BJ & Jamie: Forrest Fenn gives new clues to his treasure 4/20

Friday, April 20th

Forrest Fenn has released another clue revealing more about how to find his buried treasure. Several people have died trying to find it.    


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Vijay and Jamie oh my gosh you guys an exact now listen to this. I know I'll have heard about this guy he is like ninety years old now whenever. Any drop that treasure of somewhere along the Rocky Mountains right Davis forests then the ends he has a book out there I think it is with a budget clues in it. He's hidden this diamonds and jewels and cash and gold and it's just a big treasure chests and it's out there somewhere and people searching. Right thousands of people there's web sites there's chat boards about it about his clues will lately. He set up an Amsterdam account. Where he is get more clues the last few days now lol let me ask you a couple of question since you're the one that's. You know. Which intrigue but I'm not in the chat board finding ten school. Has been narrowed down yet to what exact state. That this gold is it. Meal but she did say this it's not near the Rio Grande. So that helps. No it doesn't yet but it is not nearly a good guess what China is not near the Rio grand China. The Rocky Mountains. It's in the bracket range. To go to Canada down where is downloads we don't doubt my. So somewhere so here's here's my country the peso he just gave out these recent clues now first Johnson background information about this did. Right he was a pilot in world war whenever Vietnam whatever the Denny became an archaeologist. And so he got busted. Dig it up like all painted gold and diamonds and all the stuff on Indian reservations. And is house was raided by the FBI because yet all this stuff patient had. Annie's trading it. The mini bar big bolt like the big bank vault and people said he would open it up and you'd see emerald in there and rubies and all this stuff he's tool the yeah he was. Because he was digging and and so what he cuts acre grounds. But he was fine and all this stuff on secret grass so it all into this huge checks that weighs forty pounds. And when he was diagnosed with cancer or any thought I was the Indy was eighty years old pretty good track. They drove it out somewhere we know ruling. But you know somewhere. Any drafted off and here's his clip he said that first of all it was supposed to be a fun eggs add experience for families to get outside. That's why he didn't care who cages they dropped off this jest because he went to encourage Japan is glad the outdoors look for treasure. Who did it pack up their kids and their wives or husbands there are wondering grandma and drove in a van and drive out the woods looking for treasure as a day outs to get extra. That's why I think this is a good chance this tells me it's so weird kid's friend like that. Because that's what he was trying to encourage so it's somewhere like a part of something if some kid friendly. Number 20 yeah says that it's not he goes I was eighty years old you're not gonna have to move any rocks. Not gonna have to go down a steep embankment or up the steep steep embankment Libya. We you'll have to go down or up anywhere I was eighty something of an eighty year old man. How far did drive and a pick up drop and draw dump this thing off. Well it would have been nice if he'd said all the stuff I know four people indicted hello I know. You know what because those people were up on cliffs most piano where we're tried to swim the Rio Grande why did you get this out before these guys. I now I think that's lacing it now because I think he is coming to an end of his life he's you know ninety's now. And he's saying look it's not under water to somebody else diving drowned. He's it is not underwater so basically what he's told me BJ. I need to find out where he was wet CAD or wet area that he witnessed hospitals as. That's the date he felt so sad you know he drove his pickup detonate near eighty united drive that far from the hospital. I am your real sad dam just thinking here in Colorado. Yeah but there are yes I that was the only you'd like. I'm an and that is that about bad and then here I. Oh. So it's just out in the open yes. Do you think people are over thinking this. They're bright they're going at him pretty likely is this kid friendly like for example here in Colorado let's say it's in Colorado and there's achieved today is right yet. Tiny town. Oh my god great what a great place to put it right right not to let those little that's the little church know what it looked at the world should merchant and then see Boroff you know climbing mountains are made in it and diving into the you know the Colorado River and looking for this thing and it's sitting up their tiny town. I just I do feel like it's more obtain Wimbledon weep silently before I was interested in it but now he's telling me it somewhere simple. Where kids can go and its place and they say is this chest is worth. Man the news. While like millions. Flamingo with. You wanna go by just piloting go with it let's go let's get a Winnebago yeah let's. At present it can't for that says something about America. See America member says of the 100 yeah at the camp birthing. It was not IOC who could use no let. Out of considered cheap but that's an indoor cheap. And have plenty. But I think I should the guys that I've marked a change. It around it's didn't Ortiz didn't they are allowed to go outside I should live pictures of the device and of the GW students who just item on addiction I don't see the Jeep used till it it will never looked like that again. Yeah I never get a nod and that Jeep yeah. We can use this incident or cheap what we see your. Who've. Known never got an attempt back. Send somebody up borrowing now from work a couple of days and the next thing I know I have ripped it up in Houston discovered she concludes with. The naming any names now now. But it could get our Christmas nice is about six billion tent and have taken some friends right we are getting god had a party but none ever got that ten back for some reason well the chickens are colts. Yep. Writes those. Chickens get cold all the time but it's but he can help that got you it. In weekday mornings. Now ice ice.