll bypass is yeah. The lions know bringing yesterday I did it oh my god they're lined up for words. Of California I acting LB the next play it down all the media goes rat world news yet so. Still haven't you guys have been such a hard time about with my kid. I don't know what to do because I. I ate you know haven't except alcohol and you know he sees a beer whenever and he knows that mom drinks and beer. I can not even knew. Him think of me slogan. In India does. Matter to us what you do he can do whatever he went to a it was the CNN report that was the the common. I think it's because it still stuck in our head that it's so wrong. No it is why again I know after the flash you're asking again why is okay and I allow my son to see me drinking beer. But I would never in my life even think of him seeing me until I'm I. I requested. If it because the one beer you don't feel like you're getting drunk confronting your kid but if we take one here. Then you're getting hot in front your kid and it's more perception thing with your kid and he he's the one who's saying okay of the year. You're thinking that in your kids head the appears to be okay but he how's he gonna look you'd Newman who's more. I would never. I would never I think the Internet that that's completely a fair question yeah I don't know and and I don't know why I've made it's so like. I even called huddling paying better. Smokers to like Demi and I don't think for a lot it's hard to accept the fact that it is with. Eddie yeah that's that's. If you haven't seen the video he got to see the candidates plus. The lady with a gasp pass darn dog you think she got a buzz. Alia what. Yeah in a cloud. In the immortal on Alex I.