BJ & Jamie: Forrest Fenns treasure claims another life. 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st

Another Treasure hunter has died looking for Forrest Finn’s buried Treasure.           


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Vijay and Jamie Tennessee where another. Treasure hunter has. On the field through a move florist and yet that two million dollars of gold and jewels. It's hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Another person has died. Looking for our current. The guy I did I really and in the heat he said that two million dollars is hidden somewhere. And they gave beard clues members like. Though flight of an eagle the river of walrus BF has it it's like just summarize in Reno yeah. Brutal yet he's put together and have people have been trying for years it's been going on now quota while. It's those somebody they were looking and they fell off a cliff. Piaf she yeah I guess and I guess if this happens several months ago and they just found the personal. Really yeah wow be in its its gas from Illinois which is named in your backyard yeah. Lunacy. Yes Murphy. Jeff Griffin can hear a candidate. Forty. Where's he from. Don't know what part doesn't say my own and they don't like Marion. Not say that. July I'm looking him up right now I think it pretty chilly Murphy dye didn't like I think there's only one in Illinois but all that off a cliff when looking for this to mood that the old guy went out there and I. Do you think that money easy win there you I do I believe and does he was. Ray was really extravagant and kind of there's a treasure chest. That has. Or chess. Or his chest treasure chest. What would you say first as I sit chest. Would you say second chance to gain all okay yeah that's wrong treasure chest of the that's out there that just rich dude didn't took it put gold and jewels it. It's worth over two million dollars and that's what they think you could be more at this that you know now when inflation. Up but he hit this thing but to get the riddles in people trying to find it now a fourth person has died. It can be anywhere from New Mexico. To Yellowstone park. Up and out. It is right here. Danny you're out of there employment could be right there. I could think that's crazy. I like Montana like what does it look where that we have people that are spinning their lives looking boards of major damper weekend it's not gonna get me anywhere. This guy from Illinois. Head sold end. Day own room. He took off. Instead I'm gonna go find this I peek at what happens is people think the are so Smart they can figure out the riddle yeah. There Mittal is so intriguing that sucks you into the game was a part whereas like that. The river of a walrus. Wild rose Weaver. I don't think there's a whole bunch river anywhere. I said I don't know like like that older is no war critics would. Remove bigotry reaches for the guy. At twelve noon like come on show at the fork in the road and there's a real fork. God I. All of sorry I hit it yeah here a little Nazis and sorry for each inch and more on Alex I.