BJ & Jamie: DNA tests selling your DNA and Cruise ship lawsuit. 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

Jamie found a story of the DNA testing companies. According to a law suit the company 23 and me is selling people’s test results to insurance companies so they can adjust your rates depending on the health results. BJ reminds us of the Robocall law suit and if it is real he could be in line to receive over $3000!            


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Vijay and Jamie I got to run a couple things by a major vice. I got a couple things that are pending. First of all talked about an extremely yesterday actually do not do it. I got some inside word on you know Ole. That you know that I'm very curious. I know but did you look up what I told you yesterday I did and where to find out on your rights. Soon to not do you guys allegedly dates they tell you stuffed insurance. And damn if you have anything so they give a year we spend too bright and Tway dreaming you spit in the to be emailed it to. Right well then I got inside information from a friend who works in insurance company. Who said allegedly. That they can buy toys dreamy results tonight find you go. And BJ is a black valid blah blah whatever they that you can't really don't know. This person drinks have been not very colorful. Really connect match you know it and if you think about it. He would be lower. Probably more a problem. To have your DNA. Out there being sold the two insurance companies to. Institutions would doctors or whatever. Then it would be to have he's a scary number out there. While kids actually what they're saying is that. When you put your DNA and then lo spent two or whatever it can be used for science you'd just gave away all your rights because when you sign that they are click yes or whenever. What it clicked was yes well as yet you guys can have all of me here and there might be little BJ's all. All over town where yeah. This seems wrong go lacy was wrong on the you're running ads if that's the case I don't know what the actual cases just wanna hear from Jamie. But if you run ads saying 23 unique we will give Jiri ancestry we want you to know exactly where you're. You're your your people came from men Wear or who you are. But the turnaround to be selling it to insurance companies so they can raise your racing teach. Got to a health problem. Rule long. So I don't know but they are good to here let me help you know remember I told ES to eight for C that's what you want that you're Asian I feel you know life. I want you know. Somebody repeat that back to me into the pit. Button but it's a book Maryland just go and I call him. It. Never mind. It it it it. I did I call it god runs a business are erodes it doesn't seem working on a vehicle for a guy yeah I had just sort of thing at least deduct. Any comes back to me would. I heard you're Asian tour. And she. Tried to get an altered later. I pissed because you know what you said yeah just say no mental outlook that and that he'd have to pass on your DNA never I've been telling you. To my dad has told me were part native American. You don't buy. And once brawl I got a chance to prove it got a chance to prove it to you would 23 meat and in this crops up at eight is it could be selling your stuff. Listen I know native Americans and you're not one of them. That's supposed to be what it is that supposed to are you thinking clearly right now because. Where they have a zoo well Don the alliance but Tina tell you what my intent is really just because they're hard workers. You are not so much. You've been known native Americans got something else by your Wiener. With. The stock Jamie Carey and act at. You are crossing the allying with me this morning I would ask you ran across may remember. Or several months ago. Well there was a a story about this robo calls from Royal Caribbean. Crucial ships that if you've got a call each call those were 300 dollars. The man. Yeah I mean you put your phone number into the system and then it came back if you Wear chemical as a matter something I can you get paid 300 dollars according to this lawsuit. And I don't know if it's scam or not I can't give figure it out. But I put a phone number and I put mine and mine didn't come up. My team back with 3900. Dollars owned a owed to me. 3900 dollars thirteen calls they need to leave robo call from royal opera be it I can collect them out like last year. Last September I think and it kind of went way that's why every hit now. Because it's back because seat time. Frame to the putting your request for this money. Is coming to February Yahoo! sol. And I don't know if it's real or not a team figuring out the conference what's the source. I could never beat him it's about it's called unclaimed money. It's from unclaimed money DB dot com from San Francisco California it's a I guess it's aloft for firm that recovered money in lawsuits and they're saying that hate each state eight. Your money is sitting there you why he better cutting it. It's like need to go he filed this today but I don't know this is three and if anybody else's got the pilot might put your phone number in and you're not how you had to follow up. You you putting your vote and every five got him many Indians didn't you have to though you've got to put in your claim. I didn't follow up and put in the tried all I did assert CME times had been called. But I didn't go any further measures saying been there are saying hey give us your information. So tweaking your money for issue is not class actually. It where you get all this work into it gets point five cents. They're telling me 3900. Dollars I am here imagine that that's not a national news story if you know anything about it five point 05 done a text and. I just needed I don't think it's a feeling that you're really put your hopes and dreams on. Something that's not Europe's gaming each day I'm just