BJ & Jamie: Denver is 8th dirtiest city in US. 2/22

Thursday, February 22nd

Denver is the 8th dirtiest city in the USA. Bj Say there is no way because of the cities that beat us was New Orleans. Sean agrees with the study because he is down there riding his bike on the trails and it is super gross.  


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Vijay and Jamie and posted something yesterday. I guess Denver's the eighth dirty city in America. Do you suppose that I didn't read I don't fly like dirty like as a one filth and just filth greatly BC's. And it's still there are serious I'm serious that that was done and homeless situation. Just built in general. Op pollution littering oh by the way got littering story for you aren't my weight I was still wait it. That's going to be I think I'll go back to Lou the story of humans look at talk but. No serious. And I yelled industry. You have to littering and I think I was in the right now I think I had and I learned that it's. Okay right okay well now they could be dead I didn't. Denver is the eighth courteous city in America you know what cities are cleaner than us and I dispute this totally. What's that one being New Orleans. And play. There's no why didn't really yeah now New Orleans now alone that I know and have you ever met and you weren't. These yeah hey Andy card I've gone down to New Orleans. All probably 20/20 five times about how we have elegant a couple of times. I lived over an area of the country so right you know we went to it. Our New York City being number one the dirty historic New York City Los Angeles I get both of those Chicago Gergen bet Philadelphia got that. Phoenix. Phoenix is that dirt he. Phoenix is really clean I think except that wind bowl you know that smug bolt comes down. And it gets trapped EEE but this has nothing to do with that I'm not smokers is based on factors of littering whose population density. Up pollution OK yeah pats are pests. That's like month he'll bugs I get up at their best are the good before. Okay. But let's get give them that. Yes. Matt rats rats. Phoenix and Houston then Denver. In disk yeah. We'd see. Stories over the past few weeks of what like they got a real feces problem in San Francisco yeah. Doesn't it is really I think it's Oakland is ores that whatever's as to whether the whole metro yeah I. Mean good city is what it. We are one notch ahead of San Francisco were dirty. Elaborate and it will really think I can think of is that they just locked down sixteenth street alone when they tend to the study. To sixteenths miles gross that Saddam of view of the replies on FaceBook yeah is that. If you dubbed into sixteenth street mall and maybe somebody can back this up I mean 30320. Closer or on the text into a 5159. But I've been to succeed street mall in awhile. Yeah and I didn't realize it was so dirty it's. It's Nolan and it's sad to do and the homeless people are even nice brick then not even nice to meet that test Gary e-book. So I am you know IP act a guy out but many and easy to let them. The last underestimate any significant time down there was when this radio station was done with debris center writes I don't really have a reason to go down there to be honest. And it wasn't bad at all I thought it was nice it was cool band yeah yeah I was best ten years ago right because I I agree because I worked out there too it was some soap and. Beautiful yes clean. And their violent these homeless fiddler violent even. Someone posted yesterday on the clothes that they have to go down sixteenth street mall every night. And hosed it down because it's so filthy it's nasty down there that's I was gonna say you guys haven't been down there awhile but. Along the trail systems we have a pretty large homeless camp because camping has been decriminalize so it's okay to camp inside the city limits. They've got their defecation lot last time I was down down there was a pile of blue on the sidewalk and. Well I would gem fair we stayed at that west don't I think last month so we let Jennifer urged to via get away and we stayed down there for at the Weston and then now walked down to some skateboard shop where we were down at the very very in where those big white bridges our staff the can't and that's all Steagall and like that we locked by the Cheesecake Factory here now that's up. Me and actually so as to just keep Gannon and just a media outlets later status through. It's I don't are. And are so small so we did to start that's because some reason she is mad as good start that's right on sixteenth street not had some you know thousands Starbucks. And then I guess I am. And we walked delivered to. The dead train station widget. Awesome guy executed I was there it was so cool bits the Union City I was great didn't say it was all licking his old fashioned Siena it looked amazing. And it was so packed and crazy and they put on all the attention is these big Arab divide things so the homeless people can't sleep on of really so they're just individual seats they have to deal gas so people can't. Us out and I ask you so horrible problem that I got to get out more you do you say yeah lead. There's bicycles and ride the trail in its history. Brightening you'll you'll all be riding my bike in the mornings you know spring and summer and there's people sleeping on the trail because the concrete warm. He adds accents she mentioned Richie union staged I've never been in that place. Our car. I'll be nothing on me so put never I. And it really wanna try that hotel that hotels cool because they were doing in economy Madeleine chickened. As the rocket through there and TNT it's an all the decorations and everything right at the entrance of the hotel she had five champagne flutes full of champagne. For people checked. You're kidding now like all. And let's just road trip is cut it that's a road trip may think it is they're courtesy cars or test art at museums it now for a look at the names I just like to secular hotels that champagne. Yeah in. More on Alex.