BJ & Jamie: Energy Drinks are DANGEROUS 11/29

Tuesday, November 29th

BJ has a warning for all of us regarding energy drinks. Also, what the heck is Snow-Yakking?

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Vijay and Jamie. That scares a lot of I don't know doesn't scare here. Look I've got PSH here that I wanna bring an alert people tune to what's going on here I'm just studying the first let me here let your Carty about jump out of your seat. How are something else that I'm sorry let what do you what alert people there do you let your kids drink energy drinks now. A man in the Al bags he does bed better knowing. Let's have a bad my kids drink them I know they need light to its team deep I till I. I scolded your son. I scolded him so many times that they're you know they're nineteen Tony years old what do you do right banks but. They drink energy drinks a guy in Alabama yesterday had a stroke for fifteen. Minutes after drinking an energy drink. And the doctor said. It all goes back to the energy drink. Yet because I mean it's not just Kathleen it's that has Crowe Leo load Decker and whatever on a summer as a group. Yes umbilical and I guess you know energy drinks and vodka is a big deal and nightclubs. Yeah moon men. Yet about the rebel because and then they don't know they're drunk right yeah don't seem to make the bill. Don't you know those say that you'll have favorable known posting an analyst Laura Bush we're using category energy drink together doctor and don't say I can't paging team once red ball. You don't suit with the the gap the yes we'll do an energy drinks not an energy. Because they don't know then that they're drunk again because that energy drink keep some were. You know up here and it's not until later like oh my god it's so they also like overdosed on on alcohol do. Obviously I think with the energy drinks here's what I think I'm not a doctor at all web play wanna hear on radio and yes and I think that the energy drinks are dangerous to those. They have a pre condition that there really not aware. Does that make sense like a heart Darren yeah I think yeah like this guy was 57 years old. And they said that probably he already had something going on but no idea who hadn't kicked in and this energy drink probably kicked. That it could disagree with the you are I tell you why have you ever had one I'm playing a doctor and our idea and added energy drink I had never ever drink one in my life is. Weird it is so weird feeling it for me at least it's really uncomfortable I don't like it. I feel am. Nervous and I feel like any depict stuff like picky picky like you know your nails are stubbornly. Yeah I think Nixon picked eat well and then it makes my hair I remember I told him as I have delegates growing and my scalp like it tingles yeah. They like it it is and then the crash is so back. Edge of lake. Yet horrible and I like. Kids love poem I mean drink them all the way and they don't want the crash that they have to keep drink some right. Yeah these facts are so here's the symptoms that this guy guy and he should say that. 57 year old man hospitalized. Said he was feeling shaky. And tingling. A little numbness in the right arm. And a little numbness in the leg. Legs. After having to drink. He went to the hospital. They did a CT skin. It revealed that he was bleeding on his brain. And having a stroke. Yeah according to the doctors it all went back to bed drink Kiet. Some ages Texans and our presence when one years old and he had a stroke from energy drinks. Funny line. I don't know to me and here's Sandra in form and he's 21 and he will drink a couple of day they're big deal you can try to kids Larry Jim not to. But you know we can't give its rambled into the coal is crap ever OMF and I'm. Everything I NATO and dogs stray bullets then we. Don't CNN that makes you want to have they have kayaking in the as well yeah now I want to maintains no lacking monitoring one today. I do you know just because of that guy then space suit jumping. I love how that's no acting no actually no actually it's no actually still actually still acting. Would still lacking. No kayaking debts no kayaking yeah. Snow lacking but I don't even get still kinda. I thought they must make his. Where demanded it but yeah Red Bull has all of championship thing going and seeing it. Maybe you get that kind of goes bring them I feel really looks dangerous. They have where they jump off the Peter have you seen though these incidents in. And on Hannity you know that you warning I don't know man you got to watch it in my watches practice in the snow we hope this is essential to get rid of that. All the F fund then it out of you and I. Yes that the he's in the mornings on Alex I.