BJ & Jamie: The Eclipse could blind millions of men for Jamie. 8/14

Monday, August 14th

Jamie is excited for the Eclipse and Bj is terrified. Jamie thinks its going to be great because there will be a ton of blind men after the eclipse and she will finally get married! Well there has been some blindness caused by eclipse and we have 2 different stories about it. We are not sure how to know if you have the right glasses or not Sean tells us how to check but B&J don’t believe him.       


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PGA NG game. Alice DJ and Jamie morning show. Excited about this a high rate news I'm alarmed. I am alarmed I am so whenever they can't get married. So we're talking. Forget it can't get married. We're talking about the eclipse is coming next time someone like today I don't know the same thing I know I know you are and get married. All it's all they show that you are trying to get back as they've moved around okay. Mayor in a blind man I'm trying to be serious that's hundreds of thousands of people across the Atlantic. Will lose their eyesight because certain date don't know what stability are going to be looking disciplined he JD he's more men will go blind and women in their fortunes got a better team is getting. All of I was signed up for farmers only dot com remember that farmers only dugout when now to sign up for blind black men only this is breezy day they heard it could be. And probably I'm. You exactly that but it well it's a top about the hot button. But let me and you know why. It's it this is gonna happen. Because of pure ignorance so I am and I gotta get but somebody I know they were running non profit for for some people on whatever. And so she always puts on faced a different thing she's needing for the nonprofit. Guess what she posted today. What. Can I please have some donations of 3-D glasses for the eclipsed. Not gonna work. So all the poor people are they black they can be not all that critical. Reggie can't please. The 3-D glasses for you have to have the official eclipse the last. Three feet but I'm telling you and then earlier this morning we mention this but over the weekend Amazon had a BA. This is Soledad in a big problem. They have glasses up to that they didn't selling. That are not certified now yeah. If you look at this sudden and the mood coming across EU could you could have this product out listen this is actually have. A guy in Florida atlas and Leonard Bates was nine years old when he saw his first of clips. The eighty year old made his own viewer instead of using solar glass. I didn't think it was necessary to buy small vials but so I smoked some glass myself. That decision cost him. States permanently lost some vision in his right I millions of Americans are getting ready to view the next to clips on August 21 but doctor Russell van Gelder from the university of Washington school of medicine warns blindness is a risky if you don't have proper. I protection coal. Power bag out and it also happened to a guy an organ opposed to that story to and the guy an organ he lost his eyeballs that's crazy. And all the counterfeits that are out there people in Boston left and right you got Amazon's defective glasses out there. I know I just did you ever find out how you can and figure out of their real legit. I'm from what I understand is begin to. Where women win. Speaking to a democracy in terms of yeah he's he is that the idea that he's thinking of the market. Well I think we're just feeding the fire. Because that's why. At the organ you've got embedded permission and that things were going to be just as responsible I think Amazon's selling those hi I am I just as I just did our policy was kettles and continue and I think guys listen take this with half as green assault yes and Jamie I'll come back and try to clear it up California to be the proper instruction. These are great show what about that. OK so this is how I've been told you can test to see if the glasses the you have aren't safe enough for you look at the clips thorough look at the sun and a bit burned real bad than their bad that's option wanted the option two is to take a flashlight and hold it up to the lens of the glasses. If you can see light penetrating the lands they're not good enough to look at the sun. But that's a good low or a light like a lie you shouldn't be a Lucy for for act's rules solar eclipse viewing glasses you shouldn't be able to see any. Regular light through them. Here that's what I was told by Richard Murphy you. Really yeah act now to play to all media make sure and look at a flashlight so I'd. I'd rather than the and so no I got to test my I think you just got us a lawsuit that except I can't opt. Those words of advice yeah. Don't look at this up for Allen and yet to I don't think the flashlight test is the way to go full. I nearly ninety add I think that there's got to be some marking that's not true because if you had 3-D glasses and I shined the flashlight to the 3-D glad. It's still not gonna pantry. Wouldn't be. And you know. Three Jody classes would be able to allow the light to. Travel through them not to see a low blow up like it raises both be so dark it no light penetrates. Shot why don't you. Get a hold of sunglasses. And bring in a flashlight and a flashlight in other powerful class Aaron and I dare and analysts. Known don't hurt cannot. Right let's test OK let's test your theory yet okay get a fake hair. In a regular pair of these clips classes and let's see if that's right and they won't pass a great information. Where is gonna get the pair hours beginning of the real bear. Thank you for asking that. You can't go to key to pursue and get the real pair. Okay. Where does he get the it's. Going to unified fake glasses. And she will take classes dot com. Well obviously Amazon has Miller yeah. They've yanked a mall the day Realty Income can't blame Leno did he says unavailable unavailable and available at Amazon right now. All of the glasses and available in available now there are few pair that are available. One pair that sound for a hundred dollars look I'm sure you could look up something like Larry's glasses. The Larry's eclipse glasses and a going to be stake through it OK okay. Larry is is so I look at Larry he's. You know glasses and see. About Larry Young or whatever butch. Ever write that down where can. Also I did find something else OK okay. There is an. International safety standard number that should be printed on every America. Oh eclipse viewing glasses what is that number is 12312. Dashed to. When he fifty I would think it would have some market but what if it's one. Oh I don't know so that's how you know that legs so I am are you gonna memorize that number. WG zero during floored by it whatever you said dash to. Grab mullah mountain. So somebody can just put him out there and and trough again. That's what else warning to everybody make sure you got to proper classes I'm telling you right now I think Amazon could be some lawsuits from this thing's over with. If they put it let's say they put out there. You know 50000 glasses you know not everybody's gonna hear that what they've sold. Yeah it but once I do recall I think their exam dread just like if you you know the potato salad as Salmonella. And I still lead the data salad than they're not liable after you is how. I don't know how that works there. That's crazy and it led then they didn't know. You were talking about fighting a pair of glasses. But people at Amazon didn't realize that they were dealing with the class had no idea of major screw up yen Huntsman and like you said. Linemen dot com. Carried it at the eclipse one week from today and Jamie's Bonnie your husband on. At. Each inch. And more on Alex.