BJ & Jamie: Dennis Rodman touched by Trump and Kim Jung meeting. 6/12

Tuesday, June 12th

Dennis Rodman cries during an interview talking about Kim Jung Un meeting with Donald Trump. The menu of what Trump and Un had for dinner.     

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Vijay and Jamie Rose 1059. BJ and Jamie morning show. As you know the big Singapore so it was yesterday. Donald Trump our presidents who went down and met with the Kim Jung moo and I guess it was very well but. I really felt sorry. For Dennis Rodman yesterday and some watching CNN. Yeah I had no idea at first I did watch and I went between CNN and fox. And for the first time ever you guys I felt like CNN said the nice you know what you have a choice of I. And how you say something bad yesterday. It was a worldly debt that was unfolding right yeah they even said that never at their lifetime did they ever think that team's annual and Pratt any of our presidents would ever shaking hands in the history of the United States of America. And doesn't. Know her CN AU excuse you must not say nice eggs. I still don't trust that little fat guy. The SARS just know. It happens I don't trust that guy you gotta watch out for him he's gonna do a switcheroo are you here's what I thought would be annoying is because basically they said they were gonna meet the that it know how long their enemy. Because everything that you said imagine I'm talking right now yeah. I have to wait because somebody has to tell you what I'm seeing in in Spain and whomever you yet that I would make weaker. According to a report this morning no Bob. It's been leaked that can jungle would understand English only England can speak English he just the influence that he faces a patient interpret to make it seem like these not really understanding rank up but even Dennis Rodman has said that the guy understands especially basketball terms. But no single if the president would've done it basketball link go to bed by. Our exit did his Rodman as you know Kim Jong-un Dennis Rodman big friends right. Dennis Rodman. And breaks down he's got to make America great again I don't want him he's on CNN they're interviewing him. He starts all black a baby I didn't CNET was so. Think you but at that his little friend that and Donald Trump met. Even know this happened. There's nothing else happening they wouldn't that room and they sat down recently sat down together because the height difference so they wanted to be in for the precedent that the team I know about hysterical yet and then I I was done after I became the geeky mod his lip and lower lip with that green and it was. Quivering at the group. Here's Dennis Rodman yesterday. Not six everybody says the door will open I remember saying to me it's definitely isn't. When I said those things. When Albert back home to us all right Bill Frist. Not believe that all too real and Republicans won't I couldn't go home he couldn't or won't be dot I'll put the case. Blown look like a baby but she'll play a lot of public. I knew things originate I knew what I all the all the blood that accurately that Tibetan clicked it everybody single port. So he'll show ever but it's great to young people happy it happened yeah yeah. And actually gave him credit instead could. Didn't try to have a lot to do that some benefits do you expect the nation brought but he breaks doubt that they he'd just absolutely is over Joseph eight. Good for him and Dennis Rodman. Bring in countries together stuff that's one well but not open. That was a highlight of yesterday that was better and add and then I guess there's outrageous mourning for everyone that's a bachelorette Fayette. They they cut into the rose ceremony. It put the summit on. Jessica rose ceremony saw bachelorette frames are just beside himself. I have DVR I didn't watch it so that's what's not I'm gonna have an idea are you I guess now I don't know. In what parts of the country that happen via simply because of the time difference you don't yet so. The the summit to happen at 7 o'clock hour times I don't know if it happened here in Denver but I don't the East Coast they were in the middle of rose ceremony. When they broke the way Brady no food that's the worst time to do yeah did know go to. He had to think that the networks are gonna go to this historic moment in civil ceremony right yeah way to get this ego goes column and get the realms. Whose decade and then. Doesn't mean new team now of what they ate yesterday. You are about the White House they release the menu of this historic meeting is that put here. The North Korean dictator and Donald Trump they had shrimp cocktail nice. Stopped cucumbers. Beef short ribs. We have because he's short maybe that was why now from that might have been an insult actually in the head champagne and soon she. They drank a lot with fried rice it's very good well I guess Kim junk food Donald Trump doesn't regret that I thought I don't think he's ever touched alcohol does life he's been claims. And but I I they say he did Kim jar moon is a booster I Tyler non with the champagne they say his favorite is Tennessee. Well that campaign Bo McCalebb Cassie. Dissent in that might have been the best Joyce. You put on Clinton's campaign is that the body got apartments. I was later. Unbelievable effect but look what it. Is really that crazy it and now though listen to this. And now though I race him you know who irony is right you know that those those are arch nemesis when they got out there and they're like. Should Donald Trump. Jim John Young you're stupid don't don't trust them. And so there was hit it about the fat guy I just trust. That's what day they're they're doing now that's what they're saying it was a riot dead yesterday because I'm together let them would via. So adamant that. As a historic moment go to C yesterday that was kinda cool I watched it a lot the afternoon into the evening when the actual in cheek was. There was no high five they didn't do a belly bump nothing of that nature. So I had my son watch it because I felt like it was an out of order so we watched it together and ten and I brought up the great what he does. So what do you think's gonna go on the Internet what are the means and what what do you think will go wrong with that. It definitely think it's gotta have I can mean later or some got a blooper but so I haven't seen anything have you. Have seen a couple well yeah I saw where they switch their hair. They put Donald Tehran that and a big QB Joseph who raced for me to pick. Mean he's got a full keys haircut that that dictator Desi and that is what wacky haircut how you get that. I know that's not is it that USA in the side. Nice to in their chosen support but no bring everybody together yes Dana but I haven't. I haven't seen them much haven't seen him much as far as I won't be any jobs. Yeah yeah there was anything it's really made the headlines this morning about all. Cable people they did that except for Dennis Rodman bawling like a baby that that's. Now and I was watching I watched him yeah Hakan all that was very. But I haven't seen anything that he's stationed here I'm. Does this is out there were two guys he hands and they went into the room you know what world district I. I think it was great it really is a moment in world history I really and I watched it in and I was a part of that. There was nothing I saw it was exciting or wonderful or like. Your Bosnia why I included in the un American yeah yeah well you win it I reduces our debt make America great again. All over the don't guarantee you got to. Called into the office fourth. I cannot I don't let it. If that. Let guys negate what they call it workplace with a hostile work in my idea I was that you regularly ever awarded say well now one. They try to beat up right where the public. And they get you beat up totally. As you would do it intentionally into the couple of people intentionally. That you knew. You would brag but I think after yesterday and what went down yesterday I think it's OK I think it does the half off now. Yeah I is coming around the wire to think maybe it's okay bar that sucker out there. Well I know now that I yeah I don't I'm not where she'll cry again six. Everybody at the door will open I remember saying it definitely isn't. When I say those things. Indeed we did more than usual. Now ice ice.