BJ & Jamie: Diet Coke is bad for you but so is everything else. 8/1

Wednesday, August 1st

We are worried about Jamie. Another Study has come out about diet coke, saying how bad it is for your health. Jamie sas it is crap and diet coke is fine for you.   Jamie said its better than eating bad salad.       

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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice 1059 BJ and Jamie morning show it is August 1 happy cholera added yeah. I. And tired and color them Wednesday evening go to the parks her free yeah yeah museum if you want yeah. Sit at hits in all the freebies yet but it doesn't matter it's gonna have to it is Colorado day so happy Colorado that I guess something in the started in the eighteen hundreds but I don't know anything about it never really been heard about it over the years of you know I feel we should be doing something that. Should there be a parade. Should be at the office hit oh yeah. Yeah see kudos to Bruce hit two. Really appreciate collar rat don't get out there and enjoy these exactly so wherever you are right now hit your brakes stopped stopped turnaround in all acting today yes then tell me don't let your take and then it's national Colorado day. She AB yes I'm concerned about. Another study about diet drinks I'll use all this crap talking opposed diet sodas they had an unintelligent and when he got. Apple. If you were flirting how low flirting with the as. Mr. Nolan. I keep seeing Ali studies about his Diet Coke and it's a bunch of crap. I mean seriously. Yesterday I tell the story about the wine has whatever in and it's most it makes a glass of wine is equivalent to what our working out well I I got crap and it was a huge study then from three universities. Keep going doesn't study says running is horrible for your body can't keep going on I. Yeah yeah yeah I ever it's deplorable and I you know who we've talked about the study off the years I've listened all desire. It came out and she's got she's as good for you. His has protein and calcium but it came out today it really cheese is is not that great Fareed I'm in the nothing great. To Jamie's rebuttal here for the past 45 minutes or so sub her all this but yet. Just say he's got all every car has that look. Look I mean look if if you drink my water they could have that may appear Michigan waters bad sorry I let let me just Clinton. This way okay. Everything you do stay with the running. The cheese ma though the red wine and everything you name there's been studies that come out that it's bad. In their study that in some good extra running can be great for you for your hard for conditioning in your inaugural system but then again to be bad because the Mosul where under your legs are. Knowing this isn't is never gonna go and study about diet yes sir has that has no sugar and it adds it's been a study I. I hadn't yet to see ones and I hate where they say diet soda is good for you you know every single study Jamie Lee is they are bad you read this study about ten would be awesome for you don't. No I. Our drug I'm sure they help you out I feel like you're on a path here with these diet cokes eat drink to win this. Who worry that Bennett lane is in Great Britain get mine who didn't see that Harvard study. Yeah the American Heart Association rig released their science advisory. A study on Monday and they say sugar free sodas have. Type two diabetes. Dementia. And strokes. Are nasty thing. Did you not see that Harvard study about aspartame and how you shouldn't take so much aspartame trying to. Because it's so good for you cited is that aspartame is awesome study. Exactly we supposed to be getting a certain amount of each day is like yeah yeah darling I long hours and. An associated beat me twelve years to get your B twelve you see your. And they give aspartame. Did you that he got on one end and we need to know when they tell as a 100% aspartame. Did not speak up and see ads when that the the ingredients from in the sodium is fantastic and that good and potassium. Then yeah about protecting them Ben I've heard about so good trio dubbed honored that you. Heard about it. I mean that it seemed and I like the wonder thing yes. OK look I just tried that how well okay a so let me ask that. Do lag didn't seem like I coax or I don't know Dhabi like you crazy people and eat salads with parasites. Yeah. There's another Paris I out with a salad is at Trader Joe's. But look look look look see you're confusing me as you. Diet soda is all diets out because it contains certain chemicals at all Andrew Whitley a salad and a parasite trio of Joseph lot. Well I'm so I was at my third went. A salad headed a parasite ad sales Trader Joe's is not all south. Salads and deadly attack every pin up. It's serious. Trader Joe's salads have been recalled you do I possible parents it isn't like that this salad we've heard of. Oh well McDonald's had a problem too soon evident that. Allen had a really don't want to relax valid. Let's see it and there was such a poll only thing that happened to over the past few days it will happen at all have heard that. People in Ohio but I think it was an isolated incident we're at that particular store just that nowhere to the two or salads. Well I forgot to put to fridge. The and that was just stuff although triple AB and they can't he'd be a break. Yeah you can help but think about it don't think about. If you're Trader Joe's or maybe that's a bad example but let's go with the two poet or even eighty pound Steak N Shake okay them. Yeah I yesterday. You can't really neat it's hard for you to watch over these franchises. And you be the CEO or the board member of the actual chain itself to some extent it. Send any said he doubted Tupelo Mississippi could make a horrible mistake yeah gives you a black guy to your whole brand him as they didn't seem like determine how and rental model remember when staking she came into Denver and remember what happened there. Remember the franchise was bought here in the big person had bought it. Started by meat from somewhere else. S food illness but I get it to work surveying the chic the state can shakes of food that they ate normally serve throughout. So they got a black eyed from may first opened up. Hey here's a fake I mean when are we gonna stop for example some they said oh my god now actually said that there's a B twelve causes cancer. And did you also see well this is true story it came out and yeah. That those stupid fish oil things do absolutely nothing for you yet so this oil tablets do nothing for you to be a bit like I have official vigilant. I tell you. What's gonna happen with can't. The jail chills okay yeah. Can't old she'll sue move yet. Deadly game I don't think we have a deadly HL. Out drank I guess no infringe or liver I read that I guess it does it causes hepatitis BNC via. Senior delivered in and day. Blow yet again all of the alphabet a hepatitis yeah Cahill cousin was home that's not ever ever last night lousy at Mission Impossible right. I had a hot dog and a hot dog on the roller thing you know united and Allen was on the world it was good traits and yeah it's horrible for but I think the nitrates are cooked out of it right no less weight if you're pregnant you can act out. You have the hot dogs and a pregnant. Well here's more bad news you'll more than I guess there's a new wooden well it's not new but it's been out for awhile but being. Reaffirmed at. That these plastic containers are really dead don't be putting your kids' food and when they start back to school next week. Do not use plastic for the food that you put you're your kid's lunch yet biblical that your typical Jack can put that they're saying go to glass or steel. Yeah at it right. OK I'm just. Well look here I that if you knew it had glass let me put the laughs my son's paper bag. Horacio Alter the outlook toward steel container. That's crazy that it's true that you the pediatrics. The deputy notices warn the chemicals and processed meat plastic more dangerous for kids. All my gut this panel. Oh well hey you know what we lived through and Witten and the NASDAQ will that ingredient that Britain gambles. Member at and on a house member NutraSweet or no it was the other derivative of NutraSweet and without praying. Remember I I'll give you the biggest blunder I think that I've had my grand mother to lose weight in this is you know been few years ago. But to lose weight. Her her. Little supplement whatever goes angels it was a I remember that remember that it was then yeah does that turn ugly like the worst. Yeah crippled well the first one was Lester. As people are proven that he's now old lesson in how the chancellor also super happy out of that he just gave us I think they're going to wait last year at the age with the workers. I don't know if they keep food is bad. The photos don't need to have a contest it's a tough yeah button. In. More on Alex.