BJ & Jamie: Facebook Dating is on its way with 5 Gender Choices. 8/7

Tuesday, August 7th

Facebook is starting a dating service on the website. Jamie is confused because when you sign up for the new dating service Facebook gives you five different gender options.

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PGA and Jamie now get yourself all worked up there I'm sorry he now and not make people mad and what is FaceBook and they're starting a dating service. And that's the part it. That I was yelling at you about it was there that I mentioned to him I did on me it was American Indian and I know socialist and and what do you. Yeah have you no way I'm not condone and just say like I know how does not play your match up but listen I know how to play for me it's Gigabeat. He's okay and I well I just say that he thinks the price should take to the public because they turn on me. We get five different genders people that's a question when did we get five different genders. Carol started story for you. Are we got. X I didn't mean to. I can't you I guess FaceBook dating is on its way and as I know gender choices. That's what I was yelling and screaming. Note these are because what I said to I am not being insensitive about it it's just you know and talk about parts okay that's so. But when Nantucket about oh no no that's that's what I'm saying that this is not about that. What this is about it's what you owe a debt of bias him. And I guess just five categories you can identify. And I'm sorry in his where people are gonna hate my dad's I am not buying in the nine buying a crap I'm sorry. I know Manuel said today and gamma horrible prison but does not buy in is stabbed. Army could be category benefited by that because I have room for and its non. And. In fact here at a show on. I apologize to you what I said I am not I am not buying and as I. Sorry and I hate that though your secret out like that. Like some try to keep in doll is at its aim is looking for some punishment today. I guess I am our eyes of the five categories. Based on dating is on its way and with five in your choices. Mad at testing and they're going to them I guess that they do is that you push what you you can either be a woman. A trans woman. You could be man. Even the trans man okay. Are you completely and I. Probably not by an airy human being you know the non binary is that you don't identify as anything merging back. And nothing you heard nothing through this zoom yeah. I was in Iraq and nine. Nice as kids in junior high that are non died there of and it makes me laugh. Not only aren't really there now nine I tell them to respect them and say that's cool every debate but it might. There's eleven years old and not by an eerie things like that what you keep your options open. Can that it is bisexual bisexual that's not buying. By hearing from not mine is aching or would. Years I don't. Think I guess because I don't understand in his. Then I can't if this is this is where I become evil you know because I'm in the understanding. If you wanna cut and and you're not I would ultimately split and that I can be more sensitive towards their 99 and I'm not sure I fully understand and that's just you know I'm I'm just. Don't mean it comes to this obvious and enough. I just trance thing. Any thing of course on there so they should not die name is that you're a man and a woman. Yeah but if it means that it. But the public that was part of it Koreans. Some aces I work at Adams county Colorado out of work Adams can implement and I'll tell you there 64 genders. 6460. Forward. I don't know I just listen and I know as a mad at me for not believe in the ninth and ask you this deeply. I'm not sure I understand. I have to understand it before it could see him believe or don't believe it's nobody insurers may no wonder the is allegory explain it to us. Is that right season trying to help us out again. Jane you sound classy OK and that classic has simply been on mine though that was me a text projects that. Alley hey aren't Hollywood these little here. Yeah I don't know about these guys out and non by Mary sampling that you are an eye on that hill. Traditional under at Baylor in and I married adult and youth category. I ate there room. When you get into the dating world and who do you go with. Wherever you are at an amount go to that paddy would twenty go to. It doesn't matter whether it nothing actually it all look well. During ancient and epic Asia. I never thought I'd never said that but I will tell you I don't let its net you know like a man I have a little girl I don't let a man who looks like command. But is it claiming he's not my married coming into my bathroom yet. And really play behind. Area pray that people at large and they are anywhere. And appoint your Alley what which basket do you use let's say you go to a restaurant. And you'd know for a fact female you're probably can't go into the mail bathroom but do you if you feel like eagle anyway. I hate you why you I'll. Bet that bill Hammond. You I am and Eddie played out all eyes are under its current debt and now or an Al. You. That's really I mean by that behind all these so. Get married and then get their act MM people being. An under hundred bit eerie pick out a little. A little Google search I helped it all the. The transgender that OK that's a whole different topics were talking about the non binding where you're now that we are not I think I net. And nothing. No I'm I'm I'm email. Sounds like now or you can I say yeah. It. Wet age gender age and there are late your mail or email on narrated mean you don't feel like you and you ask Keller an hour. Do you feel like cure as much of a male as you are female. No I don't like a legit I identified the woman. And I can. A little wise enough as a leaner budget item. Dailies and I pray. I didn't. No and I viewed. It. Now eat at IILL. What could be that you like under all of our play. There. Well it like gotten. Me. Why why. Why. A tunnel plot. Yes you are at the I agree would you thank you Kayla. Yeah this second on the list until the yeah they comply I don't wanna talk to them. Because it's not gonna get anywhere I mean people believe other aren't we all mad at me I didn't and has gone through its ability and you know I mean voluntary you that umbrella your eyes I told rattled. And I begin applying against you know Jimmie was to be a complex haven't gone quite you know she can do whatever you now I'm I I didn't time it hasn't come you know so so let me ask you this let me ask you what he would be when he. I could literally because I guess you could just decide going to be. Had decision about don't be slightly ethic of the armed. They go door to. Be a good question and I'll RA are definitely serious about these. It die that. Once the studio right now or or let's say after some employees get here. And all of a sudden I just decide you know what. I'm a gender role so I don't I don't none that I walked down here because it closes her instruments the women's restroom. Am and I go into the red women's restroom and I use the restroom and then I come back out so when we go down and they complain at eight HR MI fired. I don't think you can now that's what a man I don't think I don't think I could be fired for that could I yeah I needed to Google doesn't even if he bit fifth. A couple people in this building women that worked in the stalls at same time I went in there and they would got a complaint. I think legally. Would the way it's being looked at. Society wise. I'd be thought OK so let me tell me. OK okay I'll probably get tapping or cuddled let's say I go to kings super and I curl up and I sit in that come blog section. Because I am a lot. And I be Iraq's. She. Well that was double. Who've known it was a good you can't go sit com want to section while. It may. Change we see more on Alex I.