BJ & Jamie: Cyber War were all online dumb. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

*WARNING* a Global attack is coming to the internet, yesterday 60 million dollars of Bitcoin was stolen. It could be a cyber war that is coming from ISIS and the US is the first target! Other reports say that December 8th is the day that the internet goes down in America!


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PGA NG game and here's something I found Jamie which I know will interest you because I know how much you'd like when you hear of like. Like now. I catastrophic stuff that could happen OK it really for two outs and yet a lot of young kids they gave him yet here look at this total moral. Tomorrow Friday. Oh global cyber attack is about to happen. How were we careful don't get on a bizarre could. It's Elena said yes it is that this has been promised that a global cyber attack. Will attack the world why they telling a player giving us. We've done this before they warned us and then India independence in our day timers some are saying it's already started because yesterday. Somebody hacked some computers in stole sixty million dollars in bit Cohen's. Well 616 million dollars and Boland winner because of a hacker in there saying it might be a part of this and testing the system they say it. Pro ice is hacking group is certain a massive cyber attack on government and army is around the world starting with the curse. And then I guess at the feature invent a video that says it's in Arabic. And it says we will penetrate the website to government military's ministries companies. Sensitive global. Yet so so doc I was reading this morning that if you're online tomorrow. In your shopping it's now that's gonna happen everybody but there is a chance if this is pull off. That you're information is golf they could wipe you out that's scary. You know I'm always pleasant voice has been always concerned about here's the creepiest part OK what what it shows that tomorrow's date as the voice says the case of tomorrow's date. As December 8. And it shows up December 8 rate comes to. And then the first goal is that first United States of America. It's in the head of the snake that says this these will be black daisy will remember all he sees that yeah. Since. A snake. It doesn't as a snake. And the US will be the first target of the global cyber war tomorrow. Black days you'll remember or sixth. And it's seeming the snake from Sesame Street always hit it's weird it's really really puts in her lap that's the scary if you think I always think about this so I have so much information in my computer. And Illinois attached gift that stuff out of there I mean. I think carts and some day when they can get an honest bank online and goes to the bank and in our decision do you ever think about that like when you sign oil like OK look this is just kind of weirdness. This could be and somebody else's I am I have sat down. And you know it's what's weird is so stupid. When I was flying. A police report and a please report thing and you could tell it was all being and it gives Social Security number at you did. Any need why you never do. I was shaking because the incident happened and says you need to file this police abort them I was shaking and then ground. And once you hit enter in you send it it's gotten it was in it was handwritten all it was on that clipboard. Oh you did it that we didn't do it online now you know if and I gave it to this officer Todd it whenever I move my. Information you're gonna be ruined what if a book. Juba there is not a it's so scary I slip ups of Todd solid Aussie talking email that I that's a scaled and I'll slip up could not go to into this old it was like good that gets me elf guards. I dumb sometimes I give up on my dumb is what I guess we'll remember what I hear I wouldn't call today's event like this is guard. This is so great I do have one. The. That's right you can't be that boy chases try to contact you could hear like oh my god I don't have a card this is a scam I don't even have a card you quit on it automatically picked Eric she's got got got a card they just want payment that's all. Cut W some dogs were just odd lineup Donna. All about us take it if you have a card yeah it is it's do you know about. Carnage that you don't have for case here's why didn't know it's because it's Amazon credit card I got Amazon credit card yet okay. But I didn't listen to race so it's. Calling me but I expected if I was behind that Amazon credit card Amazon would be colony but it's through the bank of. Online and that adult. Lets us. In the importance on Alex. I.