BJ & Jamie: Eclipse glasses Jamie getting a welding helmet. 8/16

Wednesday, August 16th

Ok we just learned that the welding helmet will not protect your eyes from the eclipse.. and people are mad at Jamie for saying home school kids are weird.           


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Vijay and shame and yet via clips is just days away Monday that total eclipse well 92% in Denver if you don't have glasses you may not get them. Yeah those glasses are like a little bit of a gate can it make them I can see discovered. I really good. I mean all they are paper right. I don't that would be noon humans but I guess I mean not just here in Denver but all across the country they can keep open the demand. You gotta have like 300 million of these things you know it's kind of crazy it's crazy and now all these places have ran out of glasses. It's hard to find them they said. An empty super hatton at one time and I think they're gone but to get a text say lows still has a few but there in shorts so. I'm just gonna did OK so I have an idea you know how license go with his dad and I know and spirits and is dental and this is a good. So they're going to Wyoming his neck and and I said no you tell your dad you have got to have solar glasses who have to go to Q why you can't watch because you you're gonna bring eyeballs that. And so he said that his dad's at boulder decent shops of Wyoming with them. The no no not yet to dance so dumb. Dumb dumb. Get a good guy bad effects. There's not going to be shops with the glass out and I'm going to a Home Depot today and getting out in the welders tell you you're not. You get you don't wanna I'm really sure myself and so I can guarantee his eyeballs safety for his eyeballs and set it. So why link and I know that I haven't I'm stuff led by Home Depot today and and they get him well dressed man and now I haven't bought one and while the. And like there are and I. Look at that it'll spend them well ask and I. I know your kids eyes or worst thing I have to say no way nice welders and ask is gone for these days. Well but yeah Google health would get a vibe when and that way it's guaranteed. Here's another problem but get get get by here's the other problem. I'm sure they'd make a welders men's room eleven year old. Then there's not a lot of eleven year old welders out there and get the whole helmet in Netherlands and the iron and I know everything. I just hope you get a flight kids size as well there's. Buried some 34 dollars to 250 dollar goatee he's got to get a nice when adding it. Know much and look at what this is another eclipse at 20/20 Tracy got to get to Goodman. And who. These these cities high dollar ones who. Those are an electronic screen I think so you can still see through them and then once the bright light begins as you start welding. Dave van Diem automatically so you don't burn your eyes he can still see where your welding art that's what he's got to have whereas these. Finals here like this cheaper wine just has that dark lens in it and not the the trend I finally. To walk around and helmet yes I don't get to elect islands where you see in any yet to see through it in the light it's. I would think the web to doesn't automatically do yeah I don't know about you Simon I can't say about that but 'cause welding that that arc is super bright. You can't look at it gasoline and activates that lands I don't know if the son of. We have a problem essentially didn't help we don't know well matched up. I felt a lot about irony that well maybe get the dark when whittled down dark glasses are in short supply he hears a report on news. Never look at the sun without protective eyewear those eclipse glasses are not exactly designer they are and demand out. Several major chains are already sold out in some locations including Wal-Mart cold and 7-Eleven. Without one of the only place that still have a close classes the Arapahoe County library system. 1000 appears to be exact the library is handing out the glasses for a freeze Saturday morning at nine they expect to be all sold out within just a few minute. You're not gonna find the knock on Sunday. By Sunday a day before if you're gonna Wyoming in regular front and while we did some shopping either because that's the hot spot. Of Wyoming where they're going to lose the totality zone right yes so so he got to imagine that there are thousands and hundreds of thousands of people that are flooding into the area of the glass is Korea. Dum dum de. They Q thank you for back emea and I don't like to call him names but I'm parliament which scenic. He's young. Arousal and it's. Up to answer your question. My crossing the line here. I ask you. Like eleven your Jack and me I was like wow you know what is eleven years younger than me has spurred by a really good because at nationals no border we'll ever have a pretty cool it. Yeah well short can't we actually at yeah yeah aid at this economy you know that part worked out I was think it but boy you and all total sized him up only have a child with them. There are days and lights Iran but nobody's home. Why am I just indicated yeah I know I don't I got I was like kinda I was just like surgeons or like that like OK I wish I would athletic elect Smart now. I mean I created a baby milk and good for you definitely isn't the movement aching it's terrible you know hundred glasses. You know get him so it's probably gonna get. The truth. And this out it's uncomfortable but what to say that we're. Each inch and work on Alex I.