BJ & Jamie: First Break 4/25

Wednesday, April 25th

the week is flying by and BJ and Jamie have to take some pictures and shoot some videos today


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Vijay and dreaming it's a BJ and Jimmy morning show we are are the Allison 1059 rating here in Denver Colorado as we start in a Wednesday morning. Man oh man this week is flying body always. It's almost error. Let my little boy oh boy go check it. It's a pretty good how are you. As she just does the walking and the media describe the scene for us she's that I got today Iraq of close where there. I guess there's a photo a shooter something today what it's looking like. Bound Iraq inside the studio though she's having an up close Shoemaker where were the microphone. I have blogs on how I see is out there she here. You never we and then go today to album. Yeah OK I didn't had assured the car and again. All bloodied shirt I Erickson who won the code though the though the. You've got to say yeah I am guessing there's like 45 articles of clothing go on the air yet I guy curling and I have some that make up. Yeah Penn Vijay let's count he has. He's got a shirt. You know it is funny I was pregnant Natalie Tisdale yeah and they start there are news broadcast. The so crazy at 430. She get up and channel. Yeah the idea that the. You know what I have a lot of respect for these TV on religion that did not know a lot of people work overnight. But these people get up and have to go through makeup wardrobe they got to go to every little thing for the hit the air at 4:30 in the morning I now ours is early I get up at 330. But these people are getting up at 1:30 in the morning. That heat and she can't get this it Jamie and I or were basically we have some side stuff we do eager to radio station rarely but we do. But out here by ten and 1015 right here or there all day. If you see I get home and I still see these people that have been years since 2 in the morning they're still awed me. There it's so crazy and that's the bachelor because I said obviously this in the dude do and is making yeah. Have you full hair and makeup that states have 430 the where he gives our other partners like the other guys that was all hell to get ready to none but that it. Little wax does student yeah he's. Are you ready as you see yeah Galileo is so easy for guys it is so unfair really years because I can get ready in I can be ready. In their out cheese. Ten minutes exactly ten minute and then the door wash your hair bridge to keep my hair cut short for that reason data on guerrilla. He'll win is Donna MV like bossa in my commitment and can you did note that is it like an hour I'm like girl. Well guys that he would get and he doesn't begin well coming up look at the right never never today. Have a little shove yes I mean MO December and a couple of photos or videos actually think brands you know and little well out. And will went for fox thirty Lannan ones that are I don't know what else. Yeah I think so promotion idea being and they asked the F. All right just getting started here on this Wednesday morning speak and ask the F that sun pool and garden in Las Vegas to see The Backstreet Boys you have pool size shot that you make enough topping seven. Let when he got here but it. That all week and then that's it. I was looking for those accused of where I was I believe almost. Eight cannot yeah SPF for don't look at any of those those lateral well they're not the right they're not for today and I'll read I'll -- all have different OK yeah. Yeah so funny look at those kind of upside down. But the eight pages showing you know what that means what code words. Producer Sean swallows hate trees. Could I got up up up up up up up I. It. Into the importance on Alex I.