BJ & Jamie: A few crazy stories from the news crayons Sharknado Uber finds 03/31

Friday, March 31st

It's raining Sharks!

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Speed changing. Some of the things again that make the news and it just absolutely incredible to me first all of the uterus story was Kim Kardashian. Fiber really in them Brad Pitt is too skinny and Bubba. This Crayola thing. Why today's national creme de step up cloudy with a do you think it's a movie news today at the national press on me I mean it's well cry the entire staple in our wives and we did have cramps. They retired it colors and did you have brands and your little you know we only create hey we know you never get that brand new packed the big cat when your parents would. Would splurge and get it a big back with a shot 64 back. I'm right and you try to open an company couldn't get them on the battered up. All light and Kenya he went to school he showed off the 64 pack. Not so great that you chatting is as sharp and the back but it really was at peace and cracking it didn't work it didn't work at all mean and then you're like. Why do I have light. You know in my kid doesn't do anything. Ten months later you've got Korea are considered just says you know maybe just half the size because you've used those colors here but he got others in a brand that can never use I use the violent all the time near the violin was my favorite actor. But Crayola is making news because they announced yesterday they're gonna retire the colors and they let everybody guess what the color would date right and that was it would even like account Alec people orgasm day of school until I was crazy. Well today it's it's announces officially. It's dandelion axis machine but it's it's standing on what is deemed a line it's a flower. Well what color is it though so it's probably the caller of the day ending line what what color is that I don't as kind of a yellowish have you seen Indian lion. I don't know much flower yellow wildflowers are just a road signs that yellow wild planet are. Kept deals. Yeah you'll wildflowers. I don't know I I don't know I don't know what unleash some of the Germany and Italy and Ireland please let god just I don't know about plants. It's funny that you don't even need to know it's everywhere. We need to go hits yeah you know why because. Dandelion colored it the mob beautiful color and that that's it. But the because that's going to replace it and I will be revealed today at that curry and into squire around born it's going to be great. Oil that's big news just. This big nose and the other thing that made the news is that you were just given me an update on the shark the shark NATO. What we're was as a kid to a trip to Australia and Queensland Australia it's as a cyclone left a shark on the streets of Australia. Let's see how big was the shark. Not an instant. But she she stressed her arms out so I'm going to go without to an empty I was expecting about nine or ten feet. You know something really we don't stating it's heard. A shark NATO a shark is left on the streets after a big storm tonight Kanye and did we think there was fake news. No it says it just cool it's like shark NATO command a lot of you know we knew it was real Mo had broken noses to it but it was really know the way he said to me a few minutes ago and I thought you were thinking that possibly it was a fake story no and respected team oh my god chart Natal is real Beasley said. You know I saw that and that I like to see the list of things people left in Newburgh and you go. I'm trying to be more shocking than that I did but I did I did that tonight it. I was convinced our our lives go off the air and a hot Vijay is not impressive a thing I have to offer and well look look look look look look look you have to admit. Liked in the line. Stick shark that's my only thought I made a whole lot of people like Sharpton it's just been a bit at. You can stretch it our best. He processed the bigger than a big best why do you punish my thinking okay. I know I want you don't listen to this over list and then who will be who should I've been impressed or not to look at are still open minded here. These are things that are left behind in an uber car that are good for sure. Didn't. I. Pretty funny as his leg I think I. I of the ice so all I read through the lows this morning before we went on the air and I thought to myself you know I expect it's up there were mower. A shocking to me Mora. Is. Impressive and I are you a ringing today you. Know it's been lackluster you have to commit. It will be deeply into the and it's so exciting I think the only thing that you brought so far do you really blow me away I love the term Disco biscuit and picnic with the suddenly you until I. And shocking news yeah. And we placed Bobby something that really moves mixes impresses me and that's what I read they all get us. Does place you've even judge you're listening to show it to judge you might as impressive or why not hit who hit it on the queen's. Yeah. OK according to Hoover. And these are the hottest things ever left in our fight you ready for the shockingly. I'm just up for failure I am completely I could happen yeah you. I'm ending. A I hope that's true it's. Yeah we was left bonnet over night next. No think excellent when it actually. We have all the all that come interns that you have to write yeah we have to endure you weren't really shocked when I regardless yeah yeah amazement and Cadbury has not been amazed by this list nordic block Google's. Yeah oh yeah. And it. And you know but. I have no idea. Back is weird right. I don't vacuums weir yeah and that's where that is it right here now that's goober that's super weird to protect. Some seeing. It. Shia that's the worst job of that never eat it either and why would kids. War is. Okay I'm. Are excellent excellent I really need them to a bullet okay type guy you were young and elves out. I actually want. What are you both yeah. I'd say about the earth okay. I've done. 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