BJ & Jamie: Facebook is listening to us 7/26

Thursday, July 26th

Facebook is listening to us! Jamie was talking about window wells and now she is having things pop up in her facebook feed related to window wells.

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Vijay and Jamie though the weirdest thing you know what you gotta do I need to do did you. Just lose. And just hit me holy hell from now on. When you come in to do this show her you must turn off your phone. OK. A new rule are you talking about to happen yup yup yeah dude that is the weirdest thing is just happened here in the studio. You we talk about this a lot alike these devices are listing. They hear but I never believe that they know it's. But I don't buy into them against a bunch of hogwash everything you do there listening to it and we approve the sport. So this is the crazy and I don't believe in that or ghost right but the rest of the red today like Andrew Bailey says that listening and there's a ghost or whatever so I don't believe in those two things. So this morning don't you guys say we're talking about that death flooding of Villa de window wells that video that. Coast yeah the water coming into these Wendell will end the week went into how these window wells were perfect cover for somebody to break into our house still usually down in there are neighbor cutesy somebody trying to you don't get into our house because your protected. Bright and so we are you said you really wanted to get some covers and yes the F there. I am would you say like did they locked and I told John about them and UK's I even boasts a basement. All of a sudden hate an ad popped up on my feet I made BJ can overlook exams freaking out. For now the end window well covers. Now that's bizarre that's weird that's weird. All right and dancing in my life that popped up on her FaceBook feed I would overlook yeah I mean it it's the mayor. Are now the only thing we did is we discussed if you're on the air mom it's not through that that FaceBook picked it up. It's obvious. FaceBook with her phone lighting here next her. They heard the conversation and FaceBook put to Santa. His wife Kelly and that's why else I can I don't have window welts the not so why else I have mountain and window well covers 20%. Linda well covers. The actual app on my feet and I've never seen in my life. You know how when you and I only knew how it's done and I don't look everybody it's Phillips Ellis Island Ellen. You know when you're on your map on your phone asks if you if they can use your microphone. Many well any time you saw happened last year reading your sitting yesterday's wanna get through it and that's you're giving it permission to listen to. Okay. Of. We understand that part corporate update that we give fish and the like via computers but didn't know the specific that in the loop to pick up a specific. Yeah Wendell I mean it's always unlikely I don't wanna believe that FaceBook is literally lives is listening listening to us. When we're not talking to FaceBook we're not talking do any app you're talking about were not even activating any. All we're doing is why all of a sudden has faced both feel like it's their right to take that microphone that you said yes still and they can use it. Since adds to you don't see it seemed and yes so specific I understand open microphone on. But I guess it's just a little surreal that is exactly pinpoint it to. Our rights yeah super Lara I agree. It is super whack. Seems you would ask you don't. Lets out and sell the days are and we switch gears real quick but that is weird and Adobe gets Linda Wells led coup by right here for 20% orient at. And so so let me get them or even what we have parable peak call this guy. Oka the mountain land window well people you have. None of them. There will attract and keep out combat overwhelm people if I probably would debt oh victory there will threaten them all right so we talked about this in an article came out after we talked about it too which is weird. We talked about how so many people are giving up their cable member yes we did and then it came out again and that it's who's got any troops who people are just would base their current unplugging. They're unplugging from the table and cutting import yes the doing all those different kinds of wasted to get a court his campaign and show how do you tell Tony. So how did what Egypt. I'm mostly on the computer I don't watch TV almost ever unless it's like something and I know I wanna watch and watch it on and CEO pay for cable even now. We tease you with your own don't kid out of my uncle. Do they paper. My uncle. Okay you have cable in your dad but I wouldn't pay for it if I had my town but I only if you play you wait. You're the uncle. Yes. Doesn't mean he's not a bowler people. Had at a at a concert. It's like. Yeah. I have the master bedroom house action and why did apple has master for whatever reason he wants to sleep in the basement of he married but no it never made it as soon you'll what you're local in the basement. Good enough together yeah equipment and a half of the master bedroom is he able to pick them. People is of course what he merry way. Now never married never have been held 65. Or so it may yet. Families. And. What's he do he works at a Delray he's and instead out there ice seminary technician. OK so he's. Currently. We had to spend the holidays because it because they're government now than normal to me since the clip that never come one. And if you feel like what day you're gonna be that guy that makes an. I hope not and doesn't fear brutality and I picture and natural progression from. In importance on Alex.