BJ & Jamie - Controlling People 3/30

Wednesday, March 30th

BJ, Jamie and Sean discuss if it's ok to hide secrets to maintain control in a relationship. 


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Vijay and Jamie I am offended. By you young lady. And I'm learning and mood for you today. I mean yesterday I had 27 not to much. Well that's because eating getting slate here in a bad mode but it's not my problem but I am offended and just wait to me and said Craig before it is that if you know can I make fun of myself. What so just so you guys know. I was in here bitching did two men and two and this what I have to like tell my troubles to his two men in this room of my daddy and get any sleep but him my hair extensions. And me you know. And I said something to the effect that he acted see where you know foreign objects that are we got into her scalp the. The problem and it's easy and I don't know that's I think. I assume she was looking. She deserved. These shoes would you put more sympathy from us I think that there are so how like oh woe is me my hair extensions that are. It personally I think I'm sleep tonight so minute that move please don't but I can't dig him out because I am. You know. And that can't beat. If they use the long and now he's he's a long hair. Blakey you know he understands give girls the haircuts need to be okay with our labs and America to end up and then doubt but the the he's given. The six. Was he wrote in his hands to your hair on your weekend. I'd say this to chance. Mine and and yet. Yeah weekend is what it is that I. He can feels no not when you have a wadded up like this. And. Heard a link are outdoors is our man but we're in the moment and Hannah and work. I'm known for many not good. Would put money on the fact he probably did did it will probably do. And AM back to my right your time telling you right now they want you cross the line would be this morning. A few minutes ago. Looked at me and said boy. That's not a very good relationship you're in there. Yeah I did you said that to my face and let me tell you why. Because there's a story this morning about this girl who won a lottery her boyfriend actually went out bought the tickets but she gave him the money I guess I had an eighty which convoluted. She wins the lottery she doesn't tally. Ian that she starts a fire breaks up wouldn't it that way who bought the ticket. He went and got the ticket I'll bring her yet but he if huge she's got ticket. She has no clue she wins the lottery. And then they breakup so she doesn't tell him that she's won the lottery. So now he finds out later in sues for half the money. Because who were in a relationship and he has won his lawsuit yesterday now is that movie would drew Barry Lamar. You never know but it's real life. It did happen in Florida. They both pushed the button at the same time it was or money and then fled and then say oh yeah AA makes a lot of sense but I was telling Jamie as his team. It's actually practice a couple of times. He don't we are. Theme that. Because I'd like to be in control OK so. I see how bad if I want like half a million dollars and I'd give you that his biggest problem woods and what's it that your control freaks. Keep the way into any relationship shouldn't cry when you are over and that I not really though are. Certain things I am on but most of things I'll go with the flow well. The opinion about anything you control your like the slightly and that's not true. You're so wrong again you think you're wrong and yet there aren't again coal. Ash. We're just gonna review he has never has. You've ever M yeah yeah. Always agree doing that again. Jamie I'm just saying I. Opinion in the big problem and like you get more sleep or really woods isn't a big problem in the relationship by design no no not at all announcer. No leads them okay you you know I'm just saying you are trying to tell you what I'm a big control freak. I see it when it comes to the money situation I am I like I like to be controlled I don't disagree with the money I did it. That's my thing OK okay so I've often thought about it plus million lives free. And it's a little bit of money it's not like a major power ball. We can't abide and hope that you did a brilliant that you really good at it. Good I would do that. Shot a silicon strung person didn't like an idol okay. I don't know when you talk them. That's the beauty and it and yeah exactly it that's good you know they needed. To. I don't even get what you're talking right now. I can you speak so I'm trying to explain to use the money they can click here to on this kick about power you know I'm kind of. Somebody explain to my aunts and his race and he. Let me try likely exceed started out saying you are controlled free daily sit I sit for money okay Monday a and I gets what is. You are in paying your rights and then I. Right and answered javy will I was saying maybe earmarked chilling at the house than for just that the that you got is convinced it's just the money and and new year right or wrong. Or is it possible to our yeah I want to encourage a community that it yet that we didn't. But he but if I won but the lottery I'm saying that I would probably if it were small about what that I would really consider Heidi. So that we can he says what he got a bad relationship and I might well know like I did I say that because. I do still share with people but I'm Mike you got. Heidi it's a good relationship. You can't really hasn't he doesn't know. It feature woman. And she doesn't know then yes that's not okay you woman he is needs to be at least the only person. I'm just saying let him know who the person doesn't know. How was houses that. Because your keeping a secret from your spouse per hour I'll get to give her even know yet but that's the worst part about it is in your carrying around the secrets. It's inside your relationship that that's money for the relationship for let nobody would. Well yeah I'm missing here. I say so here's my my idol isn't that. But let's had a water bra line right okay but let's just let's make it fun now I got so he's had a lot of I saw a lot of prominent right and that and the day this guy and we haven't you know gotten there won't right. Like before I take up my should never won a bronze. Well I think the utility guy at the same time you know take a lot of runoff no I'll tell you know what you don't spell it. I've got. Water broken yeah. The flip it. Did you continue to. Could put the the Al Hadi you're gonna win. Again because you tip put it back on at the secrets out of China. So you just Sully my lottery ticket. I'd still comfortable in my broad Sox. I mean how do you never take it off you have to take it out that exposes some quite simply you're gonna spend that money there aren't yours browse our on your significant other and then you're gonna have to expose well the reason I'm able to bite is known in an idea million dollars. Oh no new new new new new new new shot. Listen to me. You put the money parent must play I want is a bankrupt the he had to buy pure counts or you're a what ever counted each you put it via via a new spin did throughout your life. You spin it as you would any other amount of money that you had you're under the radar you're not out by that Cadillac you're not out taking. Trips on your own to some exotic location. You're doing it in a way you control control his every girl or guy that that was the whole poet. Is that he looked control that situation and knowing each got this reserve that nobody else knows about there's something I take about. That is only so then and you can justify keeping a secret from your significant other because it gives you control. Room. Yes. And I to give a bad relationship. The person doesn't know that's where you miss the point yards of that part of the relationship to eat there you go I think it's that I think it's a bad thing to do. I changed the water to advise can I step straws among us now. Drilling is dynamic moves only if you let him to throw a bone time that you've got to let him drink. This that was the whole point is how will share I want share of the boom dropped the that you brought that movie box she again is he here. Do you still know very stealth. Way Giuliani continued nearly seeker sneak. Have no way you got what do you say who stealth and we did you do it very slick and I don't. I don't like it. I don't like it's like today that then I came home and that and there is the stealth guy that lived with had a baby around you and super secretly he putt to. Two jet skis from England. With my money. And is Sheila. Because he was a thing I don't care whether it's here because he was surprising mean. It was going to be litigated down lake. And then an because it was fraud. Scheme. It's going to be too surprised at knew I'd I'm. Don't know I don't think so now that same thing. I don't think it was a single. Am able to say okay if it took. Its. Pointed out it's. Yeah. You ain't seen weekday mornings on Alex I.