BJ & Jamie: Color changing hair dye. 8/31

Thursday, August 31st

There is a new Hair dye coming out on the market that is color changing. It reacts to heat and changes different colors.        


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Vijay endgame and did you see the view yet of the hair color I didn't he take a look at a few short just posted on our FaceBook page so so it up a can take a look at it but there's a new product it's coming out. I think any day now. That you're here changes color duty. And I was telling BJ I said I'd. My sense he won his hair blue okay and where is terribly every kid goes through that for some reason yeah it was one you know just the color yet. It was quite dead solid stuff and I went Flozell we tablet that was so we did bullet. But the problem with this blue is its semi permanent permanent hair color whatever. I don't know what happened I don't know how you address is do this I feel like in my. In my head I'm hairdresser I'm also florist. And an interior decorator these things until. I can do in life and he is in to her scalp discipline now he's blue had no he is out now his dad died if not his tips visit there in his scalp is neon and it is neon UB fortune social services doesn't show your house today but dying your kid's head blew its neon blue it's a bit to get talent try to describe it is stout. Arrogance of that but you I need to do since. I want you to go look at the dynamic I said Jamie you know and there's new product that's coming out that you might want to give the trial for a kid that wants to change his hair color or even for yourself. And literally you gotta watch this. Here on this guy changes from brown to bright people with a blow dryer. Because they heat of the blow dry heat course it. I don't even know I mean Iva it's so weird looking and so amazing. That some people say this QB. This has got to be a fake product but the videos video shows it's really it's got to. Half a million views already I don't but that increase Izod is but it looks like like sucks up on your skin and it makes your face all taunt does that work. I don't know I don't know you know it's not an ice cream is Andrea eyes of the and you have a bad loser just black circles and as much. But this actually has like the names attached to like for example hair color brand Romano. Is launching a line called vivid mood collar. According to Leuer dot cup host Heidi I feel like Israel so it's like a mood ring for your head yes. For your hair yet. Sure so you know I'm not feel it will change it will change due to temperature. Not if you turned on. If you turn your heat in your in your warmer. If they got now and it's. They don't laugh at. Do anti. You need to make a did I asked yeah I mean I pretty much a fashion statement this it is but I guess I could use and bring here from here. I think it's pretty well I can bring Kate I have K yeah and we can just put your compared to what worked what do that tomorrow. I'll do it yet I can isn't available notes that available I cannot it's a good. So either. In an hour over the weekend it's coming out the next few days it is too we can do it next week though OK can we can try to order would you do it. Yeah England over if I brought an end. Will waited a I wonder how long it's because your hair changes colors and it can go to yellow to green it. It can go a what were collared to test the temperature in even walking outside into the sunlight will change. See because we need June with bat first actively Jack your hair. For expect. We don't know live for that we have in the instructional that's a little little little bit to that here's our senior coming up. I have to take you to white hair before we had to forget I'm not going east experiment out. Crescent doesn't have to get it right before we can get your debt unicorn. So we have to do that guide the video Scott Brown hair his white yeah words on here as they blitzed him out first them who you gonna watch is that you have to undeniably jumpers aren't likely sexy. You look like what's at that swimmers Eddie was robbed it was robbed what was his name. Ryan Lochte yeah. Going to give you the lock and look who thought he looked PGA with a blocked the first solidly today and they'll try. And they don't all my Guinea. This. Is that it's a florist and interior designer remember. OK and I feel like our all the things aren't so I don't feel like I complaint we're gonna bleach it first he ruin why do you. And then they will put this color on this vivid Sebastien in bold used to blow dryer and he just he could even change the temperature in a row and any changes your hair color and. When you. Like that Saddam and spotless in color yet. Because they have. One of the girls to to the video yes her hair is normal it's a brownish color. But she takes is like come what are the curling irons we'd they have those I don't know what should take are they that well. That's what it looks like to be I don't know what went as exactly and yet they have currently it's conceded right Mary aunts and engaged once you know women. Like their products she puts a curling iron. Right just one spot on our hair and it's yellow. Yes tribes completely yellow heat like a curling iron last year. Look. I don't know all the utensils you use pencils and utensils and air yet so I don't know what all utensils you ladies you lose I just say it I think it. You married. Seventeen. To loan him for years. What you got to do with current and say that again seventy. Loan. Users. A better. Look at this stuff I know oh okay. And important.