BJ & Jamie - DT,Jamie, and Sean-10/20

Thursday, October 20th

Sean sent DT's agent an email! What did we find out about Damarius Thomas?


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Vijay and Jamie. Aaron let's give back to this the various Thomas saint James got a bit of a dilemma here she's gonna be that would DT coming up at that dub Bobo Lara. Well and well. Oh bulletin placed a new loan traits can be pack two regular have a great time people are asking for favors they want help both sides got to get a football side to Jersey. So how come in up. In a way it's not a short while but anyway it's humiliating to me because my name's on it back so. You know you really what's depletion of Sean yeah he's like me yeah he's like your little puppy he really it means you hook yes. In the past and he doesn't try very hard I. You've held more effort to what do you see really that Haitian. So I think. He really wants to make you proud of him yet because you know I mean this is son's first gig in my kids. It's a big deal for him to make you proud of them and kept his year a year like his is. You know. I command as the job and he is like he would stay when make you proud I'm sorry son but at at the ex cop. Possibly the only Padraig it could it dad's OK never gone. All engine and he he would call me altar saved screw up and try to please me. Another good discipline and the hall. I had an answer so yeah. So you said hey we we really need to find out some information about the Marius Thomas. Like you know what he likes to do really is is he hopes his dreams down as hobbies. All that's seven inch on gaming and remembering all he had with stats like no Sean we need to get to go to Mary's time. Well because. My thinking was that when you show up there would be kind of cool if you walked opens it up houses those three they year your mom doing nor our house grandma. Add the issue OK let you wouldn't know those details I don't know if that's their names. That's what shot was gonna find out but it would give Jamie a great chance to break the ice for DT. It have a great conversation that he would be impressive somebody walks insist you have your sister Rhonda BJ I'd be like. I had a sister Rhonda it would blow me away. So how was your name I'm trying to help I need to run. I think you and your sister union uses and if you took. But my point being he would be so impressive for Jamie. And snow I Emporia. I'm looking oh yeah so that was that the thing is lake and it was kind of tendency to be honest and but yeah find something about a nick began in the emblem so yesterday out the sun going down the elevator. Together we can. And I said. Much got all these are texting me they let me get married Thomas in you know I don't know what they do it all my friends get it their all went to meet him and not an end Shaun goes all great news. I I yeah I talked to his agent in that as a white. He is I yeah I guess I just went to heal kind of feel out like Kelly isn't what west twenty likened in July last year. Consider a whole list of questions. Shall we deem me like this yeah premieres partly filmed her name. What do you mean then he goes well for example like. Let me just GM Lehman. I do I haven't frank arrogant a case ought to say yeah for the for the sake of this it was dear miss agent route to Marius Thomas. But it was Sean Solomon and the producer the media and anymore and so number 1 morning show and under. This Saturday the 22 our host Jamie why it will be joining him areas at the grand opening of the new Bolero and lonetree. In an attempt to learn more about the merits and help Jamie seemed more knowledgeable about him personally I was wondering if I can get some information from him. If so can you please ask him a couple of personal questions for me. He had to various way here's the question first ball. Does the Mariners like puppies. On if so what is his favorite breed. Secondly although it's his favorite color America. Snowboarders ski like Coke or Pepsi moment burrito or pizza of what's his favorite Cologne do you and to steer you if and if yes what is your favorite thing to do on a date yet she's sharp and yeah. We non tender. I'll get this six per you're supposed to Ireland. You're supposed to do research I think I did eroding now. He's good at thinking all right elements about the show up and be a part of this event that he had not even sure. What I like I said and I quote I know all my guy John they're gonna think we're. Crazy yeah yeah I said yes as I said don't put all the other stuff like inside I go online and let's mom's name is pitino his grandmother's name we need to comets and to find out all that kind of stuff this general but we don't know kind of puppies. I hope we don't know if he loved his favorite food in his hand his favorite color read Doerr a pizza. Wind chill and don't be too agency my faith can you weigh his yeah I wrote an agent a letter and I just want to find out all that stuff and I was like. I think is key in this this this is not do you think this. It's the I mean it makes is the part about you before. We don't look. Traditional that I isn't another one and I never mind I know we're not professional but we want to look it to people like DTE don't Wayne and then he'll lay said to me I got my. I didn't like oh my god he does all the got a response back yet and I had to get him I had of course you have it they're gonna canceled out right. Run Q why does crazy lady wanna know what kind of companies like I. Really well because I thought it would be great if you're just it. Around ago lol a conversation that all of my gosh I just saw the most wonderful lever doodle couple up puppy and then he would be like. Levered noodles and it would be like he would have that comment letters like coming around its neck I wanted to grab via a piece of pizza because he doesn't like burritos. But it B likes burritos he could say it. I almost died she. Almost died yesterday I almost died as a youth sent a letter to him to marry says agent. Asking him what color he likes what kind of puppies like you know yeah because the you don't get what is this guy I knew. Wasn't on me because you wouldn't know all the eliminate. It should go do some research doing year old don't know asking. His agent then asked him silly stupid quit and he could be like I love that smell of brewed by Faberge that I smell coming up you don't. And they do like oh my god she knew it well to go to meanest little chunk like yeah I need to feel you need to do I need to build. Did I guess school you know he needs a check your padding some of it but I got up. We had to this story about me going there would then yesterday I know how. And I can't tell that about the whole thing and then he's like yeah said the agent. A whole list. As soon as it does is gonna be able come at two dollars beautiful information it. Is okay well no but they will rather embarrassed and I. Are gonna cancel they're going to. You can Wear its favorite color cheer her mind body and he could be a mica a lavender shared or whatever his favorite color is doing well no because she's not reading you back. What do you know these are you anymore. AJ is gonna sit there and answered that question well you're gonna show up in the in she's they're gonna say Jamie there's just hilarious and marries this is Jamie in in he's gonna say hello. He do you. And I intelligence take poll view view yeah. I would three would you have read and yeah I looked hobbies out like. That and we look like stupid sick does. Point we just don't look big league hit me good didn't we we looked like we should be working somewhere in the middle of Kansas. Yeah on the trying to make me look good cook you make us look horrible. But it's yeah deadly problem. They. Are new word of the day ball. Each in each weekday mornings on Ellis nice.