BJ & Jamie: Drone stories in news Scared horses and peeping toms. 2/21

Tuesday, February 21st

A drone caused some runaway horses.. he flew too low to the heard and scared them.. There is Another story if a couple who used their Drone to fly around the neighborhood and look into people’s windows and bathrooms to see them naked. They have been busted and their children taken away.


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Vijay and Jamie. I forgot to bring this up do you CEO the diss you see in the story about the runaway horse. What have went way. This so we're ten. Ever on the lower yes. Movie that he ran were three people hurt him too bad as an owner I got into what happens when horse this is here in Colorado. Oh yeah. The horrors. This person is on the horse riding horse through the city there and sergeant silver to end I'm Howard outlet malls are. No it's sold reform and ran right. The different MI yeah not in others so we're gonna end okay and the horse is sparked by somebody flew a draw older. And you're going analyst at a low level and if three got the horses in the wild and rain over a bunch of people are they okay. Yes there can be okay I'll agree and not to the ground while war he stepped on one's chest. That person laid out there they're going to be OK eventually but it went cross. Check. I don't know about these drones IRAs into moments after it. Yeah Dan did you see where that couple was arrested for wet. Who's there peeping columns. They didn't flying the drones around the neighborhood spying in the bathroom really eight yen the kitchen people on the body. Why do people out there windows open in the bathroom and Yasushi. I got a couple of neighbors that. And even not so aghast that if you add up to a high in the middle level EU list send this and then. Yes it looks if you got up to a high enough level you figure it's safe not to have any covering over the window dress. Because it's high enough up the ET ABC from the street or really from anyone else's house at this point in the right direction. Well this drone can go anywhere. So the drone was flying through the neighborhood in the guide the derby got in his wife was involved. But he he and his. Why did hit me can you imagine you're lazy if you're like that. Hate you coming over tonight we gonna do next thing we do again. She and you guys just says they for your leg I mean first well there's nothing sexy about people in their own habitat Brighton. I don't think that her acne you might get a couple of showers shots. Or that I don't know about being on the body lives in getting hotter now. Google and don't have a dad are doing their own habitat tied things right it's not sexy yet. It got me the video that they recovered from this couple was all bedrooms and bathrooms. So they were doing it for no obvious reason but you're right it think about discriminate. Okay some creepy people out there and it's mostly guys for most part right who would you say amateur. 100%. With the. Look the part but mostly guys but you coach your wife into a C continue to be a part of this and they had two children. Two young children only pants they both were recipe kids think you let the because I flying drone in their neighborhood the videotaping people getting out of the shower on the body in the bedroom. I mean I can see it's like mr. Smith a creepy neighbor that let all that weeds growing in this stuff. And used by the drone by deceit like him he's ordered. Yeah you know so like that Eagles and she is backyard because. Some of the I am fascinated with people's backyards yes because you know him that they keep weird stuff by failing bodies and stuff. So I can see you looking for a body in the back yard run but not mr. Smith's bathroom known that's smear candidates taking his. Modern technology and there's so much. I mean you didn't do what says suffering could kind of facing collapse foreign near the virtual reality BR one of the. There I mean obviously they wanted the whole voyeuristic. You don't feel up there with their neighbors and I guess you know I don't know about you. I don't have too many hot neighbors. I guess that's. So I am not here and I got a view should you probably don't neither do you now any hot neighbors he would like to tick in drone Dixon video clip that I. I can't really nice thing about I. Mind if I had a drum with the camera had the technology and I had me like that can limit it well now there's one guy couldn't find. How's my neighborhood that wouldn't work now now than a battery life. There's there's just one guy in my neighborhood and he doesn't have kids he has I think he has done it doesn't duck it any is always outside and not let them. Doctor if I know he's married any major super skinny wife. But he saw outside we always make these icon excellent I'd die but I may is muscling me but anyway any drives BMW I would throw him. And you enough. No listen there is a guy we all I got up to speed bump. He lives at the speed bump. And his wife obviously doesn't know that you beat our icon when now because she's not outside Denver. Because he's always garden you know he's always guard discriminate versions yeah and lose all not so hot only had gotten one I call it the wild anyway. Many houses down is he probably plays. Is close I don't think is on the cross street beat OK so he's just crossed right here at the speed bump I have to go by a lot of. You've got to pull a woody pulls up. It's neighborly thing to do in the in the eye contact that's a neighborly I don't know him a literal demo and I made neighbor with a one. That will be the neighborly thing to do is sure woods yeah issue I would do in the neighborhood elect not in his six years again meet to go. On Wednesday and didn't even make an eye contact for six years I know so does that that Latin would have wort that group of guys looks nice right. Well that's Obama and you yard looks knives. Married what are we doing to him dumb gorgeous I Sue Bird is oh you can go from super skinny to list. Like Siskel Ebert hello you pull up you ruled out the window when you ask Jimmy what are you where I'll. Yeah you got to get some of with all kinds of he'd say I I can see what he's wearing that when he's in his car you don't use has canceled. So yeah. Outside I got some guys I didn't nice break up is working outside about when you're at the light. Oh you're making eye contact William working here in the car and there are younger and I LL. I was like bluntly don't have any right thinking and you know. When I have needed and that solid and their Indiana and that's. Have a kid with that girl doesn't maybe maybe the marriages in the last group Prejean yeah. In weekday mornings on Alex. I tonight.