BJ & Jamie: Fake Trump news and questional videos. 1/11

Wednesday, January 11th

A story hit the news yesterday reporting that Donald Trump was spotted with Hookers and Blow in Russia and they have audio and video of Trump and will slam the world when he takes office.  The Russian government is saying it is a fake story.


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BJ and Jamie I am kind of glad this happened CNN and several news sources yesterday got duped on a story. And it's now turning out that it's completely fake and it's all forcefully news and haven't the last of the eagle in the beginning. Happens to us all the time we fall for okay week some things that we know why. That's incredible we just joke they do without researching it and it turns out that it's false wall yesterday this story started break on CNN. About Donald Trump and hookers over Russia. I it says it trump was targeted by Russian intelligence. And that they can all kinds staff about Donald Trump out for a and it was all. What's his name man who. Who put his audience got video waiting for trump to take all the support he takes office here in the US then he has this thing hanging over his head won't release the stuff if you don't do what we a lot of good. Isn't yeah do Eisley sag here in Russia. And did it turns out that in the tones of and know a prank. It was a prank some guy at all the stuff out there does seem to have every big big enough. And they pig like it was a real new story. Ian and ran whether it well the Kremlin has now replied goodness said we have no there were you talking about it. Because as these news outlets went with a story it was all about they said that he check did Donald Trump chit chat did not here's what the story was. Here it's it's bizarre to begin with he checked into the same hotel that Barack Obama and Michelle had stayed in in Russia. It was a Ritz Carlton presidential suite. He checked into the sweet on purpose the reason was because he wanted to hire hookers to urinate. On the bed that the obamas had slept yet. That was the story. Don't think temperament it trust checked into the hotel room to get these hookers to do this on the bed. But where they Obama's slept because he hates him so much that's the sort. Yeah and they they said that he's solemn with the prostitutes knowledge they were giving you all this information to blackmail him. And yes it was like woo does this really happily trump this is not you know goods without trump on the floor kind of broke browse you know like Santa brought me it's. Until this is weird that I'll listen Putin is going against because that's not what we thought was happening round. Well and come to find out this fortune AM or whatever it was a fortune and frank and you know what that is but they threw out there and then everybody picked it up like it was the gusts. They ran what did they ran with a yesterday this was breaking news now I saw yesterday on my Twitter feed I saw Donald Trump. He is at real Donald Trump that's actually him. He put out yesterday and it was his big. That letters it said fake news and that's all it said. If he did this a couple times yesterday and I couldn't figure out what it was. I'm like what he's talking about now a McDonald's lawsuit right so I'm looking at this indeed it turns out this is what he's talking about he knew this was coming out. According to. Ford GM these documents were created by fortune in user and sent to an anti trump are known as Rick Wilson. Noting he would act on this tip and then send it all the news agencies. The programs that. You can't believe any day any more. I think you and I are pretty they. You're on the beach in Jimmy morning show where we're trying our best be as cautious as possible not I've got a couple things or Rabbani to be and you tell me because I feel like I feel like we might be due to give this morning. Can't run a couple things are. Right do you think. Folks this twosome we're both of these guys. Didn't do you think. That the horse camera particular Israel. And obviously. Donations there's this horse. And he's you are not a rubber chicken and it is in Australia and it's gone by air I. Would you say that one more time OK because I just thought he would just disk clean out your ears as you're driving your car this morning hey you're listening to our show I'm very concerned that that we're giving up fake information your fake news. So there's this horse and he is in love with a rubber chicken. Hey he's just glad. This red virginity I mean a little bit of the audio of the there. I think we have not know that when they're young yeah yeah we've done yet yeah this year the gun in his mouth they. That's a worse in the rubber chicken like yeah. This chicken wraps yeah I mean. So. And their suite 20 yeah it's the worst may be partly being duped now is this is this prostitutes urinating on a man. I did the kids at accidently inhaled the rubber and chicken too lazy enough. A little that targeted so they weaker yes have you seen those kids know. It's obvious so there is little kids accidentally somehow got inside of these toys and the inhaled it and they talk they they tell like this let's play and no. When they wouldn't die you can not in the he'll pay a squeaky toy and when you talk queen yes Aaron now UK. A carton it's not there in the ER. There's two different little kids. It's Morrison's. Robert triggered. Some dirty but it's. Some government business and video okay. Do you think I sent it then that car do you think I don't talk about it. There's a video of bull bull that is in loans in love with the woman he's mounting a woman. Yes well I got to explain the video do you think we're being duped on this. It's a bull fighter Rex this and it had a door. Yeah as a matter duress metaplayer better manners matter that are hurt this matador is in the rain with a bull. In you know they throw the darts into the the ball shoulders and stuff. It she'd do her thing here and she gets tripped up by the ball. What would she follow falls face first but it all comes to an hour. Yeah that's what he's still it. Really. But he comes on top of her. Alia that the key amount hurt him I don't know how to say it. Sean is it obvious. It's it's this looks totally real to me I mean he he does closer to the ground in the mount her. Do little boy this squeaky toy you. Yes he had when it lets in this business and apparently playing with one of ought to wait and swallow the whistle parts. How he ended up of Ruth its story. Them trying to find him speaking that's an audience species and that is that Tehran. Or weeks or great actor swallow the art of Robert lucky in laws in the long. The doctor so I haven't fate. But it doesn't know EE KBM talking eighty squeaky. Here. That's him that's just squeaking yeah. Won't watch an. Talking. Dog these dog. Eat dog do you. Hello. If any are there in the ER all these kids in the arms you don't wanna see this kid's lives movie that sound coming out our Gary a red. This up I didn't. I can hey already they are ready to kill you the movements. We believe anymore I now don't know what to believe do you I mean maybe it's real I don't know. Go check out the videos you can see the bull in the water in the boom the woman you see the horse is red jacket which sounds dirty do Gonzales something is entering your enjoyment. On what they thought they shut up and inch and the importance on Alex.