BJ & Jamie: Doritos for the ladies. 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th

 Lady Doritos are coming out….  They will crunch less, be smaller and fit in a purse. Turns out that the ladies don’t like the to crunch loudly.


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Vijay and Jamie Allison 1059. PGA ended Jamie morning show I. No idea yeah there is a Doritos. Controversy over gender. No idea I know that chips will how to sex. Well it's a preference of mail vs female when it comes to chips. I didn't know that we didn't like at a crunch are listened and I didn't know we had an I didn't always are listened to this. Reno has announced plans to release nude or T to discuss football and eight and knew he now finally emerged in the popular etc. make the last techcrunch noise when you need an actual like that they're going to be a little bit smaller arm and size. And a similar a single serve back we'll be able to get inside your per. Then serious because I. Yeah literally had to re the that Texans know a hundred and detonated the global chief executive pat eagle on three dozen except unlike our women do not like to crunch loudly. When I am not anti Christ does not like to listen to other people are insured up. Buried up there you go. Yeah so ladies you don't like the size the back you'd rather putting your purse you don't like decides the chipped it to look at Tibet be awarded just a little bit smaller. You don't let the crunch. I don't know what it that you don't like to crunch for some reason Ed that they also which is not reported there I read this in the story you don't like that residue in them. I don't like. I don't like that orgy stuff element thinks that I agree can't she just take it for what it is it's too Rios no because you know we put concealer under our eyes. Will then you know I think an ounce and an orange and you guys who'd like this now I have warned concealer. And a glass yes so it's jury goes smooth they're getting that big backlash people women are man I won't. Because it it makes us look stupid. Thought well. Did they do their research and come up with all these answers that women want something different that's why they don't they're doing it to police you can never doing it to police juniors. Not a happy. To I don't know anyone that doesn't like that crunch so ugly she. The person about can guard actions for Q2 days than a lot of money figure in his senate and the media got a and they understand how and I think the crunch out. I don't know I'm not so I really got to be soft then they like Vanilla wafers and it is like to read notes due and and the minutia of this is crazy again in the Euro. What's really should be. The others include picnic. At the ITV just use the word menu check out my. That I really what led the GAAP I the word minutia just a bola my unlike at and be just like in the at a casserole bridal. I well I thought it was something like a sandwich or something that solution if I had gone on July yeah segment are rod looked up to collect that. I don't I don't do it kind words that you love it you just you never get to put him in years like rapids law. Like rapids Watford and yes I like rip the toi the yeah I learned one jest a few weeks ago that was and I'm so proud of it I've thrown it in probably four but tell us as the never even been caught up and beat me CD. He made CAD a pro am to a three car. Arms I remember conversations we've had yet you guys they're really flak he's sorry and I kind of warned it's them like a federal court. Like you know like some calculated play BJ while you've just needed to really begs that was an Nora got that. I don't yet it it became a big word. In those thirteen children were discovered out in California because they don't think he'll make this story in how we honor I'm not giving where yeah. Is trial and an eight. In saying they think you could wording Macey you're all the time the pork couple days there right. That's pretty cool and never use that with a so when I see somebody is like super skinny yeah there may seem absolutely see that and yet can you smell or look what. Yesterday. Good job good job but what was that all did you like avenues I. Used minutia in essence. The minutia of this situation or is that men but knew what is minutia its own Canada die there. The situation in some minutia situation yeah I don't like precious details smaller trifling matters that. Like this conversation a while that rolled off your not just it's. Knew that as we are what like creating an outlook on my. Well I might be but he draws the biggest salad line it can do it was not well. He had no idea I'd use it but I do lots and a lot of Frazier and I. On a free her up and big words raising. A mean you got to get cable and could I. Tell. That Randy Ayers and nobody's watching Frazier anymore and that is front and many years all guns and reruns 25 point eight come. Bronco and I hadn't got the cable and two hours to each inch. And more on Alex.