BJ & Jamie: Facebook knows you by your likes. 5/17

Wednesday, May 17th

Facebook is tracking everything we do. So every like every comment is being saved and Facebook is collecting your likes and dislikes so they can get a picture of who you are and what you like. The research says that if you have liked things more than 10 times then Facebook knows you as well as a co-worker, over 70 times they know you like a good friend.  


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Each and you know after seeing this article junior got a feeling FaceBook really knows you. But what it for me because you'd like alive and a lot of likes. Why aren't what people don't like the people's likes yeah I know you do but. It's because you know people deceptive way to treat them like they're crap but they never like your stuff. Well maybe southwest so many things that doesn't know you as well as I'm digging they do because you're liking because you want other people feel better. Right yeah that's usually. Yeah and if you bother to post a picture. A viewer can't graduate from college and they hit like our high school a man like just can't I feel like it makes you feel better that like you know it's just it's important you so. I mean I really can't argument. That life yet you know like candy does. You feel better right. For example somebody and knows having an anniversary today I hit hard and really cared art them at noon and at the heart and then. God does Dwyane has galloped so I hit. Hartford and like his gallery yeah that the I'd always confused no an alliance because you know when it's bad news and I feel like I'm liking the bad no I. I am I feel like them endorsing yeah. That's why I said when they added that thankful you they just add the thankful which I only did all the little flowers that go up and stuff for the thing run. I think that's fun but I think they should have been praying he likes it when complacent and get out okay that's great idea I can do on praying. Creation be in charge of he really good this Q now yesterday I guess FaceBook is a Big Brother there watching over everything you do so when you like something they know and obviously and they're gathering the information and here is what they say. They say how well does FaceBook know he'll wealth they spoke no she'll buy your likes the more you liked in what do you like is how they know you. I would think that FaceBook is super confused with shots while it is. Because one he's liking being really fit the next day as a bong a one man and some Crown Royal the other yeah like I can't profile. Yankee gas and yeah yeah. Yeah as Jake who's. You know and and yeah it me you're watching the post but what this information is it's what you clicking yield liked. Ramo OK so but you could be doing simply could be liking somebody else biking. Ranked where you could be liking Crown Royal pay I do like a lot of my own stuff that information they're gathering. Okay stop I never get that person or person we should put up a picture of my bike and I see it again little bit later and I'm not get. Idol that like their own stuff. That's a problem comment on Sonny go back later anything you liked that comment mama give. You write your own comments sometimes so weird I figured I'd be able to ask. Because we ran across that later and we think that. And given little. OK so that's like and I never get an end like that you did. We know you like because he's already posted years you've coveted. It accidentally hit like an outpace neglect. I liked it so I'll take off a little time freaking out I don't like mount about the post singing I. Yeah lightly like it right like you have to dig autumn like I think it has posted but I don't like yeah. No idea what can sometimes motivate other people to Connecticut gets the lights go on like when the tip jar to put your own five and you know I mean it's like. Kinda primes the pump a little bit needed to go back and think. Carol this is again all alike you were like and the not so I'll see you feel like if you'd like it didn't seem. Maybe so I mean I do think that than people who all wore a heaps on like that don't pick should like. You really think people at best and you. It. That's strange I mean they're not. An extra and so I mean just that whole thing kicked it. You dwell on any student in watched immediate. Those other likes that that you're trying to entice your own money just to validate something for you I don't dwell on it I just. Check and just that's the wealth well checking and like I guess is yeah. Yeah I am I took off. My page yesterday. I posted about my son on about the stock market if you know how he said takes money ambled. And there has not really bragging like I felt like it was can't account teen bragging often. Like my kid knows that the stock markets I I I actually delete the post. Well. And I don't like a Muppet like a muscle milk about stock market and it sounds sounds it how long was it up. For like two minute don't you be fine. I don't I just was like that's kind of cocky. Do you ever worry about that I get cocky boast. Yeah I guess so I guess I guess. I do it by doing like a vacation yourself then yeah maybe I'm looking a little. Cocky on the vacation you know right here and it doesn't happen very often I'm not I don't suppose a lot of cocky BJ pictures yeah. But fixes are normally. And. I don't looks at her home so yeah you ever have again you know. Of those amazing. Yeah I'll and I do like though long rides and stuff I put up my am highly Ager I put up the screen shot of mine but you know I think I've got that was bragging camps. Alia I'd do a that you keep it up but I just or rather I think I think that the aggregate it was usually don't you know he doesn't pull anything down yet these things like I do you talk to get some might take this I. These are not easy and how to get cocky arrogant right market. And it's implement it all right here's a how well Chris I know you mean like this from the go like from the things you click in the things that you like and according to the scientists in this psychologist that that discovered this and in analyze this data. They say that they can predict your race sexual orientation. Up to vote political affiliation. You're shopping habits all the stuff can come from this. If you have light in we've all been if you're on FaceBook. If you liked ten times at least ten times they know you as well as a colleague at work knows you. Really according to the article I don't know I like random crap that I don't really like. Obviously all of us more than ten right I mean like silence. Like I'm would you. I know our chickens I don't think there's act couldn't think they they. The minute I hit it like that it chicken and so pleased that would think I'd like to get elected it. I like to try to keep like fried chicken so maybe that's the Cumberland. That's when you facility at the look at it to heart if you light it against a I don't know anyone that's not you know if you're on FaceBook regularly you're era in all these categories and probably if people like seventy times since you've been on FaceBook though for share. The FaceBook knows you as well as a close friend that's. Slow it like on everything that's on my team everybody slow. Maybe you're throwing him off the debt may be other people are though Jamie let me try to my friends that just heard that I didn't look at what they post and I don't like that. Like he like like you dance from now on ignore everything like he may make some plays but because we don't know she likes him. It. Art beat you liked a 150 times involved in their right where we are all passed. They know you FaceBook knows you as well as your parents know. Is such crap. It's still down and push and finally if you blacked more than 300. Times. And that we know that I. They know you FaceBook knows you as well issuers out signs of let's get this game. Let's see what the last like that unit where. OK actually yeah why do you know what you like to know. Like for example I hit Britain and she you she wrote every day at work I'm worried I'm going to scream out shut the blank out instead of in my eyes it like you know like I hit lack. So what's it say about you though. Now I know how would FaceBook analyze that what was it what's supposed posts in them little monkey says. Every where I where I'm going to scream shut the blank out lap instead of ahead. And meantime to me as a love monkeys. BT you're very frustrated that people right now it's like you're angry at human beings and McCalebb Matisse. Here's an otherwise if somebody mention it I think big. The guy and a. You're hungry wants to hear and I didn't think I don't know I don't know how they use this stuff here's another. An animal roll pick up. This thing is I would sit on FaceBook and probably a week. You have you know I've I've not thought please don't know it's not going to war he lured to home. Oh my goodness it's so funny that I'm super bored them lured with me. Yet and then sometimes. Like you you know quietly and I mean you're nineteen you your bunny at a volume real housewives. So you like thugs get up and see with people posted a bid and it's. It's depressing you know women and everybody's complaining BJP and the alarm or else. They're sick they won't eat pray for somebody will walk it and I'm all for that but FaceBook is a place for that just go out and ask for for anybody and everybody took it to two. You know come in in and be a party you're what it was going on in your life problems Morris and then there's a lot of dead PC NN I had put my dog out today I. Saint. You know our role flopping he went on for fifteen years best friend Brad and I had a pretty now today. We're angry. That it's there in importance on Alex.