BJ & Jamie: Elk Sandwiches at Colorado Arby's. 10/12

Thursday, October 12th

Arby’s is bringing back the Elk and Venison sandwiches, BJ and Jamie think it sounds and looks gross.. Sean thinks it looks amazing. We get a call from an Arby’s employee and there is only one store in Colorado that will have the Elk meat and all the other stores will only have the Venison and there will only have 100 of them.


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PGA in gene and I saw something yesterday that doesn't look that appealing to meet the oak seem widgets connect Arby's the it's called. Out do you know Idaho yet the ambulance it's coming back I guess Colorado. Wyoming. Well states and yes yeah yep man they tell I could I didn't see the picture of the essay in which. Right now you know the pew league. Well it did they do like McDonald's because McDonald's does that mean ribbon looks like has ribs and it would jealous freaks me out ERA in a puzzles like but it does but it doesn't should desist is it like an animal cracker to look again at elk IE it looks like us come out of Penelope looks like a slab of elk and the the it doesn't looked at a unit Adam Obama to drive that. I'm not a big gay leader who. The united gaming I'm not gaming in I don't like the venison anoint the I don't think I like OK I am trying to like venison sausage. Yeah because it doesn't taste like and you know just days like spicy sausage. May be yet has he you don't know if nobody talked. And not say why because nobody told me I was leading the effort with. It makes you mad after you eat it really does and here and that's happened yes I. I had it happen at a restaurant once where a friend of mine owned it. And they made some tacos and after we ate the tacos which were delicious. Turned out it was go to. Philip and me at a big he told me after the fact yeah and then it was five Italy told me that and then I got easy. What he told me what it was my brain kicked in it's at the magazines can't go to I now I now and it's so it's it's like to add that I had bad venison sausage and back home and Obey told me bastards they didn't tell me in it. It was good it was like kind of beef jerky ia plus and stuff you know and I mean yeah if nobody told me at tri is it was good just like to Nina in the end don't tell me the truth tell me then I don't wanna just like I had some seafood once Nancy food sushi it was called tiger right. And I hate it so good it was squid. You don't like school in Atlanta I do and I do in tiger rabbit and in ninety I would have to please quit yet you like cal Lemerre Marty right. We don't ardea it's a little chilly. Where did I know but it isn't doing them he does it dollars and. No no you're right but I just the pictures on just pulled it up and about the team which RVs I agree. Doesn't look appetizing to me axles I don't know all straight years summoned all the low you know as Jamie said that when they first testing out Arby's could not supply enough they'll. People love it I mean it sells out. Well we pick it on the elks. You're part of elks lodge guys Hedo at the elks lodge yeah. He can't or sweet but. I have to disagree with the bowl the you to do this and it's looks amazing. Lot of brag just looks like the state between a bond now it looks really army. And yet. It starts. When does that start when it when it sank to number two it is choking out governor. And a nine days or it helped to help that gets under your element. And this was calling and she just witnessed an elk is amazing and not Damien all the stuff that we get Al calls HBO. Let's talk elk and I don't like this so. Amazing no Khobar in it I. Had here. Sometime I will. Tell you you're out state it better than any how they ever and everybody says I'm Amy. LC I did you know the end there the patella it it spat it had to try. I'm never tried out of my life ever ever you know it they'll just picture the big horns. Yeah well we need to do that and they have battalion are you of them stay up. Joseph and I just tell you what I've never try to realize I'm I'll get deal sandwich from Arby's when it opens up on the when he first. And argument I thought yeah I talked. To document took a shot but apparently not. It's going to happen today I think it's today is about today's solutions to. Do think this is Jeanette Jeanette fueled talk elk and give me. Yeah yeah economy it actually. We are pleased. I'm so I'll give only gonna be about a 140 put the lock yet dark man everybody out we're gonna have been excellent but we only have Andre will. I'm athletes of holes are on the right to know the story says that Arby's throughout Colorado will be serving elk. And you're kidding. So I'm Bennett and let that start mafia at the point where Barack yet have elk and then send an easily hundreds slabs. Only a hundred laps so come go come on I seventy in Peoria come see me on Saturday the 21. They can get it then. But there's only 100. Yeah this is a crock of is this the now this is a big story this morning from RVs at the outset it was just acted we sold out last time a big story for a hundred people yeah and now we're trying to get it. I mean this city is three million people nationally got a hundred damages as it. You know we are a bunch of irony of a bunch yet know. It's this it's the look look look what we ask you can you want to know what are imported port and Darryl Darryl engine. You want to pretty complete that okay. Got to but to see Darryl at 44 lobby. It. OK but we'll CG yeah 170 at the poor Peoria. I seventy not and in some beat the ship at night they're it's nice all right Daryn I think they had a whole lot of cry. And act if it you know. Rock. I was under the impression but now instead it's raining gear it's a green. Art is leaning handers. An army is. A hundred sit. Back to the renowned. A berth at the at each inch. And more on Alex I.