BJ & Jamie: First Break More Hail damage yesterday. 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th

The hail was bad yesterday again, but nothing at our houses and we are glad about it. A dealership is offering cars for $10,000 off and Jamie thinking she’ll get one and drive it into a later hail storm and get a new car later.              

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Vijay and Xiamen. I see a lot of nets beat Jay and Jimmy morning show good morning all it is a hall during. The minute hey hey everybody assessing the damage. Yeah. When it was hit or miss all over town wasn't it share last year. He heard a yes no kidding in fact I felt so bad I was glued to the TV because it was amazing covered Allan give kudos channel do yeah because they stayed live with that and they did a great job. In out. Compared to somebody else I'm not missing any names here but his craft voted yes let me tell the -- box. That is follower this'll be blood covenant Kim can separate as far as I know that wouldn't coverage at gin up to abstain. Heat or die with it well it looked at it. Hate to stop guessing if the god of witnesses so Matt make it's an and and gave Frazier they were on as a team. They did a great job and they like to do and another station I had on back and forth and the station had grant park. CBS or. And rookie. I don't remember. You know what I know who's on his stupid graft and the Clinton Campaign and the home. It was like at RadioShack. Grass it was horrible you know while the engine type over the I defenseman Dave Frazier and that bacon that fantastic job oh boy oh boy that he'll hit the city yesterday. It did there were you wrap it really did because some people got pounded. Got cars destroyed down Holmes I guess some groups erect. But there's some places that. And I am fat diet I tweeted them because I felt bad for them because there was just I mean they got Sony Pictures of people with hale another step back. And I I tweeted in my twenty sprinkles knew I had twenty dot I don't than we expected him. It was when he got to my driveway and got a tough one was easy and came out and zero you get even as for the outcome I got nothing that's crazy. It was unbelievable how much the raider you know me in the rate are ready so it. I'm sitting here watching it on my phone. It in this big blob that it looked like it was gonna be really nasty to is Carolla you know concern ranks and this blob he comes right for eagle a blue dot is. How's. On our radar oh yeah it was coming right at my blue dot really and I thought all I hear Kyle beach here we go it's what you get Wadi. And die and then it just skirted round around me. Crazy right around I'm not I bet a lot of people wish they would have had to skirt red Grammy because the damage solace it's I have never seen so many cars in this state. Destroyed in my life even. The dealership. Stevenson dealership in Frazier I think it's not a Firestone Firestone 300 cars yeah. The DEY is that we don't ever feel sorry for the auto dealerships I. You don't say I feel like that I can see a friend or two they get a window knocked out and feel sorry for them or does it dealership I don't know why. I don't feel that way I draw you a bad bad day bad day I don't know and then passing this because that place and Firestone Alexis dealers of they are teeny tiny beings how had decide the but it because they have to give you huge discount rate has racked. Yeah draft but they're teeny tiny lights are not good points and nineteen. So drive by and then I sat it out in a hail storm and then tell insurance him and get it fixed yeah it's very advanced. What's good good it'll start playing guys keep him and that the task at the Peta I. He'd I've seen cars. Ice all Warren I know it's been awhile. But in this thing was being all to fill it back I believe is being EDT the all of this car. And it had. It had a windows temporary tags. You have to move on here and it's gotten to know they probably bought it that way as well okay. Okay okay it was probably part of the heels stormed the big day they put more detailed way to get the huge discount. And I got there. Let go out by bred new car that told and he wound up with a because lead cut price. I mean if you're gonna get a brand garlic the Warren DMI. They and you might be headed by dancing at Walgreens I know we branding it an ad for a I think it's AutoNation. I don't nation right now as hating at pale shale and I just heard the commercial and so all the dealerships to have healed the image as well. And I think he'd just go to AutoNation you buy that car and then you go to Walgreens and get that sucker rather they you know. If that works. Yeah it does because he would like to go there and buy a car. Okay thanks for the okay yeah you'll. And they would wanna go there by car. I'm just saying that dean puller outer thing human Mark Leno Warren is one of the saint it's not about the car. It it's I don't know little contraption that you buy at wolf creek instead of everything. And some says it's it's Frederick apple adapt and Lexus dealership as I doesn't tiresome but it doesn't matter beyond awareness. And they brought the car last year it was ten and desperate you do you lose it and then open now been moved from its crazy and then did you see the I love the guy who had that. He asset as it basing my golf ball and it's easy and that's the whole snow the hail the thought of money. Good. Our Lola heels over strays it's done no hill today. So all cleared up for the week so if you survive it is survived if he didn't welcome him. I simply said this remember yesterday Jamie went and they said oh my god nobody cares uphill I didn't get any and you said yeah and considering Arora. Well your premonition came to host do you ride got it would help. Nearly I hit hard this current economic down never guess that when you start bragging about something like that exactly it's gonna bank yet but some were right there there. I was out last night and I saw hail it didn't happen in my house but I did see it. And it was just a piece eyes so what's the big stuff and but he was ugly it got really only the rain and it just turned really dark he would give us. The police stations one block over one block over have the windows knocked out here. That's it's a crazy and then. And our friend Arlene you know her she used to sail themselves sales here. She was driving on I played five an hour wind it looks like some shots I don't know that big huge bullet while she was dry and they got wrecked on like I would I think I'd run off the premise that you're just happened here be so bad and now let's crazy I had people that were will then I. I have to borrow my house posting damage really and I got that statement they didn't they would didn't. Half mile up the most yeah that's how heater this it was yesterday. Man and then plans torn up trees torn up rush all cleaned gable roof and an experience. Of all. I'm not those guys and it was Travis just agreeing gable roof and because the California. And it destroyed as well roofs gutters and and this column moment on balance of art that break it looks like the heels over with the the nasty weather is moved out of the area looks like it's headed to the east and so if you survived survived it will be right back. And the importance on Alex I.