BJ & Jamie: DNA tests are fake. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

A study was done with the DNA companies. Dateline did a test with 23 and Me and with a set of Triplets and all the results came back different. Another man sent in his DNA and when the company found out he was a white supremacist they sent back the results that he was 15% African!              


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PGA NG game and here's the story he's your gonna get me this 23 in me because it keeps saying that they impart to a native American you don't buy it right but nobody does actually. Except me and you we're gonna get that for me for Christmas it's on sale right exactly his. And that that was perfectly good to set up. Well according to a new report out this morning 23 in me and Ancestry.Com. Were put to the test. We've triplets. They since it. Two to each of these and agencies. To be tested would triplets. Both team that completely opposite. Really yes yes I freeze I shock it's taken this long legged to me it seems like fox or CNN or some you know. Would have done this a long long time ago don't you think this is. Inside edition and I. I don't think it's OK so one of the TV shows did actually do this but you're right it's taken awhile for this to go because gotta figure that make millions yeah and that we called a crock of crap. Where are you wanna hear the real Crockett crappy here there's a guy by the nape of Craig Kopp who sent his into. It doesn't say which ones going to be Ancestry.Com. More 23 in May. Well I guess somebody at the at the service realize that Craig Cobb was a white supremacist. So when they gave him back his results. They gave him the results of these 14% African American heart. I love that Scarlett I love them highlighted. Come back a little like 10% that's what some rivers gets a sheet back east. To aids day and they did and her asylum that is so far yeah I think it's just terrible great. But but they're jacking with people they've bought do you like for example I got a guy deserves it. Gotta feeling well this makes me feel like that if if you got beat this for Christmas and that stated something good said that 20. At an eye on the backside contact and said hey here's eagle and I don't plan buck against. Jose native American OC did extra twenty because I need to prove that this lady here in the studio that upper part native Americas and keep. Throw that on their port being dealt to what you what you want soon we want dodge your team what are you are written to the Clausen now what's gonna happen I don't know it's the moment I don't again this is a report did somebody did does not base of the cubs sue B Ancestry.Com. And I'm just reading the report the sport and give. Grace and class action lawsuit from everybody that's ever bought like. Nobody knows today I. I turned in his celts. You know that commercial where he he was where they had kelp all the time and they found out I was in the Scottish or something I. There goes leader wrote yeah I would I mean yeah get it again. Let's really get back by new outfit. I've needed to go out and water in this for ever where ever I got sucker I didn't do. I get it up and I don't know I don't want. This no right now but Howell and what historical or so I tell you what your Christmas list dense. My Christmas list I haven't really thought about it. Guys your dad about that yeah yeah we're good to the list so lamp to BJ getting hit me. Lucian again this year the I know perfectly legitimate personal spending at a time you know snug. Yeah and a low she got into that I. Guys I think the Harvey Weinstein and you know in the Matt Lauer thing we haven't got close they could go back to buy yes oh boy I'm if you. I mean especially the word that I'd love and emotion the. Yeah Indian weekday mornings. Now it's nice night.