BJ & Jamie: Egg Recall due to salmonella 4/16

Monday, April 16th

200,000 eggs have been recalled due to salmonella and it affects Colorado. The Eggs were sold in grocery stores, Walmart’s and even sold to Waffle house restaurants.

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Vijay and Jamie Allison auto club not the HH Jamie Morgan show about it. I asked died but what can I thought chicken and untouchable is full of Salmonella anyway you have to put Canada kind of temperature. Moon. Not to eggs I know that the chicken breasts. Would spread the jet at the end so I don't get why and eggs are always Salmonella. Like the outside Jelena yet unanimous and yeah I guess. You know that's a city as raw meat though. I know but it just it's Ryan's side judge seemed like it would it be Salmonella. There was a recall of 200. Million eggs. 200 million painted you could track go coast to half or the 200. Million eggs. That's crazy that's. Oh sure there's 300 million people in the US I mean that's. Targeted for every. An egg and you get a bag Colorado so on the list I saw that. I saw it cannot you because you look so much and I do eggs and Seth did you look I bought eggs yesterday. I had no idea of the recall you didn't when I went to the store. And I went over in Rabat and I think DN exit from up state of the free range the other under like eight names I don't know if that's true and you are under a different kinds of name I don't know if I have it or not I don't know a bawdy team did yesterday. Here's a story. A farm in Indiana is recalling more than 200 million a shoulder at who in nine states including Colorado of a Salmonella fears. The FDA says those eggs came from the rose acre farms at least 22 people so far have gotten sick. The affected brands our country daybreak Coburn farms crystal farms. Sunshine farms and Glen view of the great value brand which by the way sold at Wal-Mart. Is also included along with eggs distributed to Waffle House chains did he have any of those. You should let the eggs away from me. It's horrible for wall pullout and the the Waffle House did she yeah I typical this is a little pain you must cover all I feel so bad for Bob Bradford left. So did do though that is our. I don't know how you track them down I think we have an it costs are. My my sister and I remain at campgrounds we used to play hot potato with a make huge yeah and it you just have to you know Democrat yeah you pass around to somebody breaks to discipline fun with 200000200. Million. Yeah got to figure a lot more people are gonna get sick now. As a as a throughout southern circulate and then candidate Al dump them it's gonna get our water system horrible yeah. Now that's amnesty to happen. I don't know I don't I guess on the farm. Salmonella had gotten into the I'd the chickens on the farm to because as it was born Foreman Indiana write them so somehow they got a amongst the chickens. And so every egg that they laid was contaminated. It man that's crazy it's. Eggs. And it's. You buy or back off the exam showed I noticed it you're not eating boiled it is forty feet right now I'm content and no legs that's more like a scary for you know is you have no way to check if your eggs has Salmonella. Now I just. Even take them out of the box and Needham Yang now people I let you know and a lot of times they're covered in poop. Thank that I got to watch them. A small so you're not really I'm I don't happen we get it just left at this thing you know you and Georgia hi I'm a couple. We see more on Alex I.