BJ & Jamie: First Break build a bear promotion gone. 7/13

Friday, July 13th

The Build a bear promotion ‘Pay your age’ went bad fast and they had to shut it down across the country because of chaos.   The Denver County Fair starts today too.     

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Vijay and Jeanne I've studied so what is the PGA and Jamie morning show good morning everybody welcome doing fry. Well. Friday the we get those all those air. Looking at a couple of stories that are out there hand out one being that Build-A-Bear thing from yesterday yap all boy oh boy that went bad fast chaos Sunni. We know what. Build-A-Bear yesterday he got a seven year old he'd go over you pay seven dollars for a Build-A-Bear. A pretty darn good deal on a great deal well I guess a lot of people thought it was a great deal probably added. Over 16100. People that was part medals at 9:30 yesterday morning I succeed hundred people and others say in chaos and Build-A-Bear all across the country. Caused long lines. And the restorers. Forced to close. The police the police said to be called it. I totally believe it like we look through Twitter yesterday before we left just looked at to hash tag Build-A-Bear. And the the photographs people were upset they waited eight hours in line already is stick it on the East Coast so I that's raised I knew it was gonna Labatt well. In these barriers so. You know it's according to the accessories you buy but they can run anywhere from 130 books up to 60708000. Up as far as you wanna go Jamie said she's been over a hundred dollars on a pair easy easy money. It's totally I took my kids we always is a Stanley one time that it. That was an expensive trip it got ugly Fiat of the bigger slower than. I. That I've surprise it was not more like I aides say an argument is not more news of some serious yet but who you know social disruption he got all you kids there every other stop people. It does say an army to spell I did so well I guess it's close to Black Friday yeah its go to different maybe Little League Baseball game at. Baby. At a let's get a lot of good and I think the they're playing for batters. Got sucked up and dome dome and then I just saw. We're the Denver county fairs starts today I saw that over the national western wish no complex share of re. There's an alpaca parade today and I think we got it sounds kind of fun. For me I got no plans this afternoon. I'm down either let's go after being at least cheat to get into iron I think it's like two books he yeah did you get out there there's go to yoga this afternoon Kutcher has. Is that we'll bats and let go its jump on your back like you do in the downward while he's there and yeah like. You're in this big org goats who is jumping all over your bite your hair I've never done. I'll pass that I never thought I needed go to my back look look look look look look what we do the alpaca parade and we didn't go to yoga in the and we do the bug eating contest. We've seen at all doing all who could not only if they're chocolate covered in and I can't see just getting started out of for. Do you. When you mount one yesterday made it feel supermarkets. Hit a couple of hundred of them got JBY. We read backs each inch we did more on Alex.