BJ & Jamie: Elk in Labor LIVE CAM (Audio) 5/30

Wednesday, May 30th


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Vijay and Amy and Allison 1059 DJ and Jamie morning should did I hear you correctly let's get an elk updates. Yes from Johnny's a lot at the end. And that webcam Al action webcam we are talking about. America. Your finger on the pulse of this town I don't have a nail holes unbelievable it's even go to did yesterday what would be before I saw yesterday. There's elk. Overlook mountain right advice and you know we're look at soundness are known ahead of him is that usually snow on the I know lookout mountain yes and Japan but while there's a plane down try and it didn't. Talk about a company. And nothing. And somebody stuck camera there's that what you say since and so there's a web Yahoo! put camera there why didn't they help help the elk out well no there's no helping you have to wait yeah it's called nature are you just have to wait until Al has been left and then are also bad for like hot body. Somebody was already well on the ground giving Garza went up there install a camera and then they're putting it on the way up I don't know where the camera it's from a it's obviously an up fixed point in now height three Euro building or something that. She's out in the middle of a grassy field. She's been in labor suggested in a gym rats and at this morning on the currency was pushing really hard to say I was worried for a very bad. Now she seems content just laying there exhausted she is variances in labor for how many hours off probably more than 24 via. So right now 5000 people are watching there yeah this is nine news live web cam but we also have attached to BJ Jamie C can watch it there's well yeah I'm looking we all could you are enthusiastically I'm just glad she's turned that way. Yeah I wish they had to follow the camera. Advocate racked up. We will continue this live coverage of the until birth happens we could be here on the air next three days or it could have a right now that Ben great to opt out right there. There it is 00 my god. A little more beautiful connect Opel wolf which is good job which you do it. Policies haven't really bad contracts right now it's even look down their. It really. It's like pattern. Oklahoma the app it's. And it. And it just I report I'm getting uses a camera that's affixed to the nine news tower up their whole lookout mountain they're able to get enough to affix it down on her hands also and yeah did it because it Delhi brightest even let me drone flying above her and I think disrupting her. No one's you know getting close and it says she's in her environments and have a baby's mom mania comfortable. Because the grass are like he's really tough night yes. And then there actually thought about should we name let's. Ya. And. Well. It's an elk via LC. Ellis yeah. They'll senile. Now that's a baby name. Alec will probably you don't like that when I Trevor. You don't know. But it's a boy I think we should Colin Trevor. Trevor the animals like human names they're sick of being called cutesy and smooth the bubbles. We're winning the power name guest on rank Trevor frank has to rank the L Kia you wouldn't mess with a little maverick. And then there is currently Frankie then it's. So cute little. Sat it. A sack of ammo. That itself and Jackson so if you go to BJ at JB page we have linked to ours and they didn't and whatever nine news to us seem quite right there and you can watch it left and right now of the 5300. People. Lodged in her pets right now. If you see. He looks tired. Yeah he's a nice chips probably. You go girl. Wolf well. Violent Annan and yet you don't get a stop. I didn't know what we'll be right back. Have any tabloid trash next. Each inch. And more on Alex I.