BJ & Jamie: Dennis Rodman gets a call from Sarah Sanders saying Thank you. 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th

Dennis Rodman got a call from Sarah Sanders on behalf of President Trump to thank him for his help. Dennis asks if Trump could say hi and say he wants to shake his hand? And Dennis called Sarah Honey a couple times.

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Vijay and Jamie. Let's do this audio get some audio here Dennis Rodman. Sara Sanders from the White House you don't Dennis Rodman had a big deal. To play in this whole North Korea which is hiring yes we Dennis Rodman yesterday crying like a baby. Crying like a baby was so happy that. That the two leaders had Mets and a apply the everybody saw the video like us our Sara Sanders. Holes. Dennis Rodman then thanked him. As once the president skull opened up. Perry get your check yet know. And Eric Cantor is whom. I'm. Call eight hour. The president had been bad cop act and I'm okay. Apparently shouted at 18% aren't that he's active. But you very much is when you see Donald next time condone say how to music dance album of the shake your hand. Well I gonna thank you very blessed to have mile. Have a great day in the let. About it. That's our whole hope and dream wanna take your credit phase about a hundred. He has become. The disgrace he. Her audio if it. But but yet what are you have probably shake my hand. Can appreciate that Speedo well and he went off yesterday seeing above it does have a lot to handle Obama never called them all isn't I if I'm the president how I don't called Dennis Rodman I am with Obama like I noted Dennis was within. Is. But at the time you know the ice with and he has nukes about this call again as it. There no I don't blame bill I I can certainly see how president would go like the warm if you hit it. The worm knows who. He was stuck to me via I didn't. Got tab for the worm now but when it comes to true. It seems like since he's lowered its stand with Matt and Kim in the Oval Office with them. All the power that you know. Why I think it's something to do with it it anyway. You know I mean not not probably directly but these are. Yeah they they actually. I'd seen him because he does not end here and as I did say that because it does happen I. I don't think it could happen because he didn't rob good but I don't think it Dennis you know had a little bit of a connection over there that. But that didn't help along the way you play basketball teams don't Neil. Yeah who thought little short guy was such a basketball they have no rights. You'd jump. You may need to make it maybe isn't it may they put a little mini tramp Fred underneath the basketball things they read that. The price of the Donald Trump due to coal. Today rod with buddy David Kim Garnett yeah like it's not really loves speaking to wage and now the Kardashian cooler with Kim. And that lady Alice Johnston and I starts tomorrow on act. The tour starts tomorrow and they'll be on the two nation together together together this her worst nightmare in this is Kim Kardashian is gonna go on the today show with this Alice Johnson. To kinda kick off her activism. All fall and think this is not just get yes. She is she's gonna do The Today Show tomorrow morning what I heard and what I read this morning Reid said Thursday morning via the today ship. No doubt that at the U. Give her an act like we really do well I'd like yeah I was right it was it was happening it was and then now. We thought it was over but we thought she'd gotten soul. Just this desperate she was fairly desperate herb which were flying everywhere and it's to Graham pre game that big boat in the boobs are flying and we thought location so desperate now this is the exactly we're so happy remember now look. He's a world leader. Or. All of this audio Dennis Rodman wants the president to shake his hand and yet know. Eric Eric you whom. I. Call I ever that okay CNET. Apparently shouted at that you have an apartment that he active. She. I but you very much is when you see Donald next time condone say economy is say there's Obama this shaken him. Please Reilly plays on it unbelievable thanks Hannah. World do we limit lowered. And more on Alex I.