BJ & Jamie: Fake sign language at Irma press conference. 9/18

Monday, September 18th

A story from the weekend came out that one of the Interpreter for the deaf that was doing the press conference had no idea what he was doing and he got confused and started signing words like Pizza, Bear and that Monsters were coming. This has happened before; Former President Obama had this happen to him during a speech in Africa. Jamie is a bit of a psychic and reads Bj a little bit.


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Vijay and dream and this is amazing simply because. You called it. I didn't call it is amazing it really is if you ever heard this story of this interpreter. Doing sign language in Florida during the Irma. During a crucial phase he still. Of the event that was going on in Florida this is crazy because Jamie came in and literally said this to me. Last week after seeing this. Seen not ailing seven guys in the they're doing now sign language next day people are due on public services you know service announcements right. There was you know what I realized oh my gosh he was crazy he was so animated over the top with his aides and its. And stuff but I was like oh my god what is he doing or boy never saw him again even anyway facial expressions he ever he was just over the top. So then that would went away we never saw my guy against LeBron another guy upright and because I think the other was just too crazy he was doing. Tongue he was all over the place he was leaking C show expressions like to go along the sign language it was crazy to accept the fact that Brad another guy have until he's still in all the stuff and I said to BJ though. What is that guys see in about two weird stuff that we don't know him and he's just making stuff up but he doesn't really know sign language we kinda job cult now even when you brought it up though you even said the night before when you guys saw you when your son. That your son even made that comment to you like mom had a we know exactly what he said he kept. Yes because we have a well I don't but my son has a act I dashed cousin. Yeah right because remember I said Derek I said to her bless you and she is ending back at such as rude. Because I didn't know she was definitely could never get the act was like. You rose by the human like acknowledges obliged. Can tell she's definitely is that the GA of them yeah she's a great person amazing. And so on so we kind of know a few things like I know. That's what I know drunk. Girl friend I know that. I think love yeah I know you know we like you have your chance your heart and my my son as a few other things because and his cousin that lives here his death threat. So he's rank and ice is back in the right things when he tackled that like it'll do we object come out of these. Few. The word broke over the weekend that this guy is them. He's a rookie he's an amateur interpreter and they grabbed him at the last moment put him up there he got computers in the works that were being safe said to the people of Florida about the hurricane it's we just started doing signs stating no. You got nervous and didn't even fit this threat. I am he said he can't say I I was expected to communicate something that I didn't actually know. So I start say it's stuff like. He was sign language in two people that are death that are watching this and it trying to get information to barricade. Got pizza. He's got bear he's got a monster it is. Verbiage yeah that monsters are coming in pizza bears are coming. And so people are outraged saying debt that is actually a danger to society because. It's a disservice to the deaf community in such a crucial time when they need to know what was going on. Now I know the people around him are trying to defend him in thanked his father came out. Instead something to the nature of that hate you can't expect the guy to get sign language and something that he doesn't understand he doesn't know is that why you what there. What why did you tell them before you didn't like guys I'm not qualified for this I. I don't know every sign of preferred for what you're gonna say so all those pizza they're not scared and I don't know if that's gonna pick here. Old bad debate season interpreter too and she said take it easy on the guy. I've been in this position and it's frightening and he's the best he can't even remember what does happen to Barack Obama. When he was president he was somewhere and he was doing a speech in some guy snuck up onto the stage they even though this plus he got through the Secret Service got on stage it was just doing. Signs that it no language and nothing at all nothing new things must be up there that's scare left. That is so weaker and definitely the guy just snuck onto the stage and you could tell by the way was moving his arms hands that. No Cleveland instantly and jive which is weird. And I but I but it is a crazy because what Jeannie came in last week and she said can you imagine. Somebody getting update you even set. I'll never forget. Last Thursday you even said to me so what do DC and pizza. The French or anything it did it turns out over the weekend that the work comes out but it was say heats up. Aren't so let me play psychic I I'll go ahead please psychic Gary commitment to literally to ameliorate the nation. Yup true you're likely OK and I thank him so here's what I'm reading if you. You will sell your house without the long run done nothing done to it in all at Wimbledon. And business. Well and I'm already told you I'm proud unload this right there it's packed tight. I think she's not a huge surprise that a few months ago department trying to download this thing to some soccer this hotel than ice it's OK and let's start really elegantly into stock Cleo. Definitely I was reading now I do hope what you just said those to be true alma regardless of. I want a soccer and how I haven't haven't really rejuvenated okay. Am like Tuesday that they made MRI and elected a B but you go to a grand opening of juicy burger. There's there's an old miners all right now how each you know I'm going to. I guess I did that amateur and the big red though I knew about the interpreter got up when you that you're gonna go to Judy burgers grand opening. Read too patient I'm going to be there on Thursday show I think art show a heck yeah. Well I think grand opening going to be there in Birmingham in burgers at the violent cheeseburger and it. Though he's negative operate well yeah if I would bring Sean he could get appropriately Derrick yeah. Yeah five dollar deal he shares are up in pain and costs could yet and a very good psychic yeah. Because this is crazy thing guys out there gearing crucial stage of this hurricane when they're trying to disseminate information to everybody in Florida and he's doing sign language would bear in monster in pizza. You know what does this like little about what's that they Gilbert my relationships not say like you did that. I did any gap. But today though I Denard Span of an. Inch and more on Alex I.