BJ & Jamie: The earth was almost destroyed while we slept. 10/12

Thursday, October 12th

Asteroid almost destroyed the earth and we all had no clue!


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Vijay and Jamie do you realize the world almost ended the last night while you're sleeping. Yeah. The way I told you guys and you like an RD happened. Well. I liked to be on top of wood the world that he had that this is the close ones I know is it a lot. But the world's gonna end here on the show but this one was like so close it was gonna test our planet and Terry defense system you know to blow up. Yet asteroids. Asteroid. Within 25000. Miles of earth passed last night about midnight our time but as you were sleeping it was. Right by the Europe. They said it was the size of the house got it when you think of astronomical terms I think that 25000. Miles folks is nothing Johnson that's tonight that's like a mile up there there's an exorcist you know again. Vote just super close. Well I was shocked I didn't know this because. This is the first time they were going to be able to use their planetary defense system the app which you know he showed us that you did out there Scott Gordon's break it up so did they get to do it did they get to push a button. I don't think something cause because I think the way it was set up that it passed earth and an article area. So it was come out of the way made it really have to use easily enough that stuff works snow still don't know so our number but that's a pretty close. All 25000 miles is not that far I think this is what I'm telling you I think that if if we're gonna get hit by an asteroid. Tell us because I have to tell you I just saw that warning this morning after it already happened. I agree now. I have argued view over the years that no no no they're never gonna hold back with the world's gonna be crashed into why has Troy it. Why would it do they go to war so he can prepare. I'm certain to change my mind I think Jamie white has been right all thank you I am because we were never whole. I didn't see anything on this yesterday we do extensive research for the show and it doesn't sound like it but we llama got extensive. For me were all when we have our noses rights cracks in it just. Searching all the time and I never saw this yesterday now I sought after it happened that's Wednesday after it happened which tells me. It's too scary government yeah. Yeah within 25000 must think about the mood is like quarter of a million two down 40000 right now the world's not ending. No I didn't think I didn't think you're onto something though I do think that. If a real significant chance of an asteroid hitting this plan and we're about to happen. I don't think we'd be tell told that I don't agree. I could be wrong just like bidding to do use their little machine they can be wrong and it caused panic and pandemonium and all that stuff. But he is still still very scary to me. I don't know what I would do if I had like let's say ten hours before the world ended I don't know what I would didn't like neither. Mean I know obvious and grab my kid at school he'd need to go to school today. You know I did like you don't need to go to school no but I feel like we've we've done so much stuff but there's not like. Steve aren't all recognize just curl up with a Little League watching movies you know I had the had just are spending money. But none of that matters even if I go and overdraft yeah. But what would you buy because now it doesn't matter via the car I don't have a lot of options Jamie and that's part. I got cherry pick things to do but I don't know what I did happen you bought would even mariner. I know it's it's even hard to realize that series what. You've got ten hours well and then since and this asteroids could have orbit. It's gonna smack in the first one and it's nice to at least learn about yourself what I learned about my summer as I am a food addiction. Because what I think I would do the angle gets the okay. I do it take to forks and had set in the sleep number bed with my son. And we do have and be like journeyman like cake and then I'd smack him. I get what he'd like but doesn't tell you that I need foods like at my last hours my food at my kid. It's like the last meal messiah prison and attack again. But you buy stuff. You know working and I I don't think he was no we saw what would you do it can now made it doesn't actually have a food addiction I'm going to get a cake. Well tells me along you're gonna eat cake slacker kid in his sleep number bed there's a lot going on a show what would you do not criticizing Nazi definitely sweet kid doesn't like sweet and makes you know it's that's weird right there's no reason smacking at. What would you do ten hours. I would probably higher level in my family as much as I could and to spend time tock in the lap and then gave it on. Different your kids no income so really for me. I am or how much all over the nation in Canada I'd spend money Katie take. And really rude like. I kids got a Dell we'll have one hour left I don't do your mom. Totally this last hour and spend it it's amounts of Latvia. And on topic and it's well Nolan wants to be an in intimate moment when it is really an outside the door. Yeah well they're on their own. Rice or he's decent. You were out what you're not compete movement not at all sure is selfish bastard. And more on Alex I.