BJ & Jamie: Dad makes bully son run to school. 3/6

Tuesday, March 6th

There is a story about a dad who was not going to allow his son to be a bully. His son has been getting in trouble and even kicked off the school bus for bulling other kids. So his dad made him run to school for a whole week every day. The Dad is catching a lot of heat for posting a video online of his son running in the rain.


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Vijay into the game and we were talking about bullying news story that's out this morning it is dead his name's Brian. Brian born hill who's catching heat from people on line but who doesn't catch you from people on life anytime you make a parenting decision and you posted. And you ask somebody's gonna dance studio and a lot of people are going to be against you what was Prine guy. Eight down doubts that his kid got kicked off the school bus for being a bully. The kid was expelled from the bus for three days. So what did Brian bill. He made his kids run to school over a mile in the rainy. See here's what I cherish. First well I think if you finally get it appears so mean and the school bus. That you're finally kicked off and your parents now have to take you your pain in the bucket right you've got problems you see the kid's picture. Know the news they'd book it. You can't then he looks. He's got the bully look if they have behavioral problems already this young there isn't there some meaning to look into. I agree and you can't agree the attitude then why apple. Here is where he's catching all the heat Jamie and I don't agree with this I'm with deal armed with the I agree with the instead you've got to nip it to look at it. I know bud Kaeding got us for a dollar that behavior now right yeah. Many kids only like what was he ten years old and yet our here's the dead where everybody's saying you're wrong is because. He videotaped it he narrated. This kid running amok only the raid it posted on social media. That's where the saying he crossed a lot. Out humiliation peak. My. I publish an OK in my thinking how I am it is I would just handle it and not post. You know a penalty of fifteen and posted yet but if he hadn't posted posted to sink we would have to talk about at the audio to apply that. That's what I care about policy door purely god listened to the get dad dad's mirroring 8000 kids run to school in the ready. Everybody welcome to. You better listen to your dad 2018. On any younger than me though I've got two wonderful children Hayden as solid and my daughter tempered today. Unless unless well I got control of us enough for you got to actually kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully. Which I do not tolerate therefore. He has to now run the school. I'll more right about one mile from the school so all week. He's got the experience running the school ironically since he's been running the school this week is behaviors been much better and teachers have approved. His behavior this weekend and got in trouble at school this week or last week he was just absolutely. Out of his mind. So this or here's how parenting yes if you don't know what it's like. He got a huge cello lesson you don't have to kill you don't always have to beat him but sometimes it sucks for them and that's what we teach them. There's nothing wrong with the well it's it's people saying so you bully your kid to teach him not to bully. Have you ever look the kid in the face and had a long conversation with him about why exactly is find out where he'd learned to be bullied to get it. Looks like we know. But then you are like that's not do you brother did parenting here's what seems to be workings of woodworking do it yes. Our own view and it did it no respect for anybody rental over the the bus driver obviously gets kicked off for three days you'd do some. In the dead does not sound like a bully weakness in the video he's married Condit since about it like OK you know what my kid was acting up I got a teaching lessons and here we go out. He's it's not hurting him he's just gonna have to work a little harder to get to school. And as you watched the B you've got to see the video OK go to our age go to the BG GB page. Alison 059 dot com or our FaceBook page. What's the video because it's okay if he's out front of the car at the rest which is back and read it let it follow that kid are you getting you live doesn't. And that's what people are taxing well I did work out little kids shouldn't be little. Blanket and if you add that he will bully anyone anymore you and I bet you got to. Teach your dad. Taught you lessons to 89. Do you not remember in and being a child if I had several what you're alienating some of your most vivid memories are when he taught you a less. Well I I think I told you when the things that still comes in at sixteen when I was vacuuming out my car yeah I sucked up three pennies you remember that no I checked up three pennies ripe for my daddy grabbed my arm is like. Lindsay do you think we were wealthy enough for you just throw away my age I had an. In you'll never. You'll never forget that. Just because he was he teach you a lesson even though he grabs you by the auction which today if somebody saw that on social yeah god yeah. The he would be arrested but I I do that to my son because he tries to do the vacuum gamely tries to suck up a bit of it. If any is right. But he he's absolutely Rock Island and I do about it a lot of them mean yes I. I remember being punished as a kid in now look I'm not condone any any day I'm just telling you my story okay. I remember would be my grandmother would make me go and literally get what they called the switch. A piece of archery. The limp and bring it to the U wasn't clear that this thinking god that. It was that trip to go get this way it. Half drove me nuts it's like everybody had to go get the the stick they're gonna hit it went. I am glad to say about this than I hurt people's feelings. Disgusted with how high up I get. Some of my friends and Mike it was they said I figured too tough on him registered with them when I'm. Oh well that's how I get you you mentioned a child a while back via a week oh why. Paula brought back can't talk about this. And again this is bin a six months ago oh my god he did the week and sent it out loud we can't about it now but I just say. Rick that apparently hit a amp. Like all this child is like. There are sent you would do differently bowl broken ankles woody. All parents. It's not like who is right. And that's what you're right she's grown I'll tell you don't. We just that. Just like this guy right here what he's doing is right we don't know I don't know but I'm not gonna judge I even had them pulled like a bad like I understand this. They didn't do whatever they want my against not my kid is not my problem but I don't wanna be around them anymore. A OK Mary. I've got out drag it out and supported the climate. I agree with the dad does dad is in the car that kids running a school he's paying a price for being a little bully on the bus in this dad the way he explains it very pleasant it's called. Parenting. Hi everybody welcome to. You better listen to your dad 2018. Inches. More on Alex.