BJ & Jamie: Ebola at a Denver Hospital. 7/30

Monday, July 30th

A man that was thought to have Ebola was admitted to Denver General, after several tests he was found to NOT have the virus.  

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Vijay and Jamie big story over the weekend when I first saw this evil story. I almost. Fell over I know I couldn't believe here's the new story is yes I said even bolder lack Ebola. Now why why did OK listen I'm with a machine machine aren't I'm. Always happening nobody gives a rat's ass man and I don't know what happens whose every. You could be a bola audio play ice over the weekend there was any bullets gay year. Guess later right here Colorado Denver. Let's play at. An. Intimate. Don't even if we can confirm there is no case of Ebola at Denver health say test came back within the hour and they did not show any sign of Ebola hospital officials say a man was brought to the ER after a mission trip to the Congo out of an abundance of caution the patient was placed in isolation in the bio containment unit. We felt that if he had people up. Then he could be very communicable to other patients and our staff so we had no wiggle room to be wrong and that's why we made a decision to isolate. Holy Moly so here's what they've done to test now and both tests have come up negative for Ebola. I'm Italian he has something back to what when this first it. Erupted as a story. On Saturday at the military was yesterday an element of the amount of it yesterday actually I think it was early yesterday morning started breaking as the story he had all these people. Over Denver a general there in Hazmat suit. And that the first scare was could be Ebola. Don't only think of the bowl we think it's somebody that landed at New York City at JFK and came back from the Congo or somewhere and Africa Bubba bonds or oil left. It's not just down the street here are now and Ebola is I don't know if you nobody Bogut is a nasty scary no cure we don't you just bleed out of your nose and eyes melt. You literally your organs smelt everything inside your system melts you bleed out exactly. And there is no stopping Ebola. And when I first saw the story of thinking oh my goodness remember do you bowl skiers we've had the past several years and help panicky. The the world again. Can't do anything about it that's why it's gimmicky imminent us. You touch somebody or get you know they're Jews onion you're done it's in often occurs with somebody it's flying in. From the Congo or somewhere and in that region of the world and they come into the United States and and we've been very good about keeping it out bought. When this broke that it's in didn't. I tell you I'm still nervous he's got something he or she they have something that's really really bad that we maybe had an even ever seen before who knows could be harbored yet there's something good on all of that we don't even know about that is due especially in those tennis irons than theirs really really wrong. You know I don't know hey it is what it is scary scary yeah. And if you're a person that works the hospital. You gotta be quite concerned because this person team into your facility in got to take the first couple people that this person was in contact with they probably didn't have on the has Smith's. Now and then about every flight walk home because I you know I told because I got a cold had called for my flight makes an hour flight and when I tell you might nearly as germ chamber and it's just dead. It just a chamber of germs for ten hours with no fresh air you know when it beat the interest. Yes all the people are infected but. Two tests of the ran. First test came up negative they redid it because who wanna make sure second test also went negative this morning Clinton don't know let me. I don't know are happy that he bulletin that that is the number one reason that I don't leaky ship in the Congo. I'm really here it looks and nasty disease and it is barely yeah oh yeah it's because other than that you'd be right over ever read there's a book there's a bookie in and I know that any worry that you. Look at you and I total in our lifetime had read I have read a combination of about three book this book right. Total in our lifetime right this is it true that he's for sure I read to you bring in what he could be reversed after another liquid dairy is one there is why. That if you if you have any. Desire to know or curiosity to know about the Ebola Virus pick up a book called the hot zero. Home off hot so these are mainly parent is you can't put it down. From the way this thing starts with the sky it's on a flight that starts bleeding. Like those bleak whatever now and where it goes from there it's who is got the Atlanta CDC the Centers for Disease Control. Stuff and it. It is unbelievable. It's called the hot zone. And he was on a flight gap is only just started bleach got the year I got to read the book if you're curious about it. No you know what I have what's I have Hashimoto's disease. What is that nice all the symptoms us like. Now via. Pretty cool I don't know what to diseases so it's crashing mode of mono but I had Japanese I have hasn't redundancies and maybe it's because you go to bet it is so much. We're being honest I didn't idiotic. Go to video now all the time yeah yeah pretty I don't know each week day mornings on Alex I.