an open. I don't think you're getting 3900 dollars does somebody called human crews. Up. Idea that we can believe I think you really given it is so do you and so if that's your Royal Caribbean is out of business friends out. There were small school people you know who is money and it Israel is Sean swallows is get money and watch Spotify. Talk because there's a big low class action lawsuit against Spotify for one point nine billion dollars. For Molly's people said that they are playing their music illegally his Christian she was on there. Yeah and they know you for the this year ditto. It was so that's not I didn't have my permission to put it on spot. It's I was gonna get money yet really the up. Imagery and yet instead you've been told yet I'm getting nine since. Her stream. Very strange did you have. Well I've listened to it four times that the that there is though that did show about it's not my whole dollar. You could tell you could tell me streams are are gas there's not what it was mostly mine released it yet but it's not like tend to depressive. Well no because I don't think that people had the acknowledged. On Spotify are I would have just had millions of innocence file Jack and I just it wasn't the proper amount of you know. Advertising. Letting people know they need to listen to me. But you can't stoke local and yeah congrats a lot of Izod solemn Goran there. Anyway I'm Timmy and BJ eating it up to 900 dollars somebody else said they tell me at the end of the it seems really scamming this by the way is a Royal Caribbean thing that if they robo called you're supposed to get money. Am a lot of diversity and I see it feels scheming. Some they said it is a class action I IA. I did it and they said I got paid in April. Now I mean I think Emmett Till I die at the Islam is that I have to put in my Social Security number and a guy aren't count anything like that as Barnes and what what he got the loose this person says its class action suit. Yes 300 dollar per call from. Royal Caribbean you know what should he leave but that website again and post again. So that people can go there if you go to this website here's the deal if you go to the website it's it's somehow set up. That it just doesn't complete searchable phone numbers at Royal Caribbean cold but these robocalls so you put in your phone number in it will tell you how many times you were called. And each time is 300. Dollars. So why not give it a shot. I'm from legitimate news ages again those them that agency and never heard of in my life. So kind of from like it like a boxer NBC CB even you know because once before we had it in we post it and and many many people. Thousands that deficit to our show with input in their numbers that we got a big response about. How you know I can't call article I hope I didn't have as they are getting account eating cold and make calls me I'm blown over. Well no money was on a cell atlas yeah is this so called. It doesn't have to be a home phone number but 300 dollars call what I get to show some I said hey BJ at let's start a new game is gone five dollars for every time that Jamie actually the amount. Well listen. When he did it since Greg and I say yeah yeah. Yeah we wanna be kinder and gentler. Friendly to look at it now hey James. What's up BJ JB. So so that says just passing through Denver here and you guys. And in this. 300 dollars per robo call that's absolutely true there to the class action lawsuit. But the catch is it's up to 300 dollars per call. They have the I don't know how many millions of blood my numbers in their parties set up port and they haven't issued any money for yet because. They're waiting for all of a number of people to register. As sir you're in it. They had an animation though paying The Today Show says that each phone number can only go up to 900 dollars. All together. Yeah it's it's up to nine so you get 300 dollars to 300 dollars per call up to recalls you max's 900. But they're gonna take that pooled money that they have and divide that by how many people register. It seem like it did he bucks you like it when he Bucs who knows what will be he might we'll be. He had no you're not gonna bring about all that that thirty giving you know I can get that because so many people aren't earned her quiet and sound James. Here is. Actually taken my son from Saint Louis to Southern Utah University. Not Cedar City. Or did you discover us. Regular all of our. Seat and it came up eat that yeah this your dad. Like he won the lottery it's like power you should play the powerball. Pick your bag and hasten your son is fighting a lot. What do well. There. Thunderbirds of the way to go dad the fighting but the birds are a look at. Local authority he'd be gone Arabic Arabic Iraq army OP mile an outdoor so sure he's on the Ice-T and T. Exactly yeah fighting the thunderbird they sound intimidating. Scholarship rock climbing. Are now. Stuff thanks so way to let you you're taking your son from saint Louis Missouri how do you talk to you becoming a fighting out what was the hawks with. Thunderbird Oakland brick yeah he's giving a fighting thunderbird and he's gonna major in rock climbing that it but it. Yeah you'd expect to see the during an outdoor recreation and tourism. Rock army and I didn't cookbook and well now that hey we also but what it change what they are you coming back through debt that the. Saturday. Who have dinner but do it on Friday note and we feel funny or shelved. Yeah OK take it up a notch. James. Oh let's go online on my leg back spreading. Yeah. Can't just say if Alice little club not a dot com gets to stream OK with. You see a fighting war hawk. I get that degree. Rock on. Two green is when outdoors not I don't know it's just rocked Lebanon outdoor activity I only got pretty big dream and NORAD Tim Brock. Edit agreeing to do it. We get will be get something to brag about it. In the immortal John Ellis. Hi nice.