BJ & Jamie: First Break. 3/8

Thursday, March 8th

Huge Fire down town yesterday and you could see it from everywhere across the city. Jamie humiliated her son yesterday at a meeting at school. Her Son is going to Peru with his school and she found out there are other trips planned for 2019 and she was at the wrong meeting. Her son’s biggest worry is that when he goes on the trip he will have to fly coach… he has only flown first class.             


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BJ endgame and I'm watching this coverage of the fire from yesterday the I was not if she days. That things out of control. I think that previous charges where it said that they found the body and you know and now one missing. I'm really so that if until they can find the person that the looking for. Are they don't know exactly what's going. That's awful it was a giant fire yesterday it started around noon in it was downtown in the is that caught the ball park district. And it died in the of course sealed I don't know it was at eighteen in Emerson. This scene was a construction site I guess some apartments around there and ain't got out of control fast. Yeah I was right rear view me here all the way home I let what. And I think is really am because I shot when the first little smoke came up then it wasn't stopping and I was crazy. I think no matter where you were in the city here Sox got in downtown at any point interviewed down there you saw it. Well especially if you were downtown did you see all the video from downtown Cleveland what I thought was funny in my my one girlfriend. She works downtown here and she has a picture from her office building and there's a guy red around the corner grilling. Did you see that none of the aisle you are against you that you wouldn't know good timing. I even Mikey but good weather is huge plume of smoke going up and they actually is falling from the sky and like those firefighters they should go out of their hosed down in his grill and hit it isn't weird of this piece in your burgers. It is said that smoke. And fire went 200 feet into the air demolished forty cars sitting around that area Andre Miller fired him yeah I know to. It's unbelievable yeah it was a bad prior. And I unity and this is what started I had just had a construction site. Who sit welding. This is somebody smoking weed Atlanta references that whenever you say it. March part yup that was asked yesterday aren't as we've started this morning we do have money to give away a thousand dollars to appear in just few minutes we're about six minutes away. A code word for. I did I did not show and demoted job. Look at that monitor the mode I'll. Just watching videos because channel two fox 31 on their website has some amazing videos from every angle yep and they say they won't know for weeks well it actually started in. Yes it is crazy anyway and movement. I'm exhausted today I logged. That's a long day yesterday a lot of dead so much crap and my porch she humiliated him yesterday are not well I know I'm here we go we don't act. What happened. Well first of all we had a meeting at the school all right can yeah. Yeah even for Peru in ninety days okay so it but it wasn't one of those he's releasing unique you know and in school no no no Iraqi electoral college and meeting for Gordon Brown okay. It's so I've been claiming on it's like four days okay so the first who blocking it and they don't. All. Are. Yours and your mate where can I can't figure it out this and have a little brother didn't have a LaBrandon. I was like well. And in my singles mom my half brother. The only thing already and I. Think about it because really seem on the weekend and we always forget about daycare. They begin to see you know every other week getting up. We museum kid for six date the not really your brother kind of let you did that it's gonna go through live music hit like he had. And yes it's gonna be that oil is like every image kids so it might edit doesn't even exist and they equipment that it's either. Not everything the can't so yeah I would ideally I would until a written spoke I was at first and I can tell the teacher easily won. I. But it. Yeah out I always right that's. Aside the families so so way to rid. So the teacher says she'd get that you haven't yet so I guess elastic teacher covered I don't like to be in the same bad area as a license dad yeah it and sell. We take turns a blind parent teachers come so he brought to to the far yeah which was introduced his little brother and get right and now they teachers are asked about the liberals are never say never say them. Yeah if I think what wacky and out anyway it is a wacky. It's guys like that's another side so sick and and then like I hit talked about ten and new York and Washington. And there's me. Way about her let let let it grow. And there is no meeting map room last night who what was the meeting. At Peres a and post rig that could go to holy season in New York when my kid isn't yet people. All also this tragedy and it's one in nineteen trips and I'm in the 2018 trivia and I was at the wrong meet UA EU. This didn't like. Forty dollars and they planner I. Guess where eating its. But that you just did Jamie went out there like forty dollars to do say it seemed. No matter who uses a date tiger may all right I don't I try to ignore you fight one maybe target around staples. JB gets what have they got that early in the gifts. It's IA and never it it's got the Rogge meteors if it says it there's only a Mike Mikey and was like mum. Absolutely Mary does it get rapidly. They act if that he didn't know either though. What not to that was my 181000 for the adults are okay say it I got all wrong there was no Peru meeting and so we went through really. I saw approve lady you root DJ this I'd checked it through teachers that she got. You Amylin sitting out most of untrue out of my. Site now I expect him. And I'm winning is the trip to in Maggie debt load out. 899. Beating him again I know I didn't really need some sort of getting beat me the other kids three of us have a root meeting. Just have a broad reading the market again go to his addiction. I'm lag how greatly the list of all the things he has to bring. Yeah until then that law and medicine there's going to be close packing meeting via it's already bad because he'd. Doesn't understand how I can't plan for its class. These on well he's got like Alex didn't like. Can you have creepy like the idea that I think consulate and hit it is time to cancel a. Go to the other places you'll go ahead but study coach you're already at that meeting go ahead and re re scared I. I didn't like that is ever float coat she can put the. The last I'm. Oh and asks each inch and more on Alex I.