BJ & Jamie: First break: Jet Pack record 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

a man broke a record with a jet pack. The creator of the big blue bear died on October 4th. Sean needs stuff to talk about on lyft.


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Each end game though week is flying guy. The weekend's almost here are so the coolest thing this morning I watched the video. You know these job and jet engines now power suits. Yes it jet taxis yeah I've seen him a guy yesterday just broke the world record. What he do any guilt is no. Rob I guess is forget. That sue and he built his own he built his own jet packs suit. Any broke the barrier of 32 miles per hour. Holy man that's all can man that's fast I'd love to have one of those no way you know years. I think at least somewhat of a worse with it. I don't think I'd top over probably ten miles per hour and I probably wouldn't get off the ground to board then maybe ten or twelve feet. Because that I'd be afraid that I get a polite you don't 7580. Feet and all of a sudden this Koreans runs out of gas or something via and so. That and follow it. I I don't even like it up on latter's death so I'm not gonna strap the jet pack to my back in and go flying off. Yes guy. Yeah probably when you know I don't like heights I can't imagine putting one of those jet packs on. They climbing up let's say go to the rules in this building who like eleven stories at its absolute hundred feet. By the time you get up to the groove it's probably equivalent to twelve stories right yeah so get me maybe 120 feet. Like ten feet urged glory you know that's life are so what you would strap on the jet pack move. And yet. At all of the edge of the building in just cover. The picnic. Who say this guy does it over water. Now water it do I do some pretty good slimmer. Generated Janet Jackson that I I can weigh you down the don't know you would do it over likened cotton field. I really saw he could not do if you. A blanket factory yeah. Yeah that's what you wanna do see if you do it over water and a you literally have long it's almost like giving away belt aren't as soon hit the water you're gonna go there yet that makes rise of the oldest medal in this grabs gonna drag you down gatlin I would think that was extremely dangerous over water and pretty fast there's no safe way to. Why did you pack that there really isn't cotton field cotton field. I don't know where Biden had to stimulate. Realize this we'll take quick break here Jamie no. I say grow. Oh that guy. No I let a did you go to guy that created. The big blue bear downtown that died and now I know that I I still don't even understand the big blue there a little bit. Is speaking in the convention here aged peering into the convention center guard Jahri pass I think it's kinda cool actually. But the big blue bear the creator of that died they're saying. That it was due to liposuction. Upload well yeah. I let. That's I read that report this boarding first a ball didn't even know what happened. Yes it happened back on October 3 that he got liposuction in didn't like passed away the following day. Yet any idea how old you just have to look at it looks like she maybe fifty. Well normally 48 I don't know we'll take a look at it a little bit later are good I had no idea Lawrence. Argent was his name Lawrence argent really via. It was sixty years old. Just found that just found it awesome he died on October 4 he got liposuction October 3. One he's the guy that created the big blue bear. It's crazy liposuction he's an artist that was known for his giant animals. And I am done it giant rabbit jar it's panda bear. I come he didn't like to be known as the giants animal guy they said. Like to do some picnic if if if I stop doing them I don't know that's her. I've heard this story I didn't no idea until they released information yesterday that it was liposuction that possibly. Was the problem by an entire race. Where we have the big boom there we got a big blue horse. What's giant animals that are artist and a big blue guy too yes he had to sell TV guide gearing construction that they installation at fell on his delegate yet in his song finished at one evil force but I love them dollars us. Did you how I liked it there it is I'll like the bigger the horse. Omitted I was driving to her on Saturday and some guy on the car who's just in for the week and she was like what's up with the big blue banner with about so like. I know it's a big blue banner that was had a had a little tidbit about lower its occurrence and did you about that you just made a crucial mistake you see you driving over out of your let. All my god yeah that's your cup potential. Well went wrong man I was trying to lift your driving for a little bit yes I. Upper level where they're able to war with each other today that's why am horrible yes I didn't know a job for exactly. That's crazy do you gotta get your act again yeah we're gonna make money yeah exactly and it's well and I need to learn more facts about stuff you know people ask me adopting these seat. I should know about him. Now makes his driver down there and some people asked me what about the there you would think that from this show alone that you haven't of conversation. Of all the material he neatly covered so much stuff every single day we would think if anybody can get the car you could talk about anything. It's that the issue way she threw a current Miami with the banner and I didn't know about Lawrence past and I could hear that. But the entire ride and a whole round you could've discussed the mayor at the food the creator. What happened the liposuction could it on the whole play and then said later I into the big blue better. I don't big horse pike 57 it is the BJ and Jamie morning shall we are just getting started it's a Thursday get a cup mode you can do what is a weekend's almost here. An important.