Bj & Jamie: Elon's car in space and Alexa farts. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

Elon Musk has sent his own car into space it is his personal Red Roadster with a dummy behind the wheel with David Bowie’s song Space Oddity. Jamie had a really bad customer service experience yesterday at the mall with her son. We learned yesterday Alexa will make fart sounds and Jamie did it.    


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PGA NG. I was thirty seconds. Here we go the SpaceX. Plus you couldn't have done one SpaceX and maybe go to Washington. You see this Lester if it. I can falcon yeah. Dying. It's got to counted down and I hope. That we should just cut straight to the one to go. Road did you see via video. I like home ice Soledad and sent back into the car open space yet he took Tesla Roadster which would you do when it I'm just going to leave it up there just rambling Dumars. An easy docking in the car on the Mars it's a lecture me it is against tiger ran while they think it might hit Mars by accident. They don't really know. Once he gets out there at that lost control I don't what is it like there's a card race. I. Well I got to do theory I'll I'll tell you what I think it is okay and everybody else is not looking at it the way I am OK a shocker we'll look at Vijay is it looks. It will look this is the most expensive state in car commercial you've ever seen your life. He's got a test like he owns the company he gets these. He will fly drove in my neighborhood without getting a ticket back this guy could put cards space right. So he since a car but look at this view in the car has a man can edit. To appear that the eats its suspense got my life I'm an artist for the cardinals exposed with the earth in the background. Is. That is the cars traveling great commercial traveling through space look at this picture. About camera mounted on the front did end of the car when the earth in the background and look at it that is actually traveling in space as we speak. But I mean is it just to three isn't space junk now. Yes so it's just a big car with a mannequin minute. Yeah seats to prove that he has that technology with the SpaceX program. That he can launch a rocket that so powerful it cued it can do is jet its way straight to Mars at any stuck a car in the air for the payload. Because he needed a heavy payload. So since he owes the cart up the again it's the most expensive car commercial you'll ever see if they should've done this during the super ball. I had that should have to nurture halftime show pretty cool deal is right there should have time show blow that sucker out there well look at our Eli. We Eli telling you still that he thought once you set in to a desolate sudden death I know I've talked about this for got integrated car. Is amazing car when you said an you'll freak out you can't find anything. They're a car's gonna come back and blown out get it might come back and this was Ed I want to audit now it's got too many miles on it. God has said Idaho has said that shot earlier this morning hitting the over the floor kick in men and women and I was the best regular I had this joke all I cannot play dog I would what Dick are you know why it. So I can we won't see what sort was but I think we gotta talk about your customer service just been OK does that help bloodiest day hits. I hate our fifth. It urged. I mean I. Hey you know why she was there was was she like the only person in the store bad there's another girl over on the other side Bo was the only right parent that is. At the camera and I mean. Have the picture so I don't I get like Dubai irons solid and like at that candy factory years now what was your attitude when he got up to the counter OK so because you're dealing with close it up close or other hangers you gotta pay them back on it closes a great it's a very monotonous type of job. I told you I don't leave stuff in dressing rooms for people laying up I feel too guilty yeah it just makes me feel guilty. So we came tremor I see we at my son so he didn't writing and we know what's ideas and so. Would pick out all these shirts right they cool by the way essentially yeah bond shirts who and then I'd bring up this act is dead lady. And I he sees. The hammer at large scar and I'm like. The idea. I don't ever would you like to sign up for Latin ice and no word yet they Q uses it no because I won't be back. I X ray you know it's definitely an inch. She get credit for signing people up for our rewards card you a leakage back she was bad. Automatically when I simply don't need and Anna she's like you know it's free and you get a combined with your next purchase. You've heard it. It could be don't try to army wives idiot what any. Hello all right now organic something I'd get is spam you on spam out of my mind that late night email. It says she. And then right when she believed she starred take it off singer and to do nineteen just leave them on the hangars. And she literally. Sat it down and stared at it. Like I was the that. I think his big complaint that it. This isn't good for you can't hear you just bring you take not show up and she think you're trend still lingers. You ask them if you could have run. I mean what are your attitude about I think she'd die after she to get off saying here that wonder put back on a I'll call I'm sure word and I go yeah it's fine just pulled that when I go but the rest of Guinea just Lieberman singers. She was could he asked. Feeling anxious to me like eight you put her out yeah you're you're you're you're like rooting her day and learning your day right. And then she forgot when those sensors so. And so you know we believe and then. And then have to go through all the clothing in inferior and there they are outlawed whom I Gatt and make myself and I must tackle Tyson goes. She is miserable awful taxied. What eleven year old boy notices but mentally you know the lady is just like beyond. I even. That's something that you should really turn into the store because distort needs to know that because that person's cost to them because she's so in no way out will never go back in there. Exactly yeah that's what I mean. She's running well customers. Because amber did it you know I know I add that I work retail at like I was pretty happy. Given that it. There's a difference between the between being very sociable. Are happy. It miserable I'm Nina may is these alerts you don't need to beat your costs didn't get picked if they need to know that our I wanna know what a title that the war. Server how we never did anything like we are just nice little people it picked up at him like four shirts and Astrid check out. And I think customer services release on by the wayside. Yeah anywhere you go everywhere and seems like there aren't happy include out at. Have to deal like the look but it makes no sense I cannot think it would display here's the way I look at it okay that's a brick and mortar store OK they're in trouble. There and yeah trouble Amazon is taking their names OK so what they need to do is they need to figure out what they can do better than Amazon's book guess what it is. It's called happy customer service and making peace. If you do that's that's what jumps out about the hook but if you do let you lost you lost the war. Yeah I did I am mean on the other side that I will say like what does like in an island Walgreens like he'd love Gershon shopping you. I will say sometimes I feel so bad for the checkers at Walgreens. Has some they'll have her return and then they saw a different tracks over it. Quirky but look at it it it hit it. I'm not saying it's easy job. And that's what I said at all OK there are some Yahoo!'s. Thank brutalize. Their people ease without permits you know that it's easy to get it at Ike yet. I worked to customers reserves and bad. Walker here who want to take advantage commanders. For art. But to me it was you go from that person who was just a real jerk to you. To Jamie white in her son walking in carry over that same attitude yeah you've got to be able in your head to say okay this is a different person it's a different reaction here. It's a whole different interactions we aren't we're gonna have fear in you gotta be at that. And I really did that's actually a brilliant point is that how you can be within Amazon is getting and it gives. Losing a good buy our shares of Amazon. Exactly they just lost you back to the Internet by the way speaking of that we did you ask me which do. You looked at the lights we both. Thought may be ZLX I think we made or make part towns yeah. Yes we did under until it was. Did you know I don't accept a. The hospital that she did she did it's I forgot to do if a steep that it Arab. Yeah I think she yeah she gives it. We got tipped off yesterday that you can still lacks a to make fart sounds sounds by the way you've got to Alexa write a trip to radio at all let stuff. Make a fart sound as if it. BJ Jamie collects. For a Bart. And I literally. Did not stick them. That it claimed that it runs and seven and it hit me about the selection desired my son talked to her and ask for different to you actively divers on its I was like. He thinks I'm crazy it could. Like my mom is just sensor cleaning and actually yelling down that make elects its ivory and and it didn't you know several different kinds. What drove this picture when it. When me Alexa make of sorts them and he comes from mom and not a little amount. I. Everyday it. And more on Alex I.