BJ & Jamie: First Break Turkey day week. 11/20

Monday, November 20th

Thanksgiving his here and it is going to be a short week we are all doing some sort of family trip and Bj Is having a bit of anxiety  about going because the folks in small towns are a bit different… Jamie can relate.             


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Vijay and Jamie. What Turkey impression that pretty good enough I like tiger I like it. They now that debt that's another what I can into the rep for an. There you go it's Thanksgiving week can you go. Oh wow it happens so fast I'm at home. Come in and I watched it calendar it down you know Clinton the same time this year has gone vital and it's unbelievable. A short week this week for. And they're bad and it's sheet follow. You know. Yeah I. Don't. He's giving week's Jamie. Are you prepared our. They are you ready to go down and getting deciding which you have sort of life so crazy him junior's son are gonna fly out and see Bobby your dad. My sister and I. Camping with the mosque rather long. I need and I bet you yeah yeah man in the boyfriend. Didn't do it. All of them have a seem odd what is it sedan have Thanksgiving with the slow adulthood in big noon and I don't know each other. Oh they Dahlia well that's small town song should be a problem and so should be a problem. And hail and well this isn't here dirt elect is content I did Boehner who wish yeah. We got to this idea about my trip. A goal you're stuck there with your family. House. You talk about didn't that you talked about same stuff again. It's he's got what they do stuff like I wanna go outside how do stuff like go places. And Elena did stuff yet it's a small towns are like did get out. That home and home his words that. I'm home and my brother in law we were having dinner you know he came in last week right through guided I had no idea what he did my idea for a living I thought it was a pharmacist turns out were you FedEx. Which is Lara and the FedEx and the attention other people's lives both tried to start with an athlete that just tells me that you don't care about anybody pitchers now though what's it even. Kind of sounds like an. But but he was in town last week. And he and I were talking about something that happens when when you go back home in you watch the behavior of small town people price in my mom and brother. We'll get a letter in the mail. In Jimmy they will discuss that letter for ten minutes before they open it here's the way the conversation what else can you quit. Late this you can well really. The bill go art but here's the letter right. This is room. You're from portrait of who or what do little about it at a normal marble site but have you pay. That it it. Maria I putted it by this I've paid off every dime of it I don't know Manny thing why would they be ready instead of at the opening that letter out what it's like they did that did though they all of this 'cause it for ten minutes and finally I'll I'll step betterment sister will step for the sake but that. Are we. Well just open. I did. I think it's worn off and welcome a good shot knows I've done that too awfully shine unless you that better I don't know what it is but I know it's not bad just turn it over until after the show. And then I'll open it. Later to a degree I've seen you do this absent Sean bring in the mail jugs of milk area there. I don't know man he could zoom with a male gets its jade and I must see TV sit here and though. We were actually. But it wouldn't be happy and I I don't recognize the address is such as OPEC you know what I am concerned about that matters does a hundred Taliban here. Check out stories I can't find that that that jury thinks. Saying oh yeah nominate yeah. Yeah. That's noble and adapt to bring stuff and fill out some stuff it's got your number an act of god and. When applied then you go to jail and a pin had been out of Lebanon you go to jail and then every square to square. One thing is. Is there a bar in a blank stupid little little. Well it. So that part you know. No right legally do it yet I guess that's yeah that's who shouldn't there and did you say it like Atlanta thank Jimmie has jury duty on Monday and he's you know and his idea that. Yeah week from today in some rooms. And complete. I'm just getting yelled hey you know I've never seen some potential for jury duty in that person be put on trial at the top I everything coup. Happy to pick it up for each inch of importance on Alex.