BJ & Jamie: Do's and Don'ts At Work 12/5

Tuesday, December 5th

BJ and Jamie discuss a list of things that are acceptable to do in the workplace.  You can still open doors for women, send Flowers, say how nice it is to have them around the office. What you can’t do is.. Touch at all, mention body parts, talk about fantasies, stare at others, or put your hand in someone’s chair as they sit down.   Also on the list, you can't wear a robe around the office!  Agree or disagree with this list!

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Vijay and game and I've got a list here you know with all the good news that's out there with a Harvey Weinstein who's the met flowers see the Charlie Rose alaskans on. Didn't all the sexual harassment allegations. The experts have way to head. And they've given a list of what isn't isn't acceptable. In the workplace a good job is so so we know the rule Sean colluded you know nobody's here for the most part right now. So it's good to you when I get d.s down before people start streaming in here would make the wrong no feud that's the could. I don't ought to make the wrong movie don't. Here's some things and no list for acceptable. Across really thought a lot of things unfit parents there you you can still open the door for a Collie looking good up primarily. I would say it's safe to say now. Have not trying to be sexist and tried to pull I'm just going from my perspective Shaun perspective. Primarily I think this fits a guy and how you're. What what's allowed will they want. And what you said I would. It could be god guy keep goody girl girl could be girl man I don't know I'm just saying that out of the ticket from my perspective OK I didn't. So all in the door for a female colleague is still OK good I just can't say. Yeah right just silently and the dead and there may be the enemy gesture and he uses a shape that way that you can't do that you cannot do that okay all right he can still do tasteful compliments I think that's borderline. Yeah I am afraid to ever compliment I email nice dress she's kind. Just all of the way you say it could Felix so credited angle. I guess so you can do taste you can do tasteful you could be like oh my gosh that's a nice dress yeah. I think that's very honest Sunni it is like you to your grandma but the very nice tritium gas or let's look at it was nice teeth. Or if you plan out there. That date on here well your elbow sure are clean and I used to office you gotta keep it just could you got to keep it just don't get dirty within okay right ma you can Dow I think this looks borderline. Right now this acceptable list like to report things on here that's. I'm not sure I'm up by the experts on it. They say he could still send flowers. Just and maybe like on secretary's day. It's got a birthday yeah I don't even know if you could do a birthday I guess secretary's day or. I don't know man I think that if all right let's say that I decide if there's somebody back here and it's extremely tract which we have a lot of attractive women here. That that you pick somebody in these kind of like they're you know and that would have been about it and he's decided to call 1800 flowers a bit since. I don't know maybe if crossed the line. I. That might implies some sort of intimacy rather. Will words sign it come on to them okay spent slapstick some type of an adult item in their money that goes can't stand it could have thought that I guess crawl slide OK okay I'll try to not this you know on the up and up saying that you enjoy it they are company. Around you lose. On Hulu. I don't know who. You can still you can still let hurt in the elevator first her out of the elevator first that's okay could still remember my elevator story. Yes before I get to this unacceptable list up the elevator store I had a lady I'm on the elevator get. In the elevator she's already in the elevator wheat we go down there first floor. And we get to the bottom floor and I make the motion would buy him like you know after after ER she looks at me and says. Well known and you got to. I always exits last. Because of what was it give women lose a women's. I don't know there was that a term terms he was part of there's a move OK but I always go relax. We are a business and don't have a problem legal and burst policy have a good day. And that's hard to do because like my mom dad as best southern lady and so I was raised to open the door for women to. You know Ali stepped aside and be polite. Opened the car door opened the thing I mean we go to the grocery store if I didn't hold the door from my mom she would stand outside away from me come back outside and Altidore according to. According to the acceptable still doing great show be shut people and yet they did but above for the most part he still. It's still unacceptable here's some of the things you can't compliment somebody's body parts. He didn't Yukio those are nice and look at I think you kid do that unsolicited touching you can't don't. Now anytime adult. You can't make a reference to any type of late they get a seat and that you may have but I could put the other person do you can't do that. People get this. I thought this is strange and you're not allowed to stare. It is that that seems a little I mean what is there. How do you go out you know say that somebody staring at you if they just look at. You know right sometimes stare up into space and tabs right some direction right in May be you're looking at something in their cubicle or something go over their shoulder and he eat get accused of Sierra. Now seems weird ears at three more that tied his wasn't on the list but I would have to make sure that we got these out there okay you're not allowed to put your hand in someone's shares thereabouts sit out. Yeah but look at the pump. Wait a minute I really tricky. I don't I don't you just mostly a useless to that you're not allowed to Wear nothing but rope around though office. Com and Yahoo! who Harvey Weinstein right yeah you know it was all good until Harvey cable on yet. You're not that you're not allowed to Wear those that Wiener in glasses these guys around the office that. It's got the it's not a part of it it. Is touching go down a I probably should be detail like. Ice I don't know. But there you go that's a list included on our web site will also voted on the FaceBook paid into the importance on Alex.