BJ & Jamie: Dorito's giant chip sells and we all have too much junk. 6/21

Thursday, June 21st

Doritos did a contest where you could win a  giant chip. This was to promote the new Jurassic Park movie. The first one has popped up on Ebay and it sold for $12,000. Once Jamie made a crazy Ebay purchase when the Twinkies were going away she bought a $5,000 lunch box. We all have too much junk!     

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Vijay and Jamie Alice 1059 Vijay Jamie morning show oh DG oh you know that contest that you entered to get that to Rios said. Foot long. Remember that all the big this begs the world's history of be out yeah Dirita well and I think who was there more than one that was gonna be given away there was just a feeling there's like seven. Okay there is like a few of them and then a special case in their long rented to eat out in its. He has to do with the new juror right Jurassic Park movie right correct is that right yeah. And it's a foot long Dirita well guess what I guess somebody got there's yesterday. And put it on any day. And the foot loan to Reno went for 121000. Dollars I can't. Now. That's why I'm asking. I don't enter contest and I protected from this because you entered that morning I didn't serve Aetna somebody sold yesterday for twelve Graham. I felt. I tip. And I bet they didn't open up the case and yet they tried to have and I'll seal them pretty you and I said it. The morning that you wit unregistered it was I think there one day last week. When this first came out the story did and you went to register new and I both said sit get a don't open it it may be collector's item. 121000. Dollars if I would've won two. I mean estimated just has that crap load of money that guy that blocks out the briefcase and a million dollars wouldn't name. And boxer. All you have Mayweather may lend Goodman and he did I pull it out eBay did it out of its board. They're just gone through eBay then they excitement a bidding gets in your blood allegedly get addicted to that bidding thing you know into the bidding bidding bidding and then mixing in notes 121000 Ers. UN did you Bada a no he didn't happen. In he never paid for didn't I remember. We need to remember of course I remember I was I was it what what was you bought. Click here or something but no lunch box OK here's room she never paid what happened he skipped the I have to with an X. So yeah I'll remember when twinkies was going out of business well I had in my head these are going to be like get a degree it's. Going to be worth millions and tell what I did play as I I started I started down a start bidding on this and the sludge boxed it's sludge spots are very collectible was a lunch box yeah and they are removed so it was going to happen is going to happen and and that's an Cali was here to announce that you have the money that's right. Let's try our. That's not and I clicked it was like a green we got to like a thousand dollars first of lunch box but it was like five south will they can't go oh yeah as he's out. It can't go and it could go ahead and then the next thing I know I'm up to 5000 dollars for stupid lunch box people. I'll lunch box yeah so then I got scared. And then I won the dead back like I want it and it went on CNN that some paid 5000 dollars for tweak it let's not let's yeah. But I never paid or not. And it just you just disappeared goes to the ghost did the guy you know it looked it. There's only one item that ever thought of taking that same thing eBay kind of like the garrido I bought a piece of toast. Doubt the burned out wide on the toes the somebody. Edited and done in their own kitchen was the image of Kermit the Frog. And that's us I did amateur. Audit IP I think fifteen dollars for fifteen to ask her piece that drag toast this piece of toast. That the image of Kermit the problems started I stuck it in my locker here of radio station crumbled now. It's molded. I threw what at what we've noted there was there remarked report. That I I kept putting it back out there on he may give somebody would give me you know thirty and forty little cash but nothing and never got one taker. Yeah I don't you win now Martha Stewart went to the went to jail I put her CD at a autographed CD from Martha Stewart which I mean who wouldn't mind that right again and it is just looking sounds by Martha Stew Stewart it was Halloween this community. And it went up to five dollars. You know you know what amazes me though when you look on FaceBook mark you were gonna have these marketplace I don't. There's so much joke on me so I battles. Why seller but why is it might joke doesn't sell but other people's journal does I don't get it. I don't know maybe it's it's your photographs and maybe your description of your junk. Oh you gotta give it that's Blair you know in your description got to take it in the right light and angles so you can't see scratches and cracks. Still have you done very well like yours selling stuff. Now. Nobody what it wants Mike Duffy and I still got my police sealed and there are. For some reason I'm under the impression that people are selling a lot that nobody selling jump current. I don't think so I. I'm not your idea. Big sell my son my so I was just telling me a couple of nights ago that his mother has given him. But just up out of for storage unit and they thought this is gonna be worth something. Not one item has so solo he's tried is called let go. I'll tell Louisiana how let's hope he doesn't let go and in the marketplace he's not sold why not IBM I don't anybody selling unique. I don't hit it by we I don't. Yeah I do not jobs not. In anymore. Now I.