BJ & Jamie: Colleges flow chart for offensive costumes. 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th

This year there are a lot of  costumes that are offensive and Jamie son wants to wear “The Wall” costume and Jamie says no way!  Party City is under fire for the costume and some people are asking for it to be pulled from the shelves.


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Each and all right this Halloween thing art first of all agreement to this TO Ohio State University put out a flow chart and on the float chart it tells you. It goes in different directions like. OK if you're gonna poke fun at a national international tragedy booed no no no that's a I don't know can't do it it tells you wake you before Holloway. I can't get it is ridiculous does brilliantly written and is pretty fun. On there is actually where mice and I'm gonna say ADM. Address needed them. I'm part native American I say it gives you know. Now can. Government in Jamie's blue Mac native American little ralphie and a little blow Robby cross the line did even though this will gosh I got. You're told to warm up if he wants to be. A wall. Lisa and it's party city has the wall then it's just a little suspenders as a laws as the wall and I was like oh my gosh mom can I just about the wall. Has he does a great impression of Donald Trump and my son is not a fan and Donald Trump but he'd love to do Donald Germany and then pretty dead on for eleven year old. Because you know there believe me stamp. And I'm like yeah yeah. He should not that way to correct it's all been due to stroke and and they want grad school of it. Well lose men were going to build a law belated may according to you cannot go to school dressed as the wall. For eight million reasons and block grant as it for our not it and make everybody mad old Donald Trump thing because people are still and I didn't and and elementary schooler and you know whatever it middle school. Yet they still love sideshow that's already out and then the wall is considered a point. You know the right. Well. You know the Wallace I. I could see that he's if he's walking around the school because the school has her roles and UV stresses the wall soon. Boot the boot blow of their man movement that we're good to build block I can understand where you know what it takes is one complaint. And all of a sudden the uproar starts are does the school to decide OK okay. What about Jesper Holloway. That he gets to go trick or treating dressed as well wal he's not out of standing any wide but he's dressed as the wall the wall itself JP. Being sold by a party city he is not events it. I'd sell it and party city is in trouble people say it continued all time. My goodness party city the wall thing and ridiculous because yes people are mad at party city they're demanding that be taken out. Should do morality. Be the wall at I'm not safe and scope art school uploaded they don't know going to be he's not going to be Eric and I. Asked though tonight I just wanna get to gauge on the island tuxedo but can I just say something because amber is gonna judge me. Then that it's already been call he's not going to be the ball. Okay well this question is coming from local reach that. 5105. Now you are do you think that it's a good idea from the ralphie Thabeet but wall all. Our biggest spot. I think it's five to go trick or look for school my age. Hi percent to I have yet to catch on but she's go out walk read out. There. Trick. That's fine OK so on what you read but what's happening at party city has a lot of people are upset with the wall because they're saying is offensive. Two to some people and they were they deem me a racist costume what our job out of our rob lie yet that they find it anywhere Sean was a big words. This cultural appropriation on how. Eileen does that apple got a little bit used is not right yet up. I don't know what you're talking about sorry we use exactly what to put says there's really big word I don't know what either there's a really big board hits it hits that they call it a sudden some. And racist go up because he said the race is part. But Aaron with the birdies. Is that little hole quicker than not this war all Xena folksy if Fuld what is. What's been O. Hum that it is we knew who the fear of of other cultures. In the kitchen they run adding are showing me dislike of war. Other cultures greed greed greed pretty prejudiced against people. I'd have to carry other countries it's public cultures. Credit that's what it means we previously buried our. I'm okay well you made up your mind it's not going to be the wall I just don't know what you could be able what's gonna be always smaller. I've never heard of xenophobia mean neither have there now it's probably used a million times during the election really yeah. A phobic and that's so I was just being honest anytime I never heard it over and over yeah so the ball is considered xenophobia. I got to listen that went and racist. Not it can't be the guy aren't well lol letting go it's just an instinctual. You can't do is tropical pressure out what the whole idea to do is drop impression although I will say that I'm looking at this Ohio State flow chart. Anything you want to here's what they say on here okay which I find just a little bit. I don't know anything that you wanna do they even say. Anything that makes fun of Donald Trump is a okay. They have no problem would lab mice and would be making fun of them. Exactly some nagging and hit it well no I'm just saying head Ohio C university have all these mandates on you you can't Wear feathers indeed they address the native American address what everyone garlic there's certain avenues people doubt but anything. That is at the themes the president of the United States Donald drop in any way whatsoever that that automatically okay in fact encouraged. I just know that like my sense clearly can't send an you know like any kind of plastic weapons that makes enzyme disorder or anything like that you can make it out of cardboard you can't bring us toward the end of this. You lose a kid trick or treat it was Donald Trump impression would trick or treat. It did shouldn't be a problem. Somebody said when they weren't elementary school teacher summation applicants showed up in a Bill Clinton mask with lipstick kisses all over is by its having got kicked them. That's what it. Larry that's funny that. And it is gone and a great idea I they have to do that now. And I go go from door to done Bill Clinton they're ticker dry it is a broad Hillary. Not exactly should attend the set at a just awards include the subject. And you can ask NASA looks to pick up I thought you had a mask. I hate the site each inch. And more on Alex.