BJ & Jamie: Eating Grapes at The Grocery Store is Stealing 9/11

Tuesday, September 11th

Is eating one grape in the store stealing? A store is trying to prosecute a woman who takes 4 pieces of ham and a slice of cheese every day at work and they have done the math and it has totaled over $9,000 in ham and now it’s time to pay.  She could face a felony charge.

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BJ and Jamie it's the BJ and Jamie morning show also heard on the radio dot com amp which you can download for your Smart but I know this a story here it is Delhi him. Hope this doesn't become a thing. Because they could literally prosecute just about everybody in the country that's ever worked in a grocery store or restaurant or anywhere the serves food you know that. My girlfriend got that for grapes he did as a store she went to try to different rates of Redmond and the Greenland has announced its. But that's a different cause she's she's seen polling. But she's a customer I that's the only idol had it's like chest feeling. Great great since the store you you have one great to see if it's a good backs. That's stealing. Technically it has. Exciting I'll let it go to tech and then you need to go to the next day and age 510 I don't know what you go to Texas they don't buy a bottle but not but it something bullet grey out up a new seats inside the store that's the only genie that's the way they look. No because she went to have a great to see if it's a good back. Well what if I went ahead of the name and deceive it's a good that one follow when I have a pair. Deceived the good match RRR today and I'd go through the whole list its oldest and Jamie. Come on now. And she's in it she tries heard that that's. I see here and a point. Target today that I got the banana India and strawberries threat that you don't do. All the troops. Blueberries a piece. This particular story goes a little bit different OK. Here's a person that works at Busch restorative work in the deli department. This person over the past and yours is generic EU urged them I nine I believe there's an idea as to over nine years this lady would. Take peace I AM. Ford five pieces a day balled it up throughout Italy I love old now but each day and I just come out to the tees and I don't know that I do you rolled in a Petit well no but I haven't done that where they do with a tortilla where those cult. Those sort of wrap him in the mid them anywhere else. All up through that system are re so for a football game hears it lady she's in there she's in Hershey store she rolls up for Hampton. GS for five pieces every single day every single day. But she's in a glut of players will now we're gonna prosecute the prosecute they've done the math foreign. She has stolen. Over 9000. Dollars in Delhi India in des are going after her. I don't understand why they know it's like 9500. Dollars in Delhi him well I think because. Will. You take for peace is Andrea. The days she'd work you weigh it out you see what it always like the same kind of like Boris head again she was bragging to somebody that day. Hate us they need to think dance and a little him in the literally no room and usually when I have relatives are you being her reign them in it now it ceases to tell you honestly creepy she must have told some people results later in the brain growth. And then the girl grocery store has done cracked down on her. Lately I guess it what's been surveillance tape and realized she is EE 9 AM she's eaten over 9000 dollars worth and she's facing a felony theft charges. Any felony. Yeah. Every day a felony she's done it every day for 89 years my girlfriend Wednesday Al manager for a major grocery store chain yet. And that she said they can even take a cut their own cup. And Dan Hughes at the fountain drinks tea I think that's rare. I don't I do I I think in most places but have the straw because I've only worked in new. Like at 7-Eleven they counted cups and stuff that's leather like here is take this yet but if you take you wrote I've seen I've been in this 7-Eleven before where I've seen in boy come over with a cup in gets and so what was his name now I don't. You always have a story about a scrap. When you're trying to you know his name I didn't read his name. I'm shotgun in ST do not seen it done before Gina can. Then I worked at different restaurants myself and in fact that was it shelf at one time at Waffle House which is great give and never knew they had sent Scalia we've trained hard. But nevertheless I watched him and they had a policy that you could literally eat their you can commit you could eat before you shift he could eat today in the back room during your shift. They don't care if you can I think most places that if you're in employee if you a soda. Well together so I think. I know I worked for Clinton Aiken I was glad to establish stick and it's different. It's this it almost. I. Yeah. I'm proud that you're killing me I'm gonna be in a four hour flight yeah you get all the saying Miami I. I I hope we're not even close since eating ice where you're killing me today and you're not get it takes you know there are people that work a cart but still they're not allowed to take garden with OK I get that. We're talking about boo a little sample of the route that you work at a place. They keep you working at a burger joint. A few Fries here and don't. We can't have the. I worked a little Caesars and I could never pizza you know. A free pizza do you eat though but could you eat on the side do not eat part of the sausage. I ever did it now. One day I did okay and he got. You PC and Chrysler yeah he's he took from. Yeah me yeah yeah it is is he lets posted cry so it's not come. Quality at very hard on its current its. Guide but I think it's con. A. I don't know I am with his name was Willie and Willie Willie Nilly the symbol of them swimming would be Willie. That Jay is still denied today thanked us. Thank you happy doing and I don't even feel good night and put. This means to me and you are good. I've don't wrong at all. I have a lot of great restaurant business. And yeah I think from day I don't I didn't think Jay can be mind and I veggie is today but not she'd at least keep those thanks coming. Your dad aren't you encountered yet on right now a reception Ito was perfect couldn't. I I can feel your brother and I believe brown insists but I feel Jenny would you like. At the mentality of the text of the rest on the matter and I am out there that I can agree I feel like that's your phone number. In weekday mornings on Ellis. Hi nice to.