BJ & Jamie: David Copperfield has to reveal his trick in court 4/25

Wednesday, April 25th

David Copperfield had to reveal how his trick works in his big Las Vegas show. A man is suing him because he was injured during the trick. The judge made David tell the secret of his trick and David was not happy about it but did reveal how it was done in court.


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Vijay and Jamie BJ JB morning shot to admit to throw this and it was that tabloid trash. Did you CO said David Copperfield was yesterday. I did not seem Assad's labored David from Atlanta yesterday he had to reveal that secret court that's the signature. Sony finally did I had. Those like this it was like yes well BM. We have put the big sheet over these people on stage we don't know the story doesn't disappearing act with a group of people in there on the east like. The bleachers in in the cover them and then when they take the tar ball all the people are caught. And only female he had these people show up way Padilla elect a balcony section you know it's like how they get. There it's it's pretty basic but some got die. You don't study just heard an ankle I thought he died this ear is he had his head any average well yeah. Oh yeah well I think he had his head and he had a brain hemorrhage. That you should keep it up. I think he hit his head down bring him but not the case in court I didn't even know I was gonna be passage is grabbing instead hair. Maybe was severely injured but it was it was very severe. In colors on nevertheless did that and it did Tacoma. Nevertheless yesterday in court when David Copperfield because judge says we don't know how you do this. The figure out if this guy was hurt or got or if you guys know him right. So. David Copperfield does this he goes well we put the TARP over the people a Bentley. An answer Aaron is that lack. That's what the judge may select the daily news and attack. There's judges liked the idea that we didn't hear you say the jury didn't hear you go to our own I mean that. You can tell because again had I seen the David Copperfield show any aspect of seeing twice once tease people. What he made like card disappear you'd like him that lets you went again here at the two kids but apparently loved him the latest. That's fun. Yeah yes that we went to see him but it is his signature I mean it is that they will he does last he builds up to this eighty didn't what is given out yesterday it. Glory to play well Kenyan president David Copperfield honesty and revealing his secret. Well we we take it we put two people were put to the park over them and they would loan account attending Canada and that the act. Lot but we take the good and then their. On an epithet that the I really didn't let the deal that they actually his dean is his counsel asked the judge says that they'd not revealed this week doesn't have another two. Big finale and yeah. Copperfield has been playing Vegas for you yeah but that was his signature. The crowd at the end of the show so it Vegas is over and. Women and look at the spoke. In. More on Alex.