BJ & Jamie: Fan gets on Football field in fake uniform. 8/13

Monday, August 13th

A Steelers Fan bought an old football uniform and is able to get on the Practice field with the team. He is just a huge fan.  The Pittsburg management has no statement on how this guy was able to get down on the field, he even made it into a huddle.

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Vijay and Jamie can I mean was it easy like a good athlete that was just try and it says show. No idea like what they say block on like he really went to walk on the cookbook. They say it was a fate of the Pittsburgh Steelers there's a picture you've got to see this picture right you can go to our FaceBook page and take a look at it. But guy who's a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers goes out in purchase of the uniform. I don't know where he gets his uniform but did she had beat Pitt and he dresses as a Pittsburgh steeler help at all and make. Sit on to the practice field to practice with the team. Yeah not a part of the tape now is now part of the team I think those of sweat bands on his wrist really makes him look like a player. You literally looks like what are the the have shared it looks like iron on numbers eight and it looks like and help look what he's go plastic helpless chicken but for your eight year old Ed any Wal-Mart. If he had his pick is still funny you say gets into Walt and I. Sox. Yeah everybody outlook real he grave outlook. And I'm trying to find an. Article if he was like somebody that really you know thought it was good enough to play. But no that's not that I'd that idea and he was look like a star quarterback training he was just to guide at the dream ongoing on the BC AA bid it made it. It out of the picture I saw it you have to give a standing there in the guy eat nowhere near the sides are of these NFL football players I mean he's still smoldered right. But he's got to have assured us. Our gods could upwards of a plastic helmet he got this guy would security would misery. RO regret that number four incorporated. The state is off. Our trip and are never heard about overuse part of the people who and I guess we'll add that players Laphen in high tide did Madonna was funny that the Steelers don't think it's funny at all because obviously does security breach it and they want to come in on it. They have no comment about it earlier berries is still a marriage. Big yeah you gotta see this picture fuel oil laugh today especially her book ball if it. Go take a look at this guy that's got a little veal and yes he got down into the practice session with the player he really did is yes and I guess he got no huddle and did not run around. Yeah. And they noticed that his color and yellow was a little different than there yellow tail to do well the retired number. You're right all that was on plastic yelled Lindsay that aren't. In the mornings on Alex I.