BJ & Jamie: Fixer Uppers fined by EPA. 6/7

Thursday, June 7th

Jeff and Joanna from the show Fixer Upper have been fined $40,000 by the EPA for miss handling Lead paint is some of their episodes. Members of the EPA have been watching the show and in several episodes they disposed Lead Paint incorrectly over 30 times.   

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Vijay and gene did you see where favorite fixer upper TV stars kept far and all chipped in Joanna. Yeah there mishandling led pay per certificate that the EPA jobs where you're gonna start. The EPA. It with a 40000. The EPA had been watching their TV show and notice some of the violations than to do during the show in hand quick lead paint. It has find it chipped it Joanna. Well what's the name of the show. They are aperture or. And and they have Bardem 40000. Dollars and a slap on the wrist and said hey you guys need to get your act together. It's hilarious. Watching they'd been watching the EPA said it had decided on the fine after watching. Out of. So I. How do you defend that. And come back and say look. Look EPA there's a lot of edits and Michelle there's a lot of things that you don't say this is what we did and blab about eight covering your tracks but no the team that admitted. Jimmy. He acted like a pass didn't do a video about the dangers of glad you're kidding couple open. Thought she kept all bad. And this is I guess it did doing renovations on homes that were built before yeah they do all like seventy. My dad's house is like old log cabins from like the nineteen dead but I think of that article they market date saying that that's the episodes and watch you were houses like before 1933. Homes built before 1978. That's what again at 33 homes of NB. This forbid the EPA is sitting around watching cable TV watching fixer upper and they're watching chip and Joanna and they sit ago. And then they find a 40000 dollars in chips could do it in the television network they all admit. Yeah where. There's a news here we go bust here are the settlements I guess it was going to be bigger and they just saddled with a forty green and the video of huge. I wonder if that now the asbestos amazing Damascus messages and I'm sure you know all the other us and they're watching for violation at school. See you just did this nice reality show you don't take my government officials are watching a. Could you give buzz around. You know and if I don't understand all right what makes played. What I don't understand. If you receive the television show moonshine runners. Yeah okay and what you're gonna say. I don't if everybody knows where they are. Think they can't recruit the I director. Their trap it was now. I think gotten oppose they got the whole league record to back the these trucks driving through the mountains West Virginia. It is being documented a TV show ever tried to stay one step ahead of the law. Suppose supposedly. Okay yeah yeah Joanna got busted for lead based paint. These guys even on the air in England for C. And if they know where they are and so you know you look look at these reality shows that looks really. You know legally there's only a guy with a camera. There's a boom there's a Mike boom over these guys OK with that guy ultimate gloom and never got without any pac granite with all the sound things around and this. Ten to twelve people I sat with them if there. Yeah accomplices. There around these fields which doubles their dig holes to put her spell it. OK they're good but there's filled out in this hole so did you make their mode shot here comes a cop car and silly covered up with a car. Cameras are still there I just don't get that idea legged. I love the show and maybe accomplices. I don't let them. The camera crew well. And it but I east watch that and I think that the entire shell I can not get out of my head how are they doing this without the police knowledge and then IC chip enjoy way to get busted. I would tell you my sons my son is a huge fan of Baird rails loves their girls. And so he showed me this video where dad Cribbs is she's a most going to die there's not a person around he stuck getting canyon. Well somebody shot a video and he's actually right below highway. It. It's gonna hit it is a at GQ it's a bit they ate they shot from far away with a zoom lens and he's fine he's supposed to believe we need more to. Solid rocket isn't it at that really in the immortal on Alex I.