BJ & Jamie: Despacito the song no one knows the words to. 6/27

Tuesday, June 27th

Justin Bieber has a new song called Despacito and it is in Spanish. So a lot of people are singing along with the song and just making up the rest of the words.. So a bunch a videos are popping up of people showing themselves  trying to sing to the song but only know one word.


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Vijay and Jeanne. It's me. Had to play. This is the song that started it all these screens and video. Yeah. OK so. You know. I know that you loved one direction I do but I love the torque Justin Bieber. Doesn't work it work. The Justin Bieber I think he's incredibly talented me. So anyway he came out with the song dance does she does Placido some like that whenever. Team Canada and nobody knows the follow up cards after easings death Pacino and not shocked by that and just listen to it but it again where you just I don't know what he's saying you don't get still one words there. It's something. Seeing old. And so now become the viral trend where people are trying to do billiards right after he does best. He dove land that. And then it adds do you have it there guess I. Like carpool karaoke. Everybody's in their car for the most part and they're trying to do this song the only word they know would it as the sun. I'll tell you don't have these videos that are being passed around on social media and their like hysterical and it is so does it. I mean no one person that knows the rest of the saw it at but. I had no idea I saw the videos. And. He's not buying and I don't get this person does that kind of a new song it is number one on billboard them and magazine for radio it's an ambulance on it's also going to be the song of the summer they're predicting. But it is a little bit new so some people haven't heard it yet but when you do hear it. I thought I was at a dud I'm going to be honest until Abbas I'm like what I would like wet the way in get this on a night it's as nationally I disagree. But let's think Ahmanson desperate she don't get to during a it's in tap. Stick but then end them one win win. Does. Eight. Here's a string of some of the videos and laughs aren't we. Well. Then it's it's me. I press and I and I think that's I think they'll open up this commitment got all these. My name and all of them. Don't. Miller and norms and this. Is real real. Problem may bring the he. So fighting currently playing at the radio rants every time I'm just like videos and a surprise to try to get let's do this in children age when in with a synthetic NIC I don't know with the best seat at the bottom line. Yeah yeah yeah. Good okay you got Brad. It's a C. Seemed. You know. And I don't know what the translation yeah it one point disease Margarito. I think he. Should yeah yeah it's some. It's there yeah. Well yeah. Praise all Powell about drinking this reminds me of do you have a song that told reminds me and I do it my the end of this. I. He's good. Brito. They may missing and that's on the campaign that his name. Yeah. Okay we knew his name part so that's what this. So yes you're in your car here on your way to work why don't you try it to a position idea could got to play and it I'm tired I'll be like. I'm TC case. It now dead kelp down. Down to the number one scene Iran song you know America. A number one on all the charts desperate scenes now. It's see. This. Necklace. Spa seem relaxed each inch weekday mornings on Alex.