BJ & Jamie: Cyber attack could be real. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

*WARNING* a Global attack is coming to the internet.. ISIS has said they want to destroy the USA and we are their first target to destroy and tomorrow we could have no internet. A computer holding $60 worth of Bitcorn has been stolen.       


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Vijay and Jamie I don't wanna be giving out false alarms are scary. All. I fashion not to do this I said to stop talking about. Bought earlier this morning I mentioned it I know and I think it's worth mentioning him in just have to make sure people are aware of and there could be an all out cyber war tomorrow and attacks on the United States above them. Let me I'll tell you exactly what these ice his supporters said OK a camera and I don't wanna talk about exactly. It makes me nervous until I I feel like that makes me nervous you guys getting writing to Unita and do that do you. But it says ice is hacking group threatens global cyber attacks starting with the United States an automatic out tomorrow December. When he seventeenth the video features a distorted voice saying an Arabic. Even penetrate the red sense of government needed Kennedy meanest these companies and sensitive global sense of well. I don't have that and I suspect it. I'll let anybody rush it was doesn't lie in similar abortion and then it says it goes on to say it says the first goal. Is the first united states of amana cap. Of the snake comes up and says the days and remember. Folks when you get out of bed to borrow FaceBook may not be there. Pace and how. Well. Might not be. Shot much Dana do nothing and. You blow you'll think that they broke out I'm not not that big. Business has and did horrible my son and yeah I redundancy here. We'll see your drug gingerbread out. This is a travesty no this is a real war is actually tomorrow this is cyber rewarding that the entire. Great head of the of the Internet could go down in the United States of America tomorrow. Now we really feel like it's always wield this stuff but let me read you a story this is how real that this kinda thing is happening. In North Carolina happening right now this very moment. They there is you ask cyber hackers that are warning too funny 6000 dollars from Mecklenburg County in this is a North Carolina. They might pay the 26000 dollar cash now the government is telling him don't pay the money because and that just sets a precedent of of this to happen. But they're like well you are half helping us we're locked down it says the officials say. They can't restore that the computers. And we are all locked down they have a ransom software known as locked encrypt moved out of Ukraine it's on there and it being. Held hostage and they said the government's helping them so they really want to just take its place 6000 dollars actors. Supposedly this is like something that is currently just starting up in this count one of the first to be with this. Now it's happened before where ransoms have been requested and got it wasn't just pay. And they didn't remember it and tell the super. Was when I think it was over they paid the ransom an inter island gift they were packed yes and information that that these hackers had locked down area and they said we could have impacted it costs like 30000 dollar nine of them right back. That's the kind of thing we're talking about if that could happen AG to set in North Carolina. Don't think that somewhere. Somebody's got a good that they can actually do this all over the United States. That we all beaten locked down that I have to pay 101000 dollars to get back on. Quote black days he will remember that's what they're saying that tomorrow's black days remember not a Black Friday which is exciting. They'll black aids and it's a snakehead. And it says she. Tomorrow is supposed to be the death in net not to terrify yet but just give you information that yes this is out there and it's a very serious threat. That a lot of people are looking into woods in a you know we need to really think about this goes. They do have the ability to do this now obviously. Undersea this yesterday also story came out that there was a heist a cyber heist. Someone had sixteen million dollars in bitcoin. Stone well. Sixteen million dollars to their computers and literally took their bitcoin wallets. Of the wac. This is virtual might only need one with a chain article summary tonight that's what we'll go directly link leading to change the way to Google wallet the travel to the public just say as. X sixty million dollars he argued that this equipment in which I don't even understand. We went with this sort of third day in a row we've brought that point whether it is is that numbers are outrageous on it. It's so outrageous. That you have to bring it up. Because it's too good news everywhere to date bitcoin is supposed to go to 151000. Dollars. Remember when this ended in on 6000 dollars remember when I went in and and I said let's let's take a little lone human. I've got to trivia question for you yet. You don't Pete Cohen started at the very first price and of course you don't atlas. I don't know but I remember I said let's unloading used and Allen and take money and the like into. The world and used again say that you did a city that's doom that is going to be doing he don't speak out. We don't to get a loan biased dot that's a dangerous choice do you remember what it Cohen started at. No day is getting out in 2000 dollars a guy started at eight cents. A share a sense yes wow we're going. They say it's about 151000 dollars but sixty billion dollars was stolen yesterday. So for that I I'm just glad I hit the government gets to act out. We have no protection my friend we have no projector that black snakes and acting as you loan MM it yeah. Protect ourselves I don't know Lleyton yet here I am sitting here at the studio with but vote in my hand. Putting your password to check about bank account like nobody can connect because so that's the weird thing. No I don't do anymore I don't know why does it doesn't make me I don't check my bank to cancel my phone anymore. It's just a new things I don't I don't know why hasn't Yemeni bridge the gap you are then because I mean this had us beat but yeah you right here right from iPhone. Watch it. We'll have that don't wind up okay. See you know it card I've right now let us see the light and her mind. And it's not it's the alarm. Well and I can turn off. And. And I just started immigrant but it starts right here races are you seeing somebody could hack your car yeah just take off with a solid. I blow right out and start a hard drive off the ad who wanted to drive a Buick. A she goes to let me bloodied meat they may and love are believed to live. In the mornings on Alex I.