BJ & Jamie: First Break- There is a Truck on Fire and a bad mic! 11/8

Wednesday, November 8th

Jamie’s Mic is out this morning   there is a Trash Truck on fire off I25 and Belleview off ramp and that sucks. How horrible      


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Vijay and Jamie. We get a feel we got into fuel. If you would Jamie white's mind. You've got steady stand eights all my guys. Let's cut to go through. All local calls for a few hits the road sweetie you all you. Active or listen this a well. Well the moon. Move. Boy wanna start. Let's try that one. Let's go here. But in no let's say oh that's right absolutely it's time okay there you golf how's that working out there. And that's guess I'd get much better I guess in time. It took over as has happened or said I am I got an elevator the guy and why and there's a bad accident on the accident Bellevue. Excellent. And we elevated that the same guy. Goes yeah chilly that'd jump higher. And you did say it looked a bit. A big lie. Is all right. I am teams I 25 MLB g.'s T yes. A way so on I can see from my vantage point the exit ramp but kind of far out for value and there was just a fire truck that just went by great. Not alone could be on the southbound. Exit ICM and icing and yeah I miss authentic. Yeah I yeah I mean he just missed it yeah I must have just smoke I see smoke I'm just missed the accident is she seems very it's. He seems very upset about it I can see something now that looks as if the scene and smoke in that you can see he he he's out of breath okay he was upset by it. These are just ask you just laugh. That smoking jacket straight across their towards 225 NC a smoking it is was straight out in noticed when you see that guy get in the elevator what eagle help what he'd drag somebody from the car. I'll be well looked ahead he ran from the scene. Yeah how he does Monica you don't want when I see something like that it just area. Especially at this hour I feel so bad for the com. It was just you know you'll yeah I think they're just like yes I saw I saw I did on the news a couple of weeks ago but that somebody broken down turn the teacher flat tire it's 4:30 in the morning on the home. Horrible lock it though. It that you get a flat tired for thirty Euro haven't changed yet. I know I thought that the other day there is on my there's them. I like a straightaway can I feel like it's a racetrack and there's a woman and she was change your flat tire and I thought there's all these men just. They didn't care felt that the what I saw that was what would do that is your only kids yeah outlet. I believe every angle I was busy were you doing to try to get home you know that yeah exactly a exactly who I was a little bit so we got this bad. Actual hearing it's pretty crazy to let them that they had to trash truck traffic stop at tractor exploded and caught fire on I 25 this morning. Yeah no wonder he was shaken after his son. Yet says. Off the U Graham from south then I tried not to Bellevue boy talk trash early early this morning. Just how we get the tire tracks are just on a Wednesday morning so let religious friend and yet this was that. It's 53 that's true is warm breath probably just sucking up then two minutes ago. Yeah I miss it because when I came through that was don't think it's yeah it's sort of others dressed somebody's somebody's throat battery in the something up on behalf. Naturally put it crashed into a hovercraft Janeiro and it is people people sneak these items into their trash always on the bury it at the bottom of the barrel. You know put your trash bin. It and you put it like West Bank though does not do this he put all the stuff that netted. You're not supposed to lessen as somebody did a lithium battery and then there was my paint can. We got an explosion out of boot yeah coach Bo go Bo is not it's pretty easy. All right it's a good start here code into sensitive puritan trashed this is a guest ball border in the microphone that's. In. More on Alex. I.