BJ & Jamie: Dad saves son from race car and squirrel attacks a baby. 6/22

Friday, June 22nd

There is a video of a car wreck on a race track and the father of the driver ran out onto the track to save his son, he reached into the car and unbuckled his son pulling him from the burning car and saving his life. The father and son racing team has been suspended because the father jumped the barrier and that is not allowed. Jamie is upset about a squirrel that has attacked a baby in a baby stroller in Cherry Creek.

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TJ and Jamie remember yesterday you and I said here and what's that revealed that kid that was rescued from a car that was on fire in in her car race. Oh yeah in the race car driver yet it in music kitty was an adult but yeah by a spot his father ran aren't. His father has been disciplined they are banned from racing because they violated the rules of running onto the track. Are you. Know. How down yesterday if you don't know the story this side and is in a car it looks like a NASCAR east and the kid has a right. The car catches on fire. Dad who is a part of the me I guess man exhibited there Pitney the manager he jumps the barriers runs out there. All over the track I've buckles his son that. From this frightening car. Attaches although you know only in our fire suit on he would like pants on in a Pulitzer yeah. Any to literally saved his son from the burning car. And now he's been displaced. Is it because she went back again and tried to turn off the car and the fuel and it's because he jumped the wall on the wall he's not he endangered himself. And they say that's part of the rules that you don't do that. I feel like this is gonna get some backlash it's asking people who. Would not go out to save your own kid yeah for sure and if they do that and they aren't against her life for just a race. No well they're disciplined for now they're they're no longer allowed to race and they don't have racecars that's fine because it caught fire. Catch but you know somebody was gonna come on toward give McCoy are until friendly GA just cause of that nature of the of the story itself. What's he's been disciplined for it's two NASCAR sanctioned race so it is NASCAR race. Yeah if they're not allowed to run anymore. For now anyway well. Now yeah. You don't come out here on the track and take your son. Dummy but but but the if I had quite heavy night inside I quit anyway yeah me and I got to get to my guy is more important than any of this right. IP I just save my kid from boarding card you're gonna sanctioning speaking to be a slap on wrist and say don't do it again I probably would though. But eat well the only thing I saw on the video that was a little scary was that when the dad did jump the wall he did jump right in front of a race car and other race car but I would do a -- you're saving your efforts Nadia is speaking to kids. Jamie is just. All up in arms this morning on roofs were. I am a squirrel like with what you said that now but now I know your dad maps are. No word though ad of squirrel has attacked the child this. Thanks for the next big stroller a baby in the stroller. I have a lot of squirm it's illness because as awful as just dare I. So this isn't nice nominee yoga pants sobriety and she has her Bob little I'm John Garang. All right the bop little jog or jogger starling and we're just jogging everything's great does not pay be it felt fantastic. And it's all did. Into the stroller yeah I just do the baby right maybe thought Derosa not there's something it's so she quick thinking she was like. This is my baby's stroller searching underground grabbed his stroller are drags girl and says she checked it this far so good it did again I didn't I didn't. Did I error. All I did the same thing. What you got are bad debt. And I was a baby. Why was it a baby was. And my dogs a trip to squirrel at a corner of the yard and how to save the squirrel she was saving the bag. I would say in the squirrel with the dogs were gonna kill this world and that little son of a you don't save squirrels speak to bar none. All specially since it 88 baby yeah like it's a new outlet and what it my baby running out yeah net to score but I did not wow. So anyway this baby was all scratched up she ran the baby home and accident sees the emergency room. They determined that him. That it was just scratches so the baby didn't need that god didn't need. Whenever I rabies shot but X squirrels carry the plank. Do you think the squirrels throughout togethers. They don't know why didn't they don't know why it happened. I think he's just coincidental thing that the squirrel with his sleeping around and really didn't into a stroll certain I don't think Harrell moved to attack I think this. Gross should be terrified of the stroller and and mom and it he would you don't think it's that you know I mean you just think it was hopping around like deep. Don't it's pretty cool though. Oh well squirrels do you know that is no joke joke don't count don't they should be afraid and an idiot idiots of the kidneys and they said I had was bottled water. I mean in a bottle I thought that its muscle if that eighty had a corn on the cob that's world go after that of corn cob you know not just they be Sunni to which corn cob. O'Leary. When we had just happened. Sure in some corners. Professor where it was food and Natalie corals like I don't think there was corn cob in great. Rollins to replace 'cause I was still in my head with a mom in the park. Yeah and a baby was just a bottle of water in nauert and Matt. While that navy had been holding a corn on the cob it would make sense why that squirrelly jumped in there I don't expect core of any baby he Mortimer the contract idea prime. And I'm finally Terry you know what it's pretty impressive again it's a mother's instinct though should for her to grab that squirrel and so. Throw away that's pretty quick. And I think you guys missed my point about squirrels carrying the flag. All carried the play here and play some. Of them did just that. Don't do but I know this wouldn't it now. And it's. That you need to be aware of squirrels and play get an attacking squirreled it didn't like this and dude a duck duck. How. I didn't know they like corn on the cob well again really huge fans aren't common thing I stealing from my ticket the dumbest thing ever. It's important. I